No alders have apologized to Ald. Skidmore

Ald. Barbara Harrington-McKinney is asking the 14 colleagues who rushed to judgment accusing Ald. Paul Skidmore of uttering a gender-based profanity during the  Council meeting on 09-02-2020 whether they will apologize. So far, none has. Ald. McKinney:

The analysis is complete. The investigation was conducted by USA Forensic LLC. The forensic IT analysis of the meeting proved inconclusive. The report’s author, Bryan Neumeister, said he was unable to pinpoint the speaker of the obscenity because the data provided from Zoom could not be analyzed precisely enough to link it to a specific IP address. Neumeister found that whoever uttered the word did so in close proximity to a microphone and likely wore a headset. 

Absent of due process, 14 Alders signed and published a document naming and accusing Alder Paul Skidmore, Alder District 9 of uttering the slur and demanded his immediate apology and resignation from the Council. Alder Skidmore adamantly and consistently denied using the expletive in reference to resident Ms. Kilfoy-Flores. A complaint was filed against Ald. Paul Skidmore by Ms. Kilfoy-Flores.  Alders immediately went on record requesting a public denouncement of the behavior;   naming and demanding an apology from Alder Skidmore. 

Ald. McKinney

… With the release of the final report is there no  consideration, accountability or apology due to Alder Paul Skidmore? … I asked Alder Skidmore had any of the 14 Alders who signed the petition rightly denouncing the derogatory statement leveled against Ms. Kilfoy-Flores and the public  accusations naming him as the source of the statement reached out to him? Sadly, his answer was NO. Some alders were more ruthless in their accusations against Alder Skidmore than others. Now that the taint of the deplorable word seems to flow away from Alder Skidmore and questions the integrity of others how does it feel??

Ald. Harrington-McKinney’s Bottom Line: Alder Skidmore, I apologize for this painful experience. As a man of faith, I can only imagine the heavy burden such accusations have caused you and your family.

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14 Responses to No alders have apologized to Ald. Skidmore

  1. AdamC says:

    Ald. Harrington-McKinney is truly a decent person and an honorable leader. Unfortunately the same cannot be said for the majority of this city’s Council and the rest of the pathetic “leaders” who have run and will continue to run this city into the cesspool.

    Frankly we have “leaders” in this city who are radical ideologues who will cheat, lie, and steal — brazenly and openly — to advance their destructive and radical end goals.

    The virtue-signaling, cowardly, overeducated, half-asleep progressive white-guilt voters of this city are squarely to blame for this predicament too.

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    • Dejohnaise says:

      Totally agree! She’s a decent person and an honorable leader.


    • Batman says:

      God Almighty; someone with recognized gravitas should publicly suggest a lie-detector test be administered to every one of the loud-mouth losers so enthusiastically eager to destroy Skidmore’s reputation so people can sit back and enjoy watching the worms squirm and moreover a fringe benefit is that would justify a genuine declaration that life really is good.


  2. Liberty says:

    Thank you, Alder Harrington-McKinney! One of the few fair-minded decent alders on this Council.

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    • Dejohnaise says:

      Yes – Thank you, Alder Harrington-McKinney.
      Mr. Skidmore, I apologize on behalf of my alder that doesn’t have the decency to do it themself.


  3. pANTIFArts says:

    Over 6 months of indignant pearl-clutching from the ProgDa crowd, their right hand weasels, and the Woke Citizens Brigade. Thousands of dollars spent that could have gone to Kool-aid for the scholars. All to pin the use of a “bad word”, applied to a “womxn”, on a political opponent. YET, no one has ever stepped up to say that the characterization was untrue?
    ?Was Gibt?

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    • pANTIFArts says:

      Somebody doesn’t like her, maybe many. The “word” was said just as the Mayor was announcing her. Does she like the Mayor? Does she have a head-set?


      • Liberty says:

        “Somebody doesn’t like her, maybe many. The “word” was said just as the Mayor was announcing her. Does she like the Mayor? Does she have a head-set?”

        Great point!


  4. georgessson says:

    Now isn’t that just ducky…

    Ms. McKinney: “I asked Alder Skidmore had any of the 14 Alders…. reached out to him? Sadly, his answer was NO.

    She asks a legitimate question. However, did WE here expect a different response?

    Shoulda looked around, Ms. Kinney: “Clowns to the left of me, Jokers to the right…”

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  5. jimydandy says:

    That’s insulting to ask that of those that participated in this drive by and lynching of Skidmore. It’s like asking those involved to come back and pickup their brass and patch the bullet holes.
    We should know by now that anything said by these clowns is gospel any any decent is heresy. All kneel to the wokeness and repent!


  6. Kevin Wymore says:

    The upshot here: Save for Alder McKinney and Alder Skidmore, the Common Council is bereft of integrity. Think about that when they pass the ever-voracious budget, and calmly tell you the extra bite is reparations for taxpayers ‘ hard work and success.

    Get rid of them all. They have no scruples.

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  7. Bill says:

    Good thing I’m not on the city council. If I were on the council I would call it as it is and leave no doubt about what I meant in calling someone a name. Too many years of working in the building construction trades has left me with the ability to call a spade a spade in no uncertain language.

    Paul is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. Like I have said before, he would not ever use words to tear down someone. The progressive socialists hate him because he stands out as an individual who thinks for himself and is not in lock step with the progressive/socialist crowd on the council.

    His problem with the majority of the council is that Stalin or Mao is not his god and he does not bow down to worship either one of them as the majority of the council and the mayor and the county executive and the governor and most of the house and senate and the president does.

    This nation was founded on Christian principles. Those of you who have betrayed those principles will have to answer for what you have done. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. You and I are all made in God’s image. You and I will be held accountable for everything we have done in this world.

    In the final analysis, do you want to be judged at the gate of mercy or the gate of justice?

    That day is coming sooner than you think.

    Your pick, you choose!


  8. White Hills says:

    So it is with prog sadists.


  9. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    Apologies? From Madison progs? Please. I’d sooner expect to hear Joe Biden say something that isn’t on a teleprompter or cue card.


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