Sen. Ron Johnson exposes ‘an American coup attempt’

By Sen. Ron Johnson:

Corrupt actors within the Federal Bureau of Investigation  and … other parts of the intelligence community used their power to sabotage the administration. Their actions can only be described as an attempted coup.

Ron JohnsonOn July 5, 2016, then-FBI Director James Comey overstepped his authority and publicly exonerated Hillary Clinton while criticizing her conduct. The same day in London, the FBI met with Christopher Steele, author of the now-debunked anti-Trump dossier.

U.S. intelligence agencies received reporting that Russians believed Hillary Clinton approved a plan on July 26, 2016, to “stir up a scandal” by tying Trump to the Russian hacking of a Democratic National Committee email server.  Then-CIA Director John Brennan later briefed President Obama about this reporting. Also on July 26, a “friendly foreign government” gave the chargé d’affaires at the U.S. Embassy in London information that George Papadopoulos “suggested the Trump team had received some kind of suggestion” that Russia might release information damaging to the Clinton campaign, according to a December report from the Justice Department’s inspector general. …

The bureau soon became aware the Steele dossier was opposition research compiled and paid for by the Democratic National Committee and Clinton campaign. … In December 2016, the FBI learned that Mr. Steele’s primary subsource was someone it had investigated in 2009 as a suspected Russian asset.

In January 2017, the FBI interviewed the primary subsource, who described his reporting as the kind of conversation you’d have “with friends over beers.” Around that same time, the FBI received intelligence reporting that the Steele dossier contained Russian disinformation. Yet in March 2018, the FBI briefed the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence that information in the Steele dossier was reliable.

Source: An American Coup Attempt – WSJ

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13 Responses to Sen. Ron Johnson exposes ‘an American coup attempt’

  1. Leo says:

    IF Ron Johnson had any integrity, he would resign immediately to spare himself and Wisconsin any
    more embarrassment. Ron Johnson: First American to get the Corona virus from aggressive
    licking of Potus butt.


    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

      Leo wants that real REAL mean Inconvenient Truth to go away…JUST_GO_AWAY!!!

      The Gotch

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      • Gg Mo says:

        Here are just two droplets of the Truth abount R. Johnson ( I have a barrel) : “… Congress (1991-1992): To designate March 26, 1991, as “Education Day, U.S.A.”. … Isakson, Johnny [R-GA] (109th-116th), Johnson, Ron [R-WI] (112th-116th) … the world to the moral and ethical values contained in the Seven Noahide Laws; and Whereas this will be reflected in an international scroll of honor signed by …”
        RJ, proposals to swap Columbus Day, for “Juneteenth” .
        What are “Noahide Laws” ? And how does one stealthy act as an agent for a minority (w/ 100 of Trillions of dollars backing it/them up) in the NEW Engineered Global economy , etc ? TACTICS. .


        • ALberticus says:

          “JUNETEENTH” is a WHITE MAN’S holiday.
          It was WHITE MEN who fought the war, bled and died.
          On “JUNETEENTH” the Black’s should be THANKING WHITE MEN.


        • Gg Mo says:

          ALberticus, I’m sorry you missed my point COMPLETELY. ,but “you do you.” as they say.
          The theatre that is supposedly politics plays on staging extreme “sides’ to distract from the actual agendas, and goals set forth by such Org.s as the WEC’s Agenda 2030 (for example). Divding and conquering the minion is easy-peasey.
          The Staged Dialectic of “Columbus Day vs. Juneteenth” is a good example of how to muddy the waters of History (pick a side puppet) to achieve a further dumbing down of the enemy Patriotic AMERICAN (citizens of the (former) Constitutional Republic of various shades) Populace. October 9th was Leif Erikson Day, by the way. (1st European to set foot on this northern continent.) Just a fact. And no one has to thank anyone, coerce reperations on anyone , or be provoked by/for Historical Facts. Keep calm and carry on.


    • Alberticus says:

      GULAG-Gretchen Whitless claimed Trump blew his dog whistle —-
      But when Trump did — SHE BARKED.


  2. richard lesiak says:

    Ancient history.

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    • Alberticus says:

      And STILL TRUE.


    • richard lesiak wrote, “Ancient history.”

      Just to make a point…

      I’m curious Richard, if you think that this soft coup against President Trump is “ancient history” seemingly implying that it’s not worthy of investigation what do you think about Democrats trying to get President Trumps personal and confidential federal income taxes from before he was President?


  3. Michael C. says:

    I would like to see what the “FBI” actually said when it “briefed the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence that information in the Steele dossier was reliable.” I can’t find it anywhere, presumably because it was secret testimony. (Or maybe my search skills suck.)

    In June 2017, James Comey told Congress that portions of the dossier are “salacious and unverified.” In July 2017, James Clapper told the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence that “we could not corroborate the second-, third-order assets that were used, apparