Is Brandi Grayson running against Ald. Carter?

Game on!

That’s the rumor: That BLM agitator Brandi Grayson is running against Madison Common Council president Sheri Carter. Brandi Grayson runs Urban Triage. She led the Derail the Jail demonstrations several years ago. Runs in the same circles as Freedom Inc. and Progressive Dane.


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Ald. Carter is a moderate, generally sympathetic to police. At odds with the Progressive Dane majority.

Other good news: Marsha Rummel and Mad Max Prestigiacomo are out. Both are Progressive Dane. Electing someone more moderate in their districts — Willy Street/Marquette Lapham neighborhood in the former, UW campus in the latter — will be difficult.

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20 Responses to Is Brandi Grayson running against Ald. Carter?

  1. Ian says:

    The day the criminal Grayson is elected to office in Madison, is the day I leave for good. She is a fucking disaster. (If that word is allowed). The city will slide downhill even faster than it currently is.

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  2. Pasco says:

    Not in Dane county!

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  3. Gary Kriewald says:

    I have trouble regarding the departures of Rummel and Prestidigitation as “good news” simply because their districts harbor countless clones of those two who will a) run for office–probably unopposed, and b) get elected by overwhelming majorities. Progress? I think not. Faces may change, the lunacy continues unabated.

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  4. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    Hell of it is, were it not for the Grievance Industry those four (4) talentless, no count, unemployable morons would be on the dole.

    Instead, they’re a part of the Non-Profit Industrial Complex, which is, for all practical purposes, the dole.

    Despicable Lefties!!!

    The Gotch

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  5. Batman says:

    Nicely put Gotch and Freedom Inc. has truly mastered the art of scamming/grifting/converting stupid-white-fools *guilt* into fattening their bank to the tune of millions along with six figure annual salaries for the big mouth bully queens running the show. Losing the ability to conduct City business at public meetings because of these grievance mongers’ heckling, intimidation, and storming the stage with banners, is but small price to pay for the privilege of offloading some white guilt to be replaced by some temporary feelings of virtue.
    Godallmighty the people in Madison are gullible.

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    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

      “Freedom Inc. has truly mastered the art of scamming/grifting/converting stupid-white-fools *guilt* into fattening their bank”

      So what’s Urban Triage; chopped livah…?

      The staggering self-loathing career Lefties display is completely understandable given how hopelessly helpless they are when guilted by minority grifters, and those who pretend they are.

      The fact that Guilt Sodden White Lefties self-flagellate, at the drop of a hat, so willingly and voluntarily? That’s still frightfully cringe-inducing.

      The Gotch

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  6. georgessson says:

    Yep, very familiar w/ Brandi Grayson, and her ne’er do well attitude to life -and dangerous & obscene spoutings on Urban Triage. Hope it’s just a rumor, MDSN is just nertz enuff to elect her. RE: the other two? Well, NO ONE could be worse than l’il Max and his destructive potty-mouth declamations advocatin’ animus and destruction. Gawd, hope I’m right…. Ms. Rummel is why God invented 40 ouncers -B/C sometimes a six-pack just won’t do…. Good news on 2 outta three ain’t bad.


  7. pANTIFArts says:

    Full Disclosure: I don’t live in Madison, or Dane County. Instead, it is my apolitical, much LOVED son who lives, works, and daily “treads water” in the liberal swamp of Madison. (hence my presence) — All that I know about Progressive Dane comes from the internet (their site, this blog, news articles,etc),– you all share oxygen with them. ProgDa, (not Pravda, but trill the “R” all the same), has all the markings of Ideological Fascism. The source of Progressivism is the belief (in their minds “knowledge”) that they are intellectually superior to the “little people”, and uniquely qualified to rule them. An elite group (mostly white), forming a “master class”, fulfilling their imagined destiny — what could possibly go wrong? Progda already see themselves as the “King Makers” through their political endorsements,– total take over of government, and then life itself, is on their horizon. All of the “Identity” groups see themselves as “special”, and deserving of “special” treatment, –not the preordained masters of the populace. Progda will cultivate and steer these groups as “activist arms” for direct action, without “dirtying their hands”, and eventually control them. Already membership and donor lists attract non-ideological people who seek their approval or endorsement, as in the early days of National Socialism. For over one hundred years Pravda was the source for what was “healthy” thought, and now Progda might feel they have a mandate to fill the same role. Maybe they are just a bunch of “virtue signalers”, maybe not. Still, a sinister potential exists.

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  8. Alberticus says:

    NOT “progressives” these THUGS are REgressives. They want to return to a FEUDAL, TOTALITARIAN, AGRARIAN, grubbing-in-the-dirt lifestyle . ….. for YOU.
    Communism/Socialism is a reversion to a TRIBAL, AGRARIAN life style from thousands of years ago.
    It is a huddling together of superstitious, terrified of the darkness, ignoramouses.
    “progressives”??? In what way is sexual misconduct and Bigoted hate of American Freedom “progressive”?
    “progressive”? WHERE are they “progressing”???? to another Bolshevik Holodomor?
    Progressing on the SHORT bus?
    Progressively handing out PARTICIPATION TROPHIES?
    The Founding Fathers were well versed in the Classics of Western Civilization and Law.
    These “progressives” cannot even grasp the simplest rules of evidence and “innocent until PROVEN guilty”.
    They are PROUD of being stupid — watch them tear down ANY statue they see because reading the plaque is TOO HARD.
    it is now considered progressive to ban a feminist because she offended a man.
    Their ONLY redeeming quality is Socialist/Commies always kill off the “educated-elite-teachers” that created them with their muddle headed “deep thots”.
    “The goal of Socialism is Communism.” – Vladimir Ilich Lenin
    USSR = Union of Soviet SOCIALIST Republics
    “All of the Communist Parties, upon attaining power, have become completely merciless. But at the stage before they achieve power, it is necessary to use disguises.” – Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn


  9. madisonexpat says:

    Do to UW Madison what Scott Walker did to the teachers unions.
    It is the Mordor of the Left.


  10. madisonexpat says:

    Apparently Brandi really needs the money. Her franchise is failing and BLM home office is not sending any of its megabucks out to the franchise holders. And all the money Madison was going to save from defunding the police was supposed to pass through Brandi’s hands to be “invested” in “community funded programs”.
    Ouch. And Christmas is coming and baby needs a new pair of shoes.


    • georgessson says:

      Gotch, good catch. The feckless & deck-less often have poignant pleas on Go-Fund-Me. Wonder what nom-de-plum nets Richard the most dough? Bet they all utilize the name “Dick” and the irresistible lure of a free 2 weeks old pastry for every buck contributed….

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    • richard lesiak says:

      I see the deckheads are feisty today. Must have had their bi-monthly bowel movement. PS Joe won.


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