They are coming for us

Keyboard bravado or more incitement?

Nothing succeeds like excess. In two years, if Joe Biden is inaugurated, we’ll all be speaking Chinese. The hammer and sickle will replace the State of Liberty. Abortion will be mandatory. Some of our … friends would rather believe Lin Wood and their cult leader than Bill Barr, Mike Pence, every court in the land, Republican leaders in Congress, and the Joint Chiefs.

Must Defeat Biden by any means necessary. Social media poster Bill Elmhorst: “Biden going to put us under (his) martial law. He intends to disarm the American people by force.”

“This is why Trump supporters need to either kick the RINOs out or take up secession as a topic because communism is what we are faced with in the Democratic Party and their supporters,” one Kenneth Hammond affirms.


Cindy Mocha on Facebook: “We don’t need a revote…we need Biden and Harris ARRESTED and hung.”

A sampling of my social media feed:

Blaska posted House GOP leader McCarthy’s debunking of the urban legend that it was Antifa all along. That spurred one Thomas Funk to damn the messenger:

David you are like an apologist for Antifa, and it’s weird you know more about that day than the eye witnesses that were there. … you are an ObamaCrat! Stop pretending to be an American.

Before we could remind Mr. Funk that he wasn’t in the Capitol building that day, Kevin McCarthy was, Myra McQueen doubled down: “George Soros paid them to riot.”

Nancy Pelosi was in on it! Sandy Hufton wants to know: “What did Pelosi know?”

We posted the a link to Joint Chief of Staff condemnation of the attempted putsch in the U.S. Capitol and vowed to follow the Constitution. Unforced error — we linked to CNN.

“Since when do Republicans in good standing (as he claims to be, Haha) quote CNN?” Arnold Harris parried, before turning on the Pentagon.

“Just because they wear medals on their chests these are not good people. You are a fool for thinking that you can impress me, and people who think like me, with their opinions.”

We are, indeed, a fool for loving the Constitution. After trying to pawn the blame on Antifa, one Kevin Fischer gave away the game with this post:


Got to admit, Fischer has a way with words! and in ALL CAPS!

Trump is gonna take us down!

Dave Miller: “They want to invoke the 25th to prevent him from declassifying anything incriminating.”

Diane Berg Urie: “They’re all crapping their pants right now because he still has the power to take them down. All of them!

Scott Paykel: “They fear if another riot breaks out, President Trump can implement Martial Law. This could ruin the inauguration plans for the China Planted President!”

Richard Pierce: “I hope he does and declare[s] martial law.”

Ron Case: “They’re still scared. This ain’t over yet. 10 days …”

Rt Warrender: “The response will indeed be epic!”

Dana Starre: “They should be scared. Its not over by a long shot.”

“They seem to want a war they WILL NOT win. I will add no more,” Thomas Lochowicz posted, archly.

“Treason is exposed,” Chelle Renee warns. “Insurrection is upon us.”

Lin Wood

The great reckoning

Tim Weidner warns: “Any Republican who turns on Trump will not be forgotten.”

Dave Hinz addressed this author by name: “You didn’t have the balls to stand up for the truth, did you f-boming traitorist coward.”

But Blaska is in good company. Carolina Gentalman proclaims, “It’s over thanks to the back stabbing RHINOS [sic] and that C*CKSUCKER PENCE.”

Now that impeachment has been voted a second time, “Congress is the enemy,” says Karin Ann.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: That’s the kind of language that led to 01-06-21, Karin Ann. Thank God for those National Guardsmen. Pray for America.


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39 Responses to They are coming for us

  1. richard -lesiak says:

    Dave; you and I should go have a beer some day. It’s common knowledge that I have issues with some who post here, but I have never kicked you around. Taking cheap shots at YOU on YOUR blog is pretty low. And I gather that some of these people are your neighbors. WTF.


  2. Normwegian says:


  3. George Parrino says:

    As if there was any doubt trump supporters are deranged, now we know they’re also cowards.


    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

      ​3,480 violent protests & 506 declared riots, 150 Federal buildings & dozens of public buildings/LE precincts besieged-n-burned, $2 billion in insured & another $2.5 billion in uninsured damages, 12 officers killed & 2,000 injured, 26 civilians killed & 1000’s injured, countless businesses looted and burned.


      The Gotch

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      • Mark says:

        But those incidents were mostly peaceful

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      • richard -lesiak says:

        Still doing the apples and oranges thing I see. Tell us what you think on 1/21.


        • jimydandy says:

          Your right. Those were fiery but peaceful protests. This was sedation and erection that lasted more than 4 hours. Totally different.

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      • George Parrino says:

        Your point is what? that there’s a real threat. Look at the number of innocent blacks shoot dead by police, don’t live under a real threat?
        Congress has no problem sending kids off to war.
        Of course being cowardly because you perpetuate a lie and refuse to be held accountable for it is a new low, even by the standards we hold republicans too.


        • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

          “Look at the number of innocent blacks shot BY_OTHER_BLACKS


          And here’s your f*cking point: THE most dangerous thing to a black male are (and this is where it gets good!) other black males FULL STOP!

