Brandi Grayson challenging Council President Sheri Carter

Progressive Dane is flooding the zone with candidates

Its official. Brandi Grayson is running against  Common Council President Sheri Carter on Madison’s South side District 14.

She has filed as Brandi Grayson-Tuck but it’s the same woman with the bullying bullhorn who halts rush hour traffic on thoroughfares from John Nolen Drive to East Washington Ave. in pursuit of BLM’s race-based justice regime. She is Derail the Jail, Cops out of Schools, Defund the Police. She calls her social justice boutique “Urban Triage.” (See also: “Brandi Grayson will determine your degree of racism.”)


Sheri Carter has offended the radical Left by calling out Alds. Kemble and Mad Max Prestigiacomo (both are Progressive Dane) for their profanity-laced calls for urban violence and bullying of city staff.  (None of which has drawn the approbation of The Capital Times, Progressive Dane’s mainstream enabler.)Ald. Carter admonished Progressive Dane alders over Labor Day weekend:

Ald. Sheri Carter

Respect goes both ways. As the first African American woman Council president, I have sat in meetings with fellow Black colleagues and listened to members of the public, who identify themselves as progressives and/or allies question our blackness and refer to us as “assimilationists.”

 “Black council chief of staff tired of abuse, is quitting. City employee surveys cite alders’ bullying.”

Ald. Carter also was one of five alders to vote for more exemptions in the ban on facial recognition software. 

Cop haters targeting Paul Skidmore

But the radical Left’s prime target remains Ald. Paul Skidmore. Three candidates are lined up on the runway to take out Ald. Paul Skidmore on the far west side of Madison. Why do you suppose? Skidmore is the most effective opponent of the War on Cops. Nino Amato is the most well known name. He went majorly Progressive a long time ago. Doug Hyant is a tool of the state Democrat(ic) party. (We suspect Doug of hacking an on-line Council meeting, related here.) Nikki Conklin is backed by Alds. Keith Furman, Marsha Rummel (Progressive Dane), and Shiva Bidar.

“Without a doubt, public safety is Job #1,” Ald. Skidmore said today in announcing his bid for re-election. Downtown Madison is boarded over, our sidewalks are littered with spent shell casings, running gun battles in stolen cars are roiling our streets, innocents are dying. It is time to stop the war on police and protect our neighborhoods. ” 


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15 Responses to Brandi Grayson challenging Council President Sheri Carter

  1. Alberticus says:

    As Ayn Rand said: “Give them what they want”
    Pull all the cops out and let the White Liberals enjoy their lattes and shopping experiences hob-nobbing with the Gangstas …..
    This is a racist “Black Criminal Protection Racket” designed to disable the Policing of Violent Black Criminals. It has morphed into an Extortion racket akin to Sharpton/Jackson’s rackets. Being only 13% of the population, blacks commit 52% of murders. Consequently, police regard confrontations with blacks as being more dangerous to police, and this affects police behavior. FACTS: Here are recent statistics provided by Statista.
    https://youtube/+COwDLSu99w0 more statistics — 16 minute video
    Then the STUPID White TWIT protesters will wonder why the Police are afraid to save them from rape, robbery, mugging. Why would a cop endanger his job or pension for TWITS? There is going to be a HUGE crime wave as Police refuse to risk their lives. San Francisco Residents On Alert As Home Invasions Spike 42%

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  2. nonone says:

    Most of Madison deserves what is coming good and hard.


    • Ed says:

      Damn right. Too bad Madison was such a wonderful place to grow up (70s and 80s) for me. Now downtown Madison resembles Aleppo and turning into Detroit.

      By the time the enablers realize what they allowed Madison will resemble Gary, In.

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  3. Liberty says:

    “It is time to stop the war on police and protect our neighborhoods.”

    I’ve always supported the badge and always will. But frankly, it’s difficult to rally around a department that prevents Trump supporters from gathering on the Capitol Square, while permitting leftist groups to block traffic, demonstrate, and riot.

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    • Liberty says:

      Law enforcement should be neutral, yet it feels like they’re showing favoritism for certain groups and bias towards others.


  4. Eric Z says:

    @Liberty- I’m of the opinion that the blame for that lays with madame mayor 1 term satyaphatassdown. Vics marching orders come from her.

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    • Liberty says:

      Still no excuse.

      Cops took an oath to uphold the Constitution and THAT trumps whatever orders local government barks out.

      What the cops did is possibly against the law. Is abiding by some mayor’s orders to keep the status quo really worth it?

      At the least, Vic and friends could have strongly objected. They remained silent.

      This is no longer the same PD we used to know and love. Management sucks.


  5. Bill says:

    Getting to the point where moving out of here is becoming a better and better idea. Our city, county and state government is becoming more like “Stupid is as Stupid does.” Now we have our national government on the cusp of the same.

    How lucky can we be!

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  6. Scott F says:

    I felt a great sadness when a job forced me to leave Madison in the 80’s. Now I just feel lucky….


  7. White Hills says:

    What a show this becoming. When should we expect torches? It won’t be long until they seriously call for busing to Thoreau and Midvale. Then all of this nonsense will come to a screeching halt.


    • Liberty says:

      Or to Monroe-Dudgeon where many of the limousine liberals live. Why is it that in one of the most “progressive” areas of the city, you rarely see a Black or Hispanic person there?


  8. Nancy Germann says:

    Not sure if you heard this Dave. Tyson Vitale is running for Alder in District 16 on the Eastside.


  9. Nancy Germann says:

    Yes, yes he is. He will fit right in with the majority of yahoos.


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