Florida’s governor reforms voting rules

Gov. Ron DeSantis Enters the Voting-Reform Fight:

Florida, which overhauled a good deal of its voting laws and systems under Jeb Bush in the aftermath of the 2000 election fiasco, now has one of the best-run systems in the country. There are reasons why Florida (like Texas) was able to report 99% of its votes by midnight on Election Night, while multiple other states took days to finalize their counts, with New York and California taking weeks. Other conservative priorities, such as voter ID for in-person voting, are already Florida law.

Gov. DeSantis proposes:

  • Regulate ballot drop boxes.
  • Prohibit ballot harvesting so that no person may possess ballots other than their own and their immediate family.
  • No mass mailing of vote-by-mail ballots—only voters who request a ballot should receive a ballot.
  • Vote-by-mail requests must be made each election year.
  • Vote by mail ballot signatures must match the most recent signature on file.

Transparency in the Elections Process

  • Political parties and candidates cannot be shut out from observing the signature matching process.
  • Supervisors of Elections must post over-vote ballots to be considered by the canvassing board on their website before the canvassing board meets.
  • Prohibits counties from receiving grants from private third-party organizations for “get out the vote” initiatives.

Florida’s Republican governor said that, even before the 2020 election, he had ousted the election supervisors in Broward and Palm Beach Counties.

Is Gov. DeSantis the best governor in the U.S.?

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13 Responses to Florida’s governor reforms voting rules

  1. fjaeckle says:

    The best sitting governor. He handled COVID quite well too.

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  2. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    Get back to me when California, New York, Massachusetts, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Oregon, Washington, Wisconsin and all the other Democrat/Democrat-leaning states follow Florida’s lead. While DeSantis deserves praise for his efforts (why hasn’t he been condemned as racist yet?), you can bet Democrats will ramp up their campaign to undermine the integrity of the vote with unflinching help from the MSM and big tech. Democrats couldn’t care less how long it takes to count the votes or how shoddy and suspect vote-counting procedures are as long as the results are in their favor. It’s no mystery why Ron hasn’t won an Emmy.

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    • Scott F says:

      Never fear…. The left, with the media as their accomplice, is working overtime to dig up anything they can find (or create) to discredit DeSantis. As far as they are concerned, he is the perfect replacement for Trump, regardless of his accomplishments. So far, he’s been able to let the swamp water just run off his back….

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      • Liberty says:


        “So far, he’s been able to let the swamp water just run off his back….”

        Love the play on words. : )

        Seriously, glad to hear he’s able to do this. His handling of COVID, his protection of the Everglades, his defense of law enforcement are just a few of the things I’ve seen from afar that make me want to stand up and applaud him.

        He’s effective, articulate, smart, seems like he genuinely cares. That the left & their dastardly media would try to destroy a true public servant for their politics is not surprising, but still reprehensible.

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      • Liberty says:


        Do you feel that most Floridians are smart enough to see through DNC media’s attacks?

        He’s precisely what this country needs and I hope he runs for president in 2024, but I wonder if half the country is too blinded by their hate & media manipulation to even realize it,


        • AdamC says:

          DeSantis-Noem 2024 would get my full-throated support.

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        • Liberty says:

          “DeSantis-Noem 2024 would get my full-throated support.”


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        • Scott F says:

          So far, so good. But, you of all people know how a relentless attack can wear you down. Most people are focused and occupied with their daily lives and unfortunately it’s the loudest and most frequent drumbeat that catches their notice. As we saw with Trump, when the media is controlled by your opposition, truth can disappear and reality gets very cloudy. Those long lines at our polling places are not populated by Mensa candidates and Valedictorians….

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        • Liberty says:


          I couldn’t have said it better, especially that last line.


  3. Balboa says:

    Lol, keep wishing, never going to happen


  4. gorwell says:

    As a Wisconsin ex-pat who’s lived here 20 years, I don’t know about DeSantis being the best governor in the U.S., but I think he’s a very damn good one, and we are very fortunate. We very narrowly dodged a serious bullet by not electing that astoundingly feckless and corrupt former Tallahassee mayor, Andrew Gillum. Outside of last spring, we’ve been more or less open and STILL have far better numbers than Stalag California or New York. Our kids are now back in actual in-person school (if they want to be, nobody is forcing them) and things are finally getting back to some kind of normal, outside of still having to wear face diapers in most businesses.

    On the podium, DeSantis is about as electrifying and engaging as an insurance seminar, but he’s dynamic in the actual things that matter – governing the state and treating us like adults. New York, California and other blue states are now finally being exposed (as much as they can, given that the Goebbels Media is doing all they can to cover for them), and it’s high time. I hope Wisconsin can figure out their election process before the mid-terms, and run a candidate that unseat Mr. Faculty Lounge.

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    • Liberty says:

      “On the podium, DeSantis is about as electrifying and engaging as an insurance seminar, but he’s dynamic in the actual things that matter – governing the state and treating us like adults.”

      We unfortunately live at a time where being able to say the right buzzwords trumps accomplishments. You can be a complete and utter incompetent do-nothing and still get elected. So in that respect, DeSantis may be at a disadvantage if he decides to run for president in 2024.

      That said, I personally love his style. Granted I don’t live in Florida, but whenever I’ve heard him speak, I’ve found him to be articulate and intelligent.

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