Narrative overruled facts in that Jacob Blake shooting 

When will the media acknowledge their role in spreading false and inflammatory stories about police shootings?

Source: Narrative Before Facts | City Journal

When that Kenosha police officer shot Jacob Blake last year, the news media “wasted no time establishing the standard narrative: another unarmed African-American shot by racist police.” …


The Washington Post, CNN, PBS, Buzzfeed, Vogue, and several other outlets referred to Blake as “unarmed.” … Democratic politicians and celebrities jumped on the story, too. Joe Biden tweeted, “Once again, a Black man — Jacob Blake — was shot by the police. In front of his children. It makes me sick. Is this the country we want to be?”  …

But as Blake himself admitted in a television interview with ABC News last week, he was not unarmed. “I realized I had dropped my knife, I had a little pocketknife, so I picked it up,” Blake told Michael Strahan on Good Morning America. …

Blake’s astonishing admission came days after Kenosha County District Attorney Mike Graveley announced that his office would not charge [the police officer], based on the results of an investigation by former Madison police chief Noble Wray [who is Black].

City Journal’s Bottom Line: “The most damning detail in this story, however, is that the victim himself, Blake, has expressed more honesty and remorse for his actions than the media and political elites who pushed an inflammatory, racialized narrative before all the facts were in.”

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14 Responses to Narrative overruled facts in that Jacob Blake shooting 

  1. Wm. Tyroler says:

    Wait till it becomes widely known that George Floyd wasn’t a martyred victim of police brutality but died at his own hand of a drug overdose.

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    • georgessson says:

      Wm. Tyroler, It’s been a known fact (autopsy reports published) early on that Floyd was under the influence of dangerous illegal drugs since the get-go of the protests. Ditto many other “deaths by cops” that really should be reviewed as “death by lifestyle”. I applaud your comment but MSM cares not about reality, much less truth. For verification of their ethic, see Richard AKA Dick’s short but inane comment here -it’s pure projection.

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  2. jimydandy says:

    Didn’t our own Vice Chancellor Nelson Mandela Barnes incite an insurrection in Kenosha by spewing non facts that Blake was just “walking down da street” when he was shot narrative? He spouted these incitfeul words to the violent but peaceful protestors that then converged on burning down Kenosha. If their is one person that needs to be charged with sedation, it’s this Barnes chap. Maybe he can be arrested on his next chauffeured ride to the Capital on the way to work. He’s been very quiet after his inciteful comments. Was the muzzle put on him? Where is he hidden? Is he attending classes at the Jesse and Al’s insurrection and incite school?

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  3. No Body says:

    When will the media acknowledge their role in spreading false and inflammatory stories about police shootings?

    Never. There is no reason for them to do so. As mass media, they are not accountable to anyone.

    Next question?

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  4. Liberty says:

    “When will the media acknowledge their role in spreading false and inflammatory stories about police shootings?”

    Why would they? This kind of trash narration is profitable for them. These are not journalists; they’re self-serving vultures who benefit from dividing the country. Morally compromised people, IMO.

    Cops and those who care about law and order suffer because of their selfishness.

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  5. georgessson says:

    That 27 page review by Noble Wray? A. Says it clearly, Officer responded as per policy (State & City). B. The MSM will never read a word; keepin’ folks riled up is what they do… SMH


  6. pANTIFArts says:

    The media still insists on reporting that Mr. Blake was “shot in the back”, insinuating a cowardly ambush on an unsuspecting person. The truth is, if you turn to reach for a weapon – “you’ll be shot in the back”. Bend over for one – you’ll be shot in the ass. (and so on ….) Sometimes cops use seemingly cruel tactics to deal with non-compliant criminals. Each year some criminals die when these tactics are used, and each year some COPS die when they are not.
    The same is true, of course, for George Floyd, where a common neck restraint contributed to his demise. But, there are hundreds of “Karen”s out there who would “choke you out” in a second for not wearing a mask on the street, and they would be PRAISED for “protecting the public”.


    • A Voice in the Wilderness says:

      pantifarts: “Karens” who “choke you out”? This is demeaning drivel.

      Jacob Blake is paralyzed from the waist down and had his small intestines and colon removed because he was shot seven times in the back by a stupid, barbaric cop. Maybe there are some commenters on this platform who would actually acknowledge that and show a little compassion. Yes, each year criminals and cops die. But there has to be a better way of policing.


      • madisonexpat says:

        Not until criminals find a better way of policing.

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      • pANTIFArts says:

        Mr Blake is in his present condition because of a series of really bad decisions, made by him, in rapid succession. He sees that (now), why don’t you? He admits that (now), why can’t you? Compassion? I’m sorry his actions caused a situation where EVERYONE was a loser.
        You are a poster child for Mr Blaska’s article, ie: “shot seven times” -(actually four), “in the back” -(see my post), “stupid, barbaric cop” -(trained law enforcement officer), etc.
        The “Karen” reference is just a comment on the willingness of so many citizens to accost others, demand to “see store managers”, call police, (etc), all over pointless, ineffectual, symbolic masking requirements. The “masking myth” is also “common knowledge”, driven by the media, and a lie.


  7. sleeperd says:

    Revealed: Here is the Horrifying Sexual Assault Criminal Complaint Against Jacob Blake

    “The victim, who is only identified by her initials in the paperwork, told police she was asleep in bed with one of her children when Blake came into the room around 6 a.m. and allegedly said “I want my sh-t,” the record states.

    She told cops Blake then used his finger to sexually assault her, sniffed it and said, “Smells like you’ve been with other men,” the criminal complaint alleges.

    The officer who took her statement said she ‘had a very difficult time telling him this and cried as she told how the defendant assaulted her.’ The alleged victim said Blake ‘penetrating her digitally caused her pain and humiliation and was done without her consent’ and she was ‘very humiliated and upset by the sexual assault,’ the record states.”

    Amazing, isn’t it…. both this guy… and our current demokkkRAT president-elect..
    are accused of the exact same act; Which is why Gropin’ Joe… and kamala… both sat down and commiserated with Blake’s family.


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