Did Trump know about the plan to storm the Capitol?

What did he know and when …

(C’mon man! You know the rest!)

Ann of Althouse, retired University of Madison law professor:

If Trump knew there was a plan to storm the Capitol building, then his speech to the crowd was an incitement, even though he never told the crowd to commit any act of violence. Two days ago, I read Trump’s January 6 speech looking for any language that could support the claim that he incited the crowd to storm the Capitol.

I wrote a post listing the seven most violence-inducing statements. They’re about fighting and showing strength and never giving up, but they’re all consistent with an idea of having a big, traditional street protest. … What if Trump knew there was a plan to storm the Capitol? Then all those words are transformed! They become an incitement to the violence.

The avoidance of references to violence would be part of a shared understanding — like winking. We know what we’re going to do. …  Was there a plan or wasn’t there? If there was a plan, when did it develop and who knew about it? If it was talked about on social media … wouldn’t the FBI have seen it in advance and communicated to the President?

Capitol riot warnings weren’t acted on

Federal, state and local law enforcement pointed out alarming online discussions about weapons in the days before the Jan. 6 rally in Washington. An FBI field office reported a rallying call for war and the sharing of maps of the Capitol. Homeland Security warned about the heightened potential for violence in the rally’s run-up, though mentioned no specific threat for Jan. 6.

While the information was shared, this multipoint warning system broke down. …

Justice Department and Capitol Police officials have since said that they underestimated the potential for Trump supporters to rampage through the Capitol, thinking the event would be like two other recent pro-Trump rallies in Washington, which saw only isolated violent incidents — Wall Street Journal.

Ann’s Bottom Line“If he was informed of a plan, then I will read all of those statements as an incitement.”


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  1. Oh what a tangled web we weave…

    The Gotch

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  2. Good Dog,Happy Man says:

    Dear Good Dogs,

    Let the Impeachment Games begin. Again.

    As we’re impeaching former presidents, why don’t we first begin with the historic, but butt-nekkid Emperor “Let Them Eat Hope’ Urkel, the First?

    The impeachment of President-in-Exile of the United States Donald Trump, (in purely legal terms), is unConstitutional on the face of it, but the D卐M☭CRATs have the political power to proceed. Worse yet, is that the Never-Trumper, Rockafeller/RINO wing of the neo-Con GOP have no problem with going along with it, after all, they want to keep their power and preserve the political status quo, too.

    Lefties are “fragging for the flag” and throwing around hand-grenade terms like “insurrection” and “treason” not only in referring to PIEOTUS Trump but blood-libeling thousands of mostly peaceful citizens who merely attended President’s Trump’s Capitol rally.

    Some marchers are being actively sought for criminal prosecution by Zhou Bai-Din’s FBI/DOJ. Some are being held without bail. Bai-Din’s co-conspirators and willing accomplices in the late great 4th Estate are conspicuously silent on the facts. Honest questions are not allowed anymore.
    How did Officer Sicknick die? Who shot the unarmed Ashli Babbitt? What preparations were or weren’t made to accommodate the march? Was there a “stand down” order given?

    When Lefties say, “let’s have unity.” they mean, … “you must obey and comply.”
    The impeachment attempt flies in the face of getting along. It’s further dividing the country.

    Conservatives are having their noses rubbed in it. The hive-minded media are the new thought police. We’re being taught a lesson in civility and shown that being a Conservative will no longer be tolerated by the control-freak fascist elites.

    Welcome back to the USSA, comrade. Seeya at the re-education camp,


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  3. Leo says:

    Trump kneew exaclly what he was doing on January 6 when he issued the marching orders to the
    crowd oof hulligans assembled before him and he should pay a herfty price fo encouraging ths insurrection and for athe fife lives lost in the battle for the capitol.


  4. AdamC says:

    Maybe a future Republican Congress can retroactively impeach then-Vice President Biden (which would, if successful, immediately remove him from the presidency) for this doozy — check out his breezy and brazen confession on video, below.

    Simultaneously they could impeach VP Harris for inciting the White House near-insurrection in June 2020 that threatened the then-president, and encouraging rioters including raising bail money so they can get back out on the streets to burn more sh!t down.

    We could do this All Day Long, people. Such fun!

    Maybe the Dems can retroactively impeach every past American president who was a white male for being white. And a male.

    Here’s Joe’s video confession:

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  5. Liberty says:

    What Good Dog and Adam said.

    “What if Trump knew there was a plan to storm the Capitol?”

    We can play “What if” with every single president.

    While people are focused on this clown circus, the United States is quickly becoming an oligarchy whose rulers benefit from their ties to Communist China.

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  6. madisonexpat says:

    Let’s consult the Shaman. He’ll know.


  7. Ann’s Bottom Line: “If he was informed of a plan, then I will read all of those statements as an incitement.”

    Ann’s statement is pure unethical consequentialism.

    Trump rallies/marches have only had isolated incidents of violence, there was no reason for anyone, including the President of the United States to think that this rally/march would be any different than previous rallies/marches and that is why there was not more protection at the Capital building. A few instigators intentionally incited riot and inspired a small segment of the protesters to riot, the VAST majority did not patriciate in the riot. Prosecute the riot inciters to the full extent of the law and prosecute the other rioters that fought police and/or entered the Capital building for their own individual actions.

    The same thing should be done to all of the BLM, ANTIFA, etc rioters without exception.

    Individual responsibility is a must, we are a nation of laws.

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  8. Batman says:

    Never heard of QAnon until this site so looked them up. Gosh darn, even the Batman is scared.
    Maybe QAnon is behind everything because well, people are talking about them in a very suspicious manner.

    Paging Robert Mueller!
    He will figure it all out for sure, under budget, and really really fast too.


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