Watch Dane County presidential election recount LIVE!

Camera #5 has commentary from attorney Jim Troupis and others.

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Madison WI
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8 Responses to Watch Dane County presidential election recount LIVE!

  1. mapkp says:

    It’s gonna be riveting!! 😊


  2. georgessson says:

    Thank the Lord fer Orville Redenbacher !


  3. Ian says:

    Will we be able to see the WEC or Dane County and Madison staff involved with their tails between their legs? They shouldn’t even be involved in any recounts. Screw the criminals.


    • mapkp says:

      Ian it appears you are unfamiliar with how voting works in Wisconsin. I recommend you talk to your clerk or municipal workers who run your elections and get an overview. Even better, you could volunteer to work at your local election and help contribute to the safe, secure, reliable elections we expect in Wisconsin.


      • Good Dog,Happy Man says:

        Volunteer? Hell’s bells. The proglobotic pigs have stepped up to and are snout deep in the public trough being paid $30/hr. Although they’re hired by Dane County, they’re effectively employees of President Trump and the RNC. The only altruistic people are the We, the People, … patriots who are observing, tabulating and pointing out obvious fraud.


  4. Madtownforsure says:

    I just remember when I voted in person my filled out ballot that was in person by the way went into a drawer below the machine. I found that I did vote on my, but who did I eventually vote for? Were those ballots later shoved into the reader? Hope so, but not allowed watching so??? Same thing an hour earlier with relative who voted, ballot stuck into drawer. Ok.


    • mapkp says:

      I’d suggest you set up a time to meet with your clerk to go over the voting process. There are numerous controls built in to the process to ensure that your are identified, your ballot is issued only once per your registration and finally run through the tabulator. If your ballot is rejected, you are allowed three attempts to vote a correct ballot. And finally, at the end of the night, all ballots are individually examined for any extraneous marks or write-ins (your votes for Mickey Mouse are not amusing), valid write-ins are documented and finally all ballots are placed in sealed bags. Today, those sealed bags are with us at Monona Terrace and each ballot will be examined. Absentee ballots will be counted to match the number of absentee envelopes, and then the ballots will be rerun through tabulator for the recount. Again your clerk or election staff should be more than willing to explain and document your municipality’s process.


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