Will RoJo stay or will he go?

Source: The Sweep: Will RoJo Stay or Will He Go? – The Sweep

Wisconsin-based Democratic operative Joe Zepecki is bullish on Democrats’ ability to flip Johnson’s Senate seat in 2022. “Whatever credibility [Johnson] earned over the course of his political career, he has in my view thrown a lot of that away with his flirtation — and more  — around the big lie that this election was anything other than free and fair,” Zepecki told The Dispatch. 

If he bows out, Wisconsin Rep. Mike Gallagher, former Congressman Sean Duffy, and combat veteran Kevin Nicholson—who launched an unsuccessful Senate campaign in 2018—have been thrown around as promising GOP contenders to run forJohnson’s seat.

But Johnson also has a knack for winning tough races. 

In 2016, he was so far down in the polls that GOP Leader Mitch McConnell and the National Republican Senatorial Committee responded by essentially abandoning his campaign. But despite being left for dead by his party, he won on Election Day by nearly 4 points.


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5 Responses to Will RoJo stay or will he go?

  1. The Patriot says:

    Besides the video evidence, photographic evidence, sworn affidavits and forensic data to the contrary. . . .
    I guess the WAS a free and fair election!


  2. A Party of One says:

    Many months ago, RoJo announced that two terms was enough. Even though I would again vote for him over any Democrat, I think it would be refreshing to see a person in office keep his promise. I don’t consider him a “politician”, but more of a real public servant.
    I think the Republicans have a strong enough bench to keep the seat in the Senate. Who do the Democrats have? I’d like to see them anoint Scot Ross. That would be fun!

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    • George Parrino says:

      You’d vote for him over any democrat, You’d be satisfied with another term for the flagrant pusher of BS, over any unknown, one who may even be a whole lot better for the people of Wisconsin? Says a lot about your narrow view of reality.


  3. jimydandy says:

    What’s “stick it to em” Thompson up to these days?


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