The liberal media blames Trump (!) for its failure to question the Lincoln Project!

Ann of Althouse asks the right questions:

The bloggeresse riffs on the New York Times’ belated inquiry into the scandalous and hateful Lincoln Project.  (“When You Don’t Have Trump to Hide Behind …” by Frank Bruni  of the New York Times). Althouse:

“Ha! It’s Trump‘s fault! Trump was so bad that the media couldn’t pay any attention to anything else that might have been bad. That is some ripe bullshit from Frank Bruni. Let’s read:

[T]he Lincoln Project is unraveling… because Trump is out of office, and that not only deprives the organization of its fiercest mission and tight focus. His departure also opens the political actors there — and political actors everywhere — to more scrutiny and more reproach than they received when he was still around.

Trump urgently demanded and rightly sopped up so much of the public’s contempt and the media’s attention that there was limited space left over for other scandals.

“How were we the people supposed to pay attention to things that you the press didn’t put into articles? … The press was so into exclaiming over how bad Trump looked that it didn’t want to talk about how bad the Lincoln Project looked. And now Frank Bruni doesn’t want to talk about how bad the press looks.

He was also in instances a get-out-of-jail-free card. If you raged against him, your past was wiped clean.

“What a ludicrous reversion to the passive voice! The press gave the Lincoln Project the get-out-of-jail-free card. The press wiped the Lincoln Project clean.”

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Now that the Lincoln Project has served its purpose.

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3 Responses to The liberal media blames Trump (!) for its failure to question the Lincoln Project!

  1. Rafferty says:

    Hateful Lincoln Project? Those boys are playing right out of the Karl Rove handbook! You’re just sore because they played hardball against your president! What’s that you guys were saying in the fall? Fudge your feelings (but with a different f-word in place of fudge)? The Weaver incident is certainly despicable, but is it really that strange for professional political types to use their power to procure sex? Did you see Rudy G in the Borat movie?


  2. Liberty says:

    Lincoln Project is a dastardly little group of slobs who grifted stupid people, and I don’t use the term “stupid” lightly here. How severe does one’s TDS have to be that you willingly give cash to people whose only accomplishment is tearing down Trump? Pretty pathetic.

    Liberal media are DNC activists, not real journalists. That they knowingly sat on this story because it would help their “cause” makes them slobs, too.

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  3. George Parrino says:

    The liberal media I’ve read as been calling out the Lincoln Project people for what they are/were, trump enablists, the same people that steered the republican party into trumps arms.


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