No good deed goes unpunished

From the Madison Police blotter:

A 75-year-old Madison woman, looking to try to make someone’s Thanksgiving a little brighter, made a donation to a food pantry in the 1400 block of Prairie Rd. the day before Thanksgiving.

She parked her car in the street, near the panty, and left it unlocked and running. She was only going to be out of it for a minute. That was all it took for a thief to hop inside and take off. The victim, who was left shaken, and needing to call her husband for a ride home, last saw her 2014 Toyota Camry racing northbound on Prairie.

Surveillance photo released today of the suspect

A witness saw a man in a hooded sweatshirt jump in the driver’s seat just after the victim walked to the food pantry. Her purse was also stolen as it was on the front passenger seat.

Anyone recognizing this person is urged to contact Madison Area Crime Stoppers at (608) 266-6014 or by computer at The victim’s car is still missing, creating a real hardship for both she and her husband.

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14 Responses to No good deed goes unpunished

  1. Sir Arthur says:

    I feel badly for the woman, but I would suggest NEVER leave your car running while you leave it momentarily in Madison. There are parasites around just waiting for such an opportunity. This dirtball thief, if caught, should do hard time – at least a year. Put some teeth into the law! Refuse this person a driver’s license for 3 years as well.

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    • georgessson says:

      Sir -Unfortunately, if ya check current arrests, and previous court records, losing driving privileges is hardly a deterrent. Revoked or suspended, or even Operating Without Owners Consent —they can and WILL keep driving… Fuggedaboud jail time in the County of Dane….


  2. “She parked her car in the street, near the panty, and left it unlocked and running.”

    I will never understand the mentality that causes people to leave their vehicle unlocked, running and unattended. This is not the victims’ fault but the irresponsible actions of the victim physically enabled a crime of opportunity to happen.

    People need to use some common sense, but alas…

    Common Sense Has Been Buried in the Quaint Anecdotes of History

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    • Batman says:

      Steve, you may better understand “the mentality” when you reach that age and if you were born when she was to reach that age. Moreover, we have no idea about her overall mental/emotional condition.
      Just sayin

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      • Batman wrote, “Steve, you may better understand “the mentality” when you reach that age”

        These kind of irresponsible actions have bothered me since I was a teenager. In my opinion understanding this kind of behavior is basically justifying it and that’s just not going to happen. My wife already knows that if she or I start doing irresponsible things, like that, with a vehicle it’ll be time to take the car keys away.


        • Batman says:

          “understanding this kind of behavior is basically justifying it and that’s just not going to happen.”

          I am not seeing the logic there Steve but what I want to add to my first comment is something about empathy which is one of the most amazing abilities that humanoids possess. Let me illustrate with an example. Have you ever been in the emotional clutches of something so personally traumatic or upsetting that you were quite literally moving through your day in a daze? I know I have and one of the symptoms is forgetfulness and doing things that you normally wouldn’t do. You can still function but gone or diminished are brain patterns/functions that are usually involuntary (due to repetition) some of which are about self-protection and self-preservation.

          This could happen to you or your wife as an anomaly and not be a reason to confiscate car keys. Just sayin.

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        • Batman wrote, “This could happen to you or your wife as an anomaly and not be a reason to confiscate car keys. Just sayin.”

          You clearly don’t know my wife. Did you notice that I apply the same irresponsibility standard to myself in that statement?

          I understand your argument, I just disagree with it. Excuses are like @$$holes, everyone’s got one and they all stink.


        • Madtownforsure says:

          No, it’s time we put the perps away as they are multiplying faster than jails can be built. Oh wait, they are passing sweat anyway to get out of jail free. Long time has passed, we just need the right person to be killed by losers going 90 miles per hr. Oh wait, there was one killed on mineral pat rd by loser doing 92 to be exact. Sorry, he wasn’t the right one either. Mayor is helping by lowering that speed limits, too bad she doesn’t own a car, is driven to work in police escort.


    • pANTIFArts says:

      Forget the fact that her car was unlocked and running. She didn’t “tempt” anyone. This young punk was “looking” for a car to steal. Had she been IN the car, he might have pulled her out, thrown her to the ground, and driven over her as he sped away. The pertinent fact here, is that she could leave her car running in front of 99%+ of the population with no worries. Today “common sense”, says “Don’t step out of your car, and leave it running”. Tomorrow it says “Don’t walk down THAT street”. Eventually “common sense” will say “Never go outside your home after dark”. — If you live in a rodent infested house, “common sense” might seem to be saying “Don’t leave food out on the counter”, when it’s really saying “Buy a mouse trap”.

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  3. Roy says:

    Merry Christmas Thief!
    Not going to blame the 75 year old victim!
    Just Plain Sad!

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  4. madtownforsure says:

    No time for any crimes is really the root cause of the crime in this city. No one is ever sent to a place for rehab. Where is the guy who shot those two in Madison on a cold Jan. night? you know the one who is in a pic with Sattta our mayor. His mother was trying to get a GoFundMe to get him out of jail. Guy used a 45 magnum and shot both behind their ear in their pjs. 14 years old’s stealing cars with bracelets on for Gods sake. No fear no fear. Put them away!!!!!!

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  5. jimydandy says:

    Just another day in paradise!


  6. Alberticus says:

    Let me guess. Another Guilt Tripped White Senior …..
    I have stopped ALL charitable giving to Salvation Army, Good Will, Habitat for Humanity.
    If I donate it will strictly be to Far Conservative causes.
    To feed the hungry that Sniffer & Blower will create would be helping prop up their MALadministration.


  7. Gg Mo says:

    More lefty fruit of their (insert “anti” for “virtue” sake, They’re stupid tools that way.) FASCIST ignorance. “Grandma’s should be fearful, sour ,cynics, children should be jabbed w/ experimental poisons, vengence-seeking (POC), and demonized (only if white) , and books are only for the RICH (elite on-high) of the global centralized empite.’ Yes, Their “Utopia” is 6 Million % Fascists, but if they realized this, their heads would explode….So, allow me : )


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