Your dumb Democrats at work

I can handle things! I’m smart — not like everyone says —
not dumb! I’m smart and I want respect! — Joe Biden

Stately Blaska Manor has reopened after pulling up its drawbridge due to internet chatter of possible terrorist action by Trump supporters disguised as Brandi Grayson campaign workers. 

Our credo at the Policy Werkes (located in a spare bedroom) is that Republicans would be their own worst enemy if we don’t permit Democrats to have the honor. 

Case in point #1: WI State Sen. Janet Bewley, a Democrat, called voters “dumb” for not voting to increase their taxes. (Actual Quote: “Perhaps that means that they’re not smart.”)  A reaction to Gov. Tony Evers’ not-smart proposal to let municipalities tack on another 5% sales tax. Former Madison mayor Dave Cieslewicz has become a must-read:

Calling their opponents dumb is a long and senseless Democratic tradition. Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush, Tommy Thompson, and Scott Walker were all dumb as a brick according to Democrats. Combined, that’s 38 years of dumb guys leading the state and the nation. ….

Liberal Democrats have long had a problem with condescension. If you don’t agree with them, well, you’re just not understanding your own best interests. You really should just leave decisions about your life to those smart people in the Democratic Party.”

Janet Bewley, D-WI

Case #2: Nancy Pelosi’s Democrats voted last night 03-03-21 in favor of Squad Member Ayanna Pressley’s bill to lower the voting age to sweet 16 (125 to 93, including Mark Pocan, D-Dane County). Fortunately, Republicans sent it down to defeat 302-125.

Case #3: Soft on Crime! Pelosi’s Place voted 220-212 in favor of the so-called “George Floyd Justice in Policing Act.” It would eviscerate qualified immunity for law enforcement, making it easier for prosecutors with months of hindsight to convict police with seconds to react. The wide-ranging legislation would also  mandate data collection on police encounters, prohibit racial and religious profiling, and redirect funding to community-based policing programs like Freedom Inc. and Urban Triage.

Case #4: Buyer’s remorse. Los Angeles elected one of those Soft on Crime guys. Now they’re trying to recall district attorney George Gascón. Black and majority-Latino precincts, which Gascón won by margins of 16 and 10 percentage points … have borne the brunt of the city’s spikes in shootings (40%) and homicides (25%). Blacks and Latinos constituted 85% of 2020 homicide victims. Recent polling suggests that Democrats are most likely to throw their support behind candidates “with conservative views on crime, policing, and public safety.” (More here.)

Case #5 Election chicanery: U.S. House Democrats by 220-210 (Pocan again) enshrined the chaos of the 2020 election into law (which, optimistically, will be deep-sixed by the U.S. Senate). (More here.) Democrats would nationalize elections with:

  • Mail-in voting for all voters in all states, no question asked.
  • 15 days of early voting.
  • Online voter registration up to and including on election day.
  • Third-party ballot harvesting.
  • Taxpayer campaign financing.
  • No voter ID.
  • No updating voter lists.
  • No signature matching for mail-in ballots.

Case #6: Village of the Damned: “Woke excess causes minority voters to flee the Democrat(ic) party. The cultural views of elite white liberals are not popular with many minorities.” — Reason magazine.

Case #7: The sell-by date.

•  “Trump didn’t lose because voters wanted higher taxes, more regulation or open borders. He lost because he drove away millions of voters who approve of his policies but did not approve of him.” — conservative columnist Mark Thiessen.

•   Daniel Henninger in the Wall Street Journal: “Mr. Trump’s insistence that he is the personification of Trumpism maybe an impediment to achieving Trumpism’s goals.” 

Blaska’s Bottom Line: We can continue to play Pelosi’s game and make Trump the issue or we can move forward and make Nancy, the Squad, and Mark Pocan the issue.

Your choice?


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15 Responses to Your dumb Democrats at work

  1. Kooter says:

    Good one, Dave. Honestly, I can’t figure out Pocan. I met him at a social event a few years ago and he was an arrogant D-bag then and his position (starting with boycotting Trump’s inauguration) on everything since just gets wackier and wackier. He and Tammy make quite the pair. Allowing 16 yr olds to vote? It should be moved to age 30!

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  2. Mike says:

    One can always count on Pocan or Baldwin to prove their ignorance with their votes.

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  3. georgessson says:

    RE: #2 -Considerin’ many folks live in Mom & Dad’s basement until they’re eligible fer Social Security, I agree: 16 year olds ain’t likely to be capable voters.

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  4. Liberty says:

    This question goes out to those who refused to vote for Trump based on “principle.”

    Was it worth it?

    Trump’s tweets & language were often times brash, but look what we’re stuck with now.