          “There Is Nothing More Painful To Me At This Stage In My Life Than To Walk Down The Street And Hear Footsteps… Then Turn Around And See Somebody White And Feel Relieved.” Reverend Jesse Jackson, who is reportedly black.

          Probably be completely different were it an EVIL White policemen, am I right?

          All summer and fall, Lefty couldn’t find the word RIOT to save their despicable lives, yet since last Wednesday that’s all they can manage to slobber; I’m shocked…SHOCKED…said no one.

          HeyZeus Alou, you Lefties are staggeringly hypocritical morons!

          The Gotch

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      • AnonyBob says:

        Gootch, you keep parroting this same set of “facts.” Where’d they come from? How about a citation? I don’t recall 12 cops killed in BLM demonstrations. Please don’t tell me you’re copy and pasting from Infowars or Breitbart…


        • AnonyBob says:

          Hey Gootch!
          Where’s your citation? Is there one, or is this just more grist of the white nationalist propaganda mill?


        • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

          jimydandy: “PBS??? Didn’t their lawyer just get fired for saying Trampbots children should be put in re education camps?”

          AnonyBob: “No, not really. You believe Project Veritas?”

          The Gotch: PBS Lawyer Who Called For “Reeducation Camps For Republican Children NO LONGER WITH NETWORK

          Accounting for your STEADFAST REFUSAL to acknowledge a fact-based Reality, The Gotch must insist upon sufficient assurance upfront that his efforts will be worth the time-n-effort.

          Why? A preponderance of past experience suggests otherwise…

          The Gotch


      • Liberty says:


        For those doubting you, here are JUST A FEW of the officers shot during the RECENT riots. Sorry, I don’t have all the names of the specific officers, but these can easily be found via Internet searches, accessible to even the intellectually lazy.

        People don’t know this stuff because the press keeps them in the dark.

        For cops shot & police captain killed in St. Louis

        Retired Police Chief David Dorn was murdered.

        Officer Shay Mikalonis from Vegas shot in the had and now paralyzed fro neck down.

        Two Richmond, Virginia cops shot

        Two NYPD cops shot and one stabbed in the neck while trying to stop looters.


  4. AnonyBob says:

    Dave, you’re making me feel sorry for ya. This crowd would put Tommy Thompson up against a wall.

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    • jimydandy says:

      Didn’t the hick from Elroy copyright the phrase “Stick it to em”? His cabinet was full of drunk rapists and drunks. Grew state gubbermint fourfold.


  5. Bill says:


    I have to agree with Richard here. And Richard if you and I could ever get together with Dave, I’ll buy the first round.

    And yes, we’ll have our political disagreements but I will be happy to have them, as that is perfect RIGHT of both of you to disagree with me.

    Point is that we are All Americans here. I have my opinions as does Dave and Richard. I do not have infinite knowledge, so when I’m challenged by what Dave, or more often what Richard says, I’m challenged to examine my own beliefs before commenting on their statements. I may disagree with either one or both of you on any number of topics but am always willing to listen to another your points of view.

    This is what in my mind, is what America is all about. We don’t always have to agree with each other, hook, line and sinker, but we have to listen to each other and consider each others thoughts, feelings, ideas and facts before making up our minds.

    When I moved here from the east coast back in 1973, I came to love the idea of “Midwest Nice”; only to be outdone by “Madison Nice”. I loved how people were so nice and kind to one another. I came from northern New Jersey were people were not so Nice or Kind!

    It now saddens me greatly to see all the boarded up windows on State Street and the Capitol Square. I spent a lot of time as a teenager roaming State Street and the Square and loved the freedom of expression and thought I found at that time. At the time, I would have never thought we would become so intolerant of each other that there would be boarded up windows on State Street, the Capitol and the Capitol Square.

    Sad, so Sad.

    I earnestly pray to God each and every day that our Country and our People can find away to heal our divisions and go forward to bring a new prosperity and more importantly, a new understanding of each other, in the very near future.


  6. Pasco says:

    It takes two sides to heal! One side has now realized it has some soul searching to do. While the other thinks it’s infallible. Hopefully the rhetoric will cool down. President elect Biden your up! President Trump go to the inauguration.
    Hope springs eternal for our country.


  7. richard -lesiak says:

    Two more cops are charged for their part in the Capital takeover. Guess that oath doesn’t mean much. If this is an example of their behavior then what are they doing when driving around in a squad car wearing a badge and gun. Are they part of the reason some people fear the police? It’s hard to go out in their community and say Back the Badge when they are on film tearing up the capital. Now one of their brothers in blue is dead. I’m curious to find out how many citizen complaints are hidden in their files.


  8. jimydandy says:

    PBS??? Didn’t their lawyer just get fired for saying Trampbots children should be put in re education camps? LOL


    • AnonyBob says:

      No, not really. You believe Project Veritas?


      • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

        “No, not really.”

        Your handlers haven’t released it so it simply isn’t true, that what you’re implying, ABob?

        The Gotch HAD acknowledged, albeit reluctantly, that ABob HAD enough sense to pour p!$$ out of a boot; unlike some, he does appear to realize there exists a difference between your and you’re after all.

