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Madison Democrat uses the C-word

Likely state representative doesn’t deny it.  Francesca Hong, the Democrats’ nominee for state Assembly District 76, the heart of Madison’s isthmus, doesn’t apologize for calling her opponents an obscenity. As witness this tweet issued Tuesday 10-13-20: “Please note that the … Continue reading

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Sen. Cruz delivers a master class in liberty

Calls out hypocrisy of Democrats ‘Their side is funded with dark money and massively!’ If you want to understand how America teeters on the thin edge of freedom, please watch one of my favorites. At Tuesday’s 10-13-20 at the Senate Judiciary … Continue reading

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What is wrong with voters in Hawaii?

Notes on a confirmation hearing. The shade tree mechanics at Blaska Policy Werkes pulled Ol’ Sparky out of the garden shed and with a little elbow grease and some actual petroleum grease got the Eisenhower-era mainframe computer purring like a … Continue reading

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