We don’t deserve to know!

Ah, but we DO know, don’t we! (Wink, wink)

Joe Biden has refused to answer whether he intends to blow up the United States Supreme Court “on the preposterous grounds that, if he does, journalists will write about it. Now, he adds that voters “don’t deserve” to know his position.  This transmutes an untenable position into a downright nefarious one.” — the respected Charles Cooke writes.

By contrast, Trump actually provided a list of names of candidates he would consider for the court.

Questions news media would ask of Biden IF he were Republican: 

Mr. Biden, at a presidential debate, you said of your son Hunter, “My son did nothing wrong.” Do you not understand the blatant conflict … Are you seriously arguing that Hunter Biden was hired by the Ukrainians and paid $3.4 million for his energy expertise, of which he has none, rather than as a backdoor way of influencing you and United States policy toward Ukraine? (More insolent questions here.)

Platinum subscriber bonus effluvia

•   In battleground Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Florida, North Carolina, Arizona — Trump is running 0.5% ahead of same time in 2016. (Details here.)

•   Repeat after me: Hillary Clinton orchestrated the Russia-Collusion hoax. Pulitzer Prize-worthy Andrew McCarthy reports:

Clinton actually did what she accused Trump of doing: She colluded with Russians … the ludicrous former British spy Christopher Steele, in order to damage Trump’s campaign and cinch the election for herself.

•   Word is that chronic cop hater Brenda Konkel (Progressive Dane) is back at the  helm of Madison’s Public Safety Review Committee. Mayor Satya (Progressive Dane) tried to replace her but her appointee, former alder Brian Benford, refused to supplant Chairman Brenda.

•   California governor’s office tells diners to wear masks ‘in between bites.’ Chew on that for awhile!

•   Attention voters in Iowa, Lafayette, and Green Counties! Kriss Marion, running against incumbent Todd Novak in Assembly District 51, is a Bernie Sanders socialist! The old Marxist doesn’t endorse any old Democrat. No, Bernie endorsed only seven candidates for Wisconsin’s legislature, including Madison’s Samba Baldeh (Progressive Dane) and one “Supreme Moore Omokunde” of Milwaukee. The latter is the son of U.S. Rep. Gwen Moore found guilty of slashing tires of vans transporting Republican voters to the polls in 2006. (More here.) Bernie has high standards.

•   Headline of the week: “Texas professor … calls for death to all police by strangulation with the ‘Intestines of the last capitalist!’ Now that took guts! Guessing the prof also got Bernie’s endorsement.

•   Attention, Republican candidates! When the League of (Liberal) Women Voters and the WI State Journal offer you free ink — USE IT! Appalled by the number of “No Responses.” Sends powerful message that your voters don’t deserve to know you!

•   Looking for someone to file a complaint with the Madison Common Council against Ald. “Mad Max” Prestigiacomo for encouraging rioting. Someone who suffered damage as a result. Inquire within.

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71 Responses to We don’t deserve to know!

  1. Leo says:

    How about a thousand questions for the Trump children aour thei4 husines ties ot China and many
    other countries/s No onw has been more aggressive when it comes to monetizing the lvalue of the
    presoidncy than Donald J. Trump has been for himself and his family.


    • Liberty says:

      Trump was wealthy BEFORE he was elected. I’m more concerned with politicians who become rich WHILE in office. DT didn’t need to become president for business purposes.

      BTW, if you want to talk about corruption, let’s talk about the Ukraine and Hunter’s influence peddling, or HRC’s emails, or Obama administration’s spying on the Trump campaign.


  2. Mr. Forward says:

    RAVENOAKS and others seem confident Biden is going to win. Let’s assume in your perfect world the entire Trump family, staff, greenskeepers and mistresses will be under indictment. So, can we talk about Burisma for a moment? Sure looks like corruption to me, how do you manage to walk your delicate sensibilities around that steaming pile?


    • Liberty says:

      They were confident in 2016, too.

      All the LEGITIMATE polls & analysts, including Trafalgar, local news station pollsters, Democracy Institute, have Trump Trump tied LEADING or tied with Biden in battleground states. Even Zogby is bewildered by the large gap pollsters are putting out.

      Study how these pollsters formulate their questions, who they poll, and how they poll, and you’ll see why most of the mainstream once are bull. Just like in 2016.

      Trump has over 50% approval rate according to Zogby. And leftist media activists want us to believe he’s trailing by double digits? Please.


  3. richard lesiak says:

    A three judge panel just reinstated the Texas order for only one drop box per county. All are trump appointees. GOP court packing at it’s best. NOT.


  4. richard lesiak says:

    It’s time for that road trip to beautiful Sauk Co. Two more deaths and the highest rate of Covid ever. 61 inmates at Portage prison are positive, Dells H.S. closed. No problem. Get that old oil dripping motor bike out, plop the ‘ol lady on the back and hit the road. Meet ‘ya all for a Swig at Nigs!


  5. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    America’s Dairyland has become an embarrassing Breeding Ground for the WuHan Virus under empty suit Ichabod Evers!

    Why? Is it because he could no longer utterly fail an even LARGER number of minority students by furthering the Achievement Gap and School-To-Prison-Pipeline, the legacy of his disastrous tenure at DPI?

    Anybody’s guess; but before he plows WESconsin further into the Antigo Silt Loam, he must be summarily RECALLED and anyone imbecilic enough to help get him elected should be SHAMED to the fullest extent of the blogosphere!

    The Gotch


    • richard lesiak says:

      I worked to get him elected; so go for it. Shame me if you can. Start that recall you keep yapping about. Judge Waterman finally stood up and told vos if he wants these orders stopped then get off your a$$, call your people in and hold a vote. Lets see what happens when the gop has to put their names on a bill to end Evers orders. Vos and Fitzgerald have set up WILL as the fourth branch of our state government and it is time for it to end. Get to work vos. Show us what you’ve got. Nice try at deflection goothie, but it falls flat.


  6. Kooter says:

    I’m still waiting for your fact-based logic to back up your GOP-WILL link. My question was posted several threads ago and I’ve been waiting ever since.


    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

      You’re seriously wondering why you’re “still waiting for […] fact-based logic” from someone who wouldn’t know it were it delivered with an oaken cudgel?
      The Gotch


  7. Kooter says:

    Not really, but I thought it would be… entertaining, to see his flailings. He, like most Progressives, FEEL very strongly, but rarely have data or logic to back it up. I too miss ABob; I rarely agreed with him but at least he brought some intellectual honesty to the discussion occasionally.

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    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

      “at least he brought some intellectual honesty to the discussion occasionally.”

      That he did!

      You out there AnonyBob…anyone…Bueller…?

      The Gotch


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