We’re out of here!

It’s all too beautiful. Indigenous Peoples’ summer in Wisconsin is as good as it gets. Temps in the low 70s F. Colors peaking. Getting on the Harley Softail Slim for a ride through Iowa County today with some buds, capped off with a barley pop at the Hyde Store in Ridgeway. No masks.

They’re voting with their feet. Over 1,000 student are bailing out of Madison public schools — a 3.7% hit. It’s a stampede, considering that the district lost only 33 students the year before. Thank the Cops Out of School radicals for that and the incessant BLM brainwashing. Even so, Madison voters will approve the $317 million building referendum and the $33 million operating upper in the November 3 referenda. Because it’s Madison. Which will only feed more flight next school year. It’s the great sorting out.

Just when Blaska writes that our Lefty acquaintances imagine right-wing putsches in the nearest beer hall, the Feds uncover a right-wing putsch in a nearby state. We do hope the nut jobs who planned to kidnap the governor of Michigan and hold her for trial in their hideout in Columbia County WI intended no physical harm. Maybe just force her to sign a document ceding the Upper Peninsula over to Wisconsin, its rightful owner. And now (as Sollozzo said to Tom Hagen) you can go.

The sports jabberers were unanimous that the Packers’s greatest need was to dip into the receiver-rich draft. They were dumbfounded (as was this team owner) when they took a pass (so to speak). Maybe the team brass knows what they’re doing after all. Averaging an NFL-best 38 points per game is proof enough.

Uncle JoeHe is his own worst enemy; we’ve said it many times. “There’s a lot of Trump fatigue,” Peggy Noonan writes. “People miss normal.” Which is why America will vote for Old Uncle Joe. “He’s moving kind of slow at the Junction. Petticoat Junction.” Keep the Senate and America will survive. If not, welcome Puerto Rico and 13 Supreme Court justices.

Blaska’s Bottom LineWe’re still seeing lone bicyclists wearing those face diapers under a 10-mile high sky. Too much CNN, people!


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  1. madisongrrl says:

    I’m more of a libertarian-leaning type of gal so I’m not on either the orange man train or the orange man bad TDS train. My vote went to Jo Jorgensen. Some of my political philosophy doesn’t align with Blaska’s, but he is very good on culture war issues and the local politics here.

    In regard to Madison schools, the one thing I do know is that Malcolm X was right when he said, “Only a fool would let his enemy teach his children.” Keeping children away from statist indoctrination is imperative if we want to create a free society that is full of critical thinkers. Not only are students and their parents voting with their feet, so are the taxpaying citizens of Madison – both liberal and conservative in their politics. I hope our dear Mayor has a plan for losing her upper-income tax base because major change is in the air.

    My liberal neighbor lived in Madison for 40 years. She recently sold her Northside house and left for Mauston. Her commute time will now be about an hour and fifteen minutes one way to work…but she doesn’t care because she is over the woke BS here. She can’t afford Madison anymore including her house taxes and the new wheel tax, she feels the mayor and common council don’t want her here because they don’t care about working stiff blue-collar people, and she doesn’t feel safe here with the rise in crime and the abolish the police leftist sentiment. My retired next door neighbor might have to move to a retirement community because she is being taxed out of her home. But I guess that is a small price to pay compared to the Mayor’s Green Energy Program or Bus Program, which is currently operating at a fraction of its capacity yet taking full taxpayer money, right?

    I’ve lived here since 1994 and we just sold our house too. We are done with this woke leftist, high tax boondoggle. Let these crazy people have it and they can turn it into a high tax, shit hole, radical leftist city just like Seattle and Portland. They are well on their way. We will be leaving Dane county and possibly the state….and won’t have any regrets about any of it. Goodbye Madison and good luck because you are heading down a very dangerous path. You have lost your way.


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