California is making liberals squirm

California has the highest poverty rate in the nation, when you factor in housing costs, and vies for the top spot in income inequality, too. … There’s a reason 130,000 more people leave than enter each year. California is dominated by Democrats, but many of the people Democrats claim to care about most can’t afford to live there. …

The vaccine rollout in California was marred by overly complex eligibility criteria that slowed the pace of vaccinations terribly in the early days. Those regulations were written with good intentions, as California politicians worried over how to balance speed and equity. The result, however, wasn’t fairness, but sluggishness.

The New York Times.

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10 Responses to California is making liberals squirm

  1. Liberty says:

    “If progressivism can’t work there, why should the country believe it can work anywhere else?”

    This makes sense to you and me, but not to leftists.

    It’s kind of like people who, after helping to destroy their cities with progressive policies, move to red cities and states, only to promote the same destructive policies.

    We’re not talking about people who are skilled at applying logic. They’re either true believers who base their decisions on emotion, or weak & corrupt politicians who use progressivism solely because they think it will advance their careers.

    They’re unable to see the error of their ways, and will continue to repeat those mistakes.

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    • AdamC says:

      They also always say there is more to be done, that we are not trying hard enough, or we need to get serious about it and dedicate double or triple the resources, or tweak the policy, or create a new policy or program, on and on it goes.

      More money, more expansive government, more belligerent rhetoric about how systemic inequities are caused by white supremacists, and more invasive policies and punitive penalties.

      God save us from these meddling big-spending do-gooders and their destructive programs.

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      • Liberty says:

        You nailed it, Adam!

        Instead of admitting that their policies are destructive, they double down on them. Or they manufacture excuses for why their policies are not working.

        We not only have to pay for their stupidity, but we have to pay to hear how “evil” we all are.


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      • madisonexpat says:

        Bravo. Encore.


  2. Cornelius_Gotchberg says:

    In addition to the most poverty, the Land of Fruit Cakes & Nut Cases boasts a couple of other…um…enviable 1st Places:
    *Most Billionaire$
    *Most income inequality/highest income disparity
    *Highest number of SNAP recipients
    *Highest number of homeless
    *Most Billion$ p!$$ed away on Choo-Choos
    *Most $#!t-filled streets, and
    *The STOOPIDEST STATE in the known Universe.

    The Gotch

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  3. Wm. Tyroler says:

    Not to mention the greens’ war on the Cali working class, (“But we don’t have to project what these policies will mean to working-class Americans. That reality is amply demonstrated in California, a state whose policies are widely embraced by Biden and his administration (“Make California Great Again? That’s Biden’s plan,” read an ecstatic account in the Los Angeles Times). California’s Democratic leaders like to tout the state’s social justice capitalism. But its state policies have been disastrous for California’s middle and working classes. State energy policies have made California gas and electricity prices among the highest in the nation, increasing electricity prices since 2011 five times as fast as the national average. In 2017 alone, those prices increased at three times the national rate. These prices have been devastating to poorer Californians—particularly in the hot interior, where “energy poverty” has grown rapidly.”)


  4. jimydandy says:

    Same can be said from those leaving Madistan and moving to the outer burbs. they bring their ideal and rotten crotch fruit with them and want to change it into the cesspool they left. Slum Prairie is the new Monona Shores and the other burbs are closing in fast.


    • Liberty says:

      Yes, I warned people about this trend years ago. People would say “Oh, it’s just Madison.” No, it’s really not just Madison. The insanity is spreading.

      After leftists watch their progressive policies destroy cities, they move and take their miserableness with them. They’re unable or unwilling to connect the dots and understand that maybe the problem is THEM.

      People need to pay attention to who’s running for city council and school board seats in their cities, and be willing to speak out against the regressiveness. Either that, or they can keep moving, because progressives won’t change.

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  5. White Hills says:

    Good luck being below average in San Diego. There’s no room for that and no one cares about who feels victimized. Everyone is too busy doing their own thing, everyone only cares about their own thing. It’s that kind of western, coupled with the rat race. If your family has been there for at least a generation and has secured housing, you can make it. Otherwise you better have skills and know-how or you’ll get pushed out. You can’t get into a decent neighborhood there for less than $800,000. The public schools suck, so you’ll need to swing for private. So many biotech, info tech, engineering, and hi-tech fabrication jobs there. Then there is the entrepreneurial attitude, the climate!, and proximity to Mexico’s sweat shops. World class outdoor recreation is 1.5 hours east (watch out for the rattlers!). San Diego is probably one of the best cities in North America. Places like that tend to be desirable. Supply and demand and all that. Can’t speak for the rest of the state. Why bother? SD is where its at.


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