The Trump signs are up

in Rural Route 2½ Wisconsin

The indentured servants replaced the “Alf Landon for President” banner left over from the previous tenant with brand new Trump signs along our seldom-traversed town road. Yesterday, a corn combine rumbled through. The gray lab coats were hoping the farmer (we call him “Corn Pop”) was in the market for a policy on agriculture, but he kept going. The unlettered field hands waved furiously but the farmer refused to stop and take them with him.

We were disappointed that even the local Shopper Stopper ignored the Bidens’ pay-to-play revelations exposed by Tucker Carlson on Fox Tuesday night 10-27-20.

Badger football game against Nebraska canceled due to Covid-19. Just as well, Wisconsin was down to its equipment manager at QB. Even Coach Chryst has got the Wuhan woo woo. Does not bode well for Trump or Wisconsin’s Republican state legislators. Politics is optics, folks. Need pictures of Vos and Fitzgerald all masked up and going into a room with Jah Tony. Vos could wear his hazmat suit. Republicans are going to lose a few state reps in the WOW counties as it is. That said, what kind of “strategy” is Evers hoping for?

Speaking of the Speaker, Vos was scheduled to meet today (10-28-20) for the first meeting of his Task Force on Racial Disparities. The usual suspects were planning a demonstration outside the Capitol “to unveil our street art and reiterate our demands.” Their demands usually begin with the F-bomb. The more we talk about race the worse off we are. Where are the power washers?

Thirty cops injured in Philadelphia by social justice warriors after quelling a knife-wielding assailant. The cop haters from Progressive Dane would say they chose their profession, so tough luck. Put Pennsylvania in Trump’s column.

What is with that huge story in The Capital Times (“your progressive voice”) about bringing guns to polling places? Afraid Kyle Rittenhouse’s camouflaged cousin is going to off some grandmotherly poll worker? Lucas McCain walked down Main Street with his rapid-fire rifle and, from what we’ve been able to see on MeTV, his neighbors were happy to see him.

Covid or no-vid, the head groundskeeper is voting in person. We do miss pulling the curtain open and hearing all that chunk-chunking in the machine behind us.

What’s your prediction? Do look for the sidebar polling question on the outcome of the election, now one week away. Or two months, could be, if Democrats get their way.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Where else can you get insightful commentary like this?


Blaska’s Bottom Line: Anyone know if my deer tree stand is still up back in Madison?

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4 Responses to The Trump signs are up

  1. “What’s your prediction?”

    The political left is actively panicking based on a possibility that Trump could win the election and they’re already starting to act out based on that possibility. They’re very purposefully inflaming the anti-Trump base so they’ll be completely off their rocker by the time the election gets here. This is not rational thinking, it’s paranoia about something that hasn’t even happened and it’s completely consumed them.

    Prediction 1: If President Trump gets reelected watch out, they’ve been building up the wacko base to a frenzy and they’ll let loose their irrational dogs of insurrection on our society all at once.

    Prediction 2: What’s going to happen to all those wackos that are in a frenzy if Biden gets elected? The same thing. The wackos in the political left will rationalize every unethical, illegal, and immoral thing they’ve done over the last four years and use that to justify putting the wackos into overdrive and let loose their irrational social justice warriors dogs on our society starting with major cities. Mass intimidation of those they oppose will be publicly justified.

    I see no outcome where the political left doesn’t let loose their frenzied wackos.

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  2. Good Dog,Happy Man says:

    How many Normveeguns does it take to lubricate a combine?

    Only one, but you gotta run him through vey slowly.


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