        No more.

        To wit:

        PBS Lawyer Who Called For “Reeducation Camps For Republican Children NO LONGER WITH NETWORK

        ABob is your garden variety Lefty who, when confronted with real REAL mean Inconvenient Truth, allows his standard Lefty DEFENSE MECHANISM to kick in, which makes it all go away.

        Now? He just has the sadz!

        The Gotch


    • George Parrino says:

      Just reporting the news, it’s about an FBI report. Yes, he was. But notice this was reported years ago and the report in question was written another 10 years prior. Yet you think it’s OK for US policy to rip children from their parents hands. Thanks for showing trumpbots are hypocrites.


      • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

        “Yet you think it’s OK for US policy to rip children from their parents hands.”

        Cite where The Gotch posted this, or waddle back on and issue an appropriately contrite and groveling apology for your unconscionable attempt to abrogate reality.

        It gets worse.

        “Who built the cages, Joe?” Still Yer President

        And worse yet.

        (bolds/caps/italics mine throughout)
        “(Attorney R. Andrew) Free found himself at a political event where the president was present. Reluctant to disrupt the scene, but unable to let what he had seen go unspoken, Free struck an uneasy compromise with himself. He politely shook hands with the president, then mentioned his visit to the detention centers. “Close them, Mr. President,” he begged. ‘IT’S WRONG,’ Free said. ‘AND IT’S GOING TO BE A STAIN ON YOUR LEGACY.’

        ”The president was unmoved. ‘I’ll tell you what we can’t have,’ he told Free. ‘It’s these parents sending their kids here on a dangerous journey and putting their lives at risk.’ Then he moved on down the line, shaking hands with his supporters. Admitted Free: ‘I was dumbfounded.’

        ”Free’s poignant tweets, written a couple of weeks ago, stirred a firestorm of thousands of responses — mostly, it appeared, because THE YEAR HE WAS DESCRIBING WAS NOT 2018 BUT 2015, AND THE PRESIDENT HE WAS REPROVING WAS NOT DONALD TRUMP BUT BARACK OBAMA.

        ” ‘A lot of people think that all this started with Trump,’ Free told the Miami Herald last week from his Nashville office. ‘IT DIDN’T …‘ ”

        Ah Lefty; so MUCH unequivocally emasculating hypocrisy, so little time!

        The Gotch


  9. madisonexpat says:

    I think they’re up to 12 broken windows, a vigorous vacuuming and trespassing charges as a result of the insurrection, coup d’etat, riot, overthrow of the republic and death of democracy.
    I’m reminded of the Left hammering W for Katrina.

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  10. Larry says:

    I love you Dave, but it’s your party. Cry if you want to.


  11. Ed says:

    This too (the foolishness) will pass.

    The same sane GOP members, if primaried z will soundly win.

    The looks of the GOP will have moved on as a sane mainstream and component will the nomination in 4 years.

    Right now it’s all bulls*** on both side for fundraising and air time.

    But at least no new regulations and real nonsense is being created.


  12. Balboa says:

    Why are the putting up 7 foot walls around the capital building before Biden is officially sworn in. It surely cannot be to stop or hinder people from getting close to those folks. I mean Walls or Barriers don’t work never have, all we need is electronic surveillance that will be enough. I mean Biden and company are about tearing down walls and fences. I sure hope Trump did or his administration authorize the payment of these racist terrible barriers, maybe this time he will just be hung from a tree for that bridge too too far.

    Here’s and idea, how we all meet out and talk about anything but politics and Drink Beers. Talk about all other topics but political debates. Pretty Simple idea. Amongst strangers keep your opinions to yourselves, use please, thank you and other pleasantries. I hit a milestone Bday this year and for a Black Conservative who is out numbered in this county and amongst my peer group.
    Race is a made up term so I will not use the term here.

    Good luck with hopey changey part Deaux we are all gonna need it.

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    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

      Happy milestone, Balboa, and many more.

      You’re a Black Conservative, or do you just identify as one?

      FWIW, The Gotch identifies an indubitable genius; the next person that’s convinced will be the first…

      The Gotch


    • pANTIFArts says:

      –You make the world brighter by your presence. Imagine, an “uppity” (self-determined, informed, free-thinking) Black man, who “doesn’t know his place” (refuses “victim” or any other label assigned to him by others) — No offense is intended, I’m simply channeling the Liberal mind set (of which I’m quite good).
      –I couldn’t agree more with your view of “race”. People are “different” only so long as they themselves, and others, INSIST that they are different.
      –Having said that – This is a political/social blog, and “race” is referenced a lot. Your “reveal” here brings the promise of another unique perspective. NEVER hold back on your opinions. (or criticisms)
      –Perhaps some day (soon?) Conservatism will get its act together, and “uppity” people of all colors and backgrounds will find their “place”.

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  13. jimydandy says:

    CNN’s Don Lemon: If You Voted For Trump, You’re With The Klan, The Nazis, & The Rioters


  14. CauCaseyAnn says:

    Have you ever seen that meme of the white kid surrounded by blacks that says, “At least we still have the Constitution.”



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