Battle lines drawn (almost) for Madison’s future


It’s Game On! for Common Council!

Has Madison given up on its public schools? Only two candidates are running for the two seats up for grabs in the April 6 non-partisan election. One of them is incumbent Savion Castro, appointed to his seat. The other is Maia Pearson for the seat being given up by the mau-maued school board president, Gloria Reyes. Both candidates are in the Ali Muldrow, Ananda Mirilli mold. In other words, do NOT expect police to be invited back as resource officers — IF schools ever reopen.

By contrast — and what a contrast! — a thundering herd is clamoring for a seat on the Madison Common Council!  THE DEADLINE FOR FILING IS PAST.  Thirty-nine candidates are competing for the 20 seats. There is competition in 12 of those 20 districts. Very healthy! CHANGES SINCE THIS FIRST POSTING: Peter Schramm withdrew in the 16th, leaving five candidates. Charly Rowe filed in the 3rd, challenging incumbent Lindsey Lemmer. NOTE: In the 6th District, Shawn Matson had not filed his nomination papers, financial statement, or economic interest statement as of 7 p.m. despite having registered his candidacy weeks ago. So he looks like a scratch. Note that in the table below.

Moderates in trouble

It is a measure of how badly Madison progressives want to Defund the Police that three candidates are trying to take out incumbent Paul Skidmore in District 9  toward Middleton. “Nino” Amato is a well known name, less well known is how far Left he has gone. Doug Hyant is a paid partisan operative. Nikki Conklin is the BLM candidate.

On the other side of town, toward McFarland, six candidates in far southeast (almost to McFarland) District 16 to succeed retiring moderate Michael Tierney. Only one of them is a for-certain champion of public safety, Kim Richman. But watch the anti-safety cadre soft pedal their cop hatred.

Sorry to say, but the small moderate faction — numbering 5 on the 20-member council — is in trouble. In addition to Tierney, another of those five is also hanging it up after one term — he being Zachary Henak in the district sandwiching Odana Hills golf course on the near west side. In addition to Ald. Skidmore, the fourth moderate facing opposition is Council President Sheri Carter on the south sides’s 14th. Her opponent is none other than Brandi Grayson.

It is a measure of how the Far Left plays the race card that a Grayson supporter cries racism in this morning’s Wisconsin State Journal“Do we even know how hard it will be for [Grayson] to win? We do not like Black folks in this city.”

Except that the city must like Black folks well enough to elect Sheri Carter, who qualifies as a Black folk, and name her as council president. But Ald. Carter is not the right kind of Black folk. The Grayson supporter accuses her of  being “one of the good ones.” Another way to say “Tom.”

Hardcore cop basher challenged

A race to watch is in the 18th on the far north side, where incumbent Rebecca Kemble is seeing re-election. Kemble is hardcore, full stop, anti-cop Progressive Dane. Wants to more thanquadruple an alder’s pay, to $67,000 from the current $13,560. Seeking to upset her is the son of an immigrant from Nigeria, Charles Mayadze — a Democrat, Steelworkers union member, NAACP officer, and father of three. The fifth moderate, Barbara Harrington McKinney, had not drawn a challenger as of 10 a.m. this morning 01-05-21.

Six incumbents are not seeking re-election: Shiva Bidar bordering Shorewood Hills, Marsha Rummel on Willy Street, Mad Max Prestigiacomo on the UW campus, Samba Baldeh and the afore-mentioned Tierney and Henak.

Four districts — Skidmore’s 9th, Tierney’s old 16th, Kemble’s 18th, and Ald. Keith Furman’s 19th — require primaries (on February 16) because more than two candidates have filed. So far.






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11 Responses to Battle lines drawn (almost) for Madison’s future

  1. Normwegian says:

    we’re screwed


  2. No Body says:

    The 2018 and 2020 elections show the future. All the progressives have to do is flex a little bit of that muscle and they will win every election they want.

    Make America Venezuela Again!

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    • Alfred E Neuman says:

      By “flex a little muscle” you mean get out the vote. The more people who vote, the better for democracy.


      • No Body says:

        By “flex a little muscle” you mean get out the vote.

        No, more like “get the vote out”. Like when Al Franken was running in Minnesota, and the DFL guys went out to the parking garage and got the votes out of a car trunk. Then voila! Stuart Smalley became a Senator!

        Provisional ballots, mail in ballots with zero verification, ballot harvesting and of course the new tradition of “stop counting then get the votes out of the suitcase & run them through a ballot counter a few times” is the future. Mr. Blaska doesn’t understand that, not yet.

        The more people who vote, the better for democracy.

        You bet! Including people who have moved away – why should people not get to vote in two or more states? And including voting in someone else’s name – why shouldn’t a good Progressive get to request a mail in ballot for some old white person who probably doesn’t need to vote anyway? And including dead people – why shouldn’t room-temperature-Americans get to continue to exercise their right to vote? Plus feline-Americans, why shouldn’t cats vote also? Even if they are also dead?

        Only a speciesist allurophobe would have a problem with this:

        The future includes lots and lots and lots and lots of votes. Always enough votes as required for the Progressives to create their wonderful one-party world!


  3. pANTIFArts says:

    Once again, “ProgDa” (Progressive Dane and their media mouthpieces) will have the opportunity to stretch their political legs (tentacles, actually). ProgDa see themselves as the predestined “king makers” in Madison. Upon receiving oaths of fealty from the candidates, they will bestow the titles through their endorsements. Power is the goal, expediency is the means.
    An example would be the Skidmore race. They can “virtue signal” with a Black woman. Or they can go with a proven political weasel. (Doug Hyant was a c#ntributor, if not the source, of the “zoomgate” c#ntroversy.) Who would be more useful, not qualifications, will be the determining factor.
    Controlling you, what you can do, what you think, and how you view your world, is their objective. You, on the other hand, have no interest in controlling anyone’s life. To compete against this “machine” would require much more organization, and vigorous opposition, on your part. Create your own “machine”. Start now, by making sure that every day you do SOMETHING, (big, or small), to constantly remind them that you are “out there”.

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  4. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    NO CHARGES FILEDIn Jacob Blake Case.

    Ichabod Evers last seen scurrying from under his desk with plans to establish a Command Center at Rockford’s Clocktower Plaza, where it’s reported that Lefty has unredeemed soon-to-expire Reward Points.

    There, he’s expected to blame the EVIL White Supremacist Patriarchy before expressing undying solidarity for the pure-as-the-driven-snow Blake with a clumsy Black LIES Matter salute.

    Kenosha Forecast: FIERYBut Mostly Peaceful Protests.

    Stay tuned!

    The Gotch

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  5. A. Welshly says:

    Never thought I’d be excited to cast a vote for Sheri Carter, but here I am. Cripes, I might even stick a sign out on my lawn.


  6. Madtownforsure says:

    Our governor showed he does not understand the law and the process to not convict the police in this case.


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