    Don’t know how to break this to you, but most people don’t care about your principles. They care about being able to feed their families, a fair wage, not having their taxes raised, not going to war, schools that will actually provide a decent education, safe streets.

    We tolerated Trump’s brashness because he delivered, because he put America’s needs first.

    So really, was it worth it?

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    • Liberty says:

      And this.

      “Judge Orders New Election After 78 Percent of Mail-In Ballots Found Invalid, Notary Arrested”

      But hey, widespread election fraud is not a thing, right?


      • A Voice in the Wilderness says:

        Liberty: The case you cited is not an example of “widespread election fraud”. It pertains to the ward 1 aldermanic seat in Aberdeen, Mississippi, where evidence showed that 66 of 84 votes cast were fraudulent. Judge Weil has ordered a new election.

        There may be a few pockets of voter fraud in the 2020 Presidential around the nation but overall the election was ruled by the courts to be sound and decisive, with Biden winning a comfortable majority.

        The Epoch Times, which you link to, is a far-right international publication with operations in NY state. It has ties to the Falun Gong religion and is blocked in mainland China.


        • sentient7 says:

          Why not dispute the question of whether Epoch Times reports news accurately? If they are owned by a religious group, does that necessarily prove their newspaper is corrupt or inaccurate? If you answer in the affirmative, do you share a similar view about the Christian Science Monitor? Do you maintain that only agnostic or atheist newspapers should be approved reading? What ineluctably proves their publications are accurate and bias-free?
          Second, the, and their claims about election fraud have never been adjudicated. For example, did the FBI shred a large, but unknown quantity of Georgia’s ballots?

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        • Batman says:

          Voice says:
          The Epoch Times, which you link to, is a far-right international publication with operations in NY state. It has ties to the Falun Gong religion and is blocked in mainland China.

          OMG! International, NY operations, religious ties, and the real coup de grace, blocked in China!!!
          The HORROR.

          Define “far-right.”

          The courts chickened out and did not rule on anything because they did not want the country to go up in flames at the hands of the violent, anarchist, radical Left.


  5. sentient7 says:

    You ask, “Your choice?”
    Above all else, transparent, secure and honest elections with $25,000 fines and 5 yrs in jail for those who act illegally, fraudulently, or corruptly. Poll workers and all others who have responsibility for the conduct of elections must be held accountable. We can debate Trump and his idiosyncracies forever, but without honest elections, they’re unimportant.

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  6. MadTownGuy says:

    Somewhere back in the Nineties a school board member berated the ‘stupid voters’ in Madison for not passing a bond issue. We had just moved there and it was our introduction to Madison politics.


  7. AdamC says:

    Stupid people who have a piece of paper and think they are smarter than everyone else…. those are the REAL dummies. And they will never figure out that they are the actually stupid people.

    The Democrats are crawling with Dummies. Madison/Dane Co. offers countless examples of such stupidity.

    Case in point #1: the high school basketball tournaments were moved to other cities in Wisconsin. Lost hotel and restaurant income will probably slam Madison’s economic and tax revenue in a huge way.

    Case in point #2: today’s newspaper reports that the World Dairy Expo is looking for alternate locations. If Madison loses this event kiss goodbye to tens of millions of dollars of revenue and local taxes.

    They are going to ruin this city.

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    • David Blaska says:

      My uncle Greg Blaska was president of World Dairy Expo for approximately its first 20 years. Huge event with a true worldwide reach.

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      • AdamC says:

        Sigh….. the maxim “the left ruins everything” is proven true again and again. Madison’s loss of this event would be massive. They may as well tear down Exhibition Hall and all the new facilities and throw the Alliant Center expansion plans into the trash.

        To my understanding the World Dairy Expo has basically kept the Alliant Center (and nearby hotels) afloat for years.

        Plus the tax revenue probably pays for the equivalent of hundreds of six-figure “diversity/equity” drones at the city and county, in perpetuity.

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  8. Democrats have thought that the American people are bonified imbeciles for a very long time.

    Case #8: The Democrats will lie straight to your face and then try to justify it later, “We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it, away from the fog of the controversy.” This was a signature significant Freudian slip from Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D, Speaker of the House), only a liar that thinks the American people are bonified imbeciles would state such a verifiable falsehood to the American people. This blatant lie to the American people from Pelosi should have gotten her removed from her leadership position in the House and thrown out of Congress.


  9. AdamC says:

    Another example of DC idiocy. Hysteria about shadows and “Trump around every corner and behind every tree.”

    3 people discussing an online conspiracy is enough to cause one of the world’s superpowers to turn into a shrieking child scared of its own shadow.

    Nothing happens — AGAIN — and they c extend the militarization of DC a/k/a Pyongyang.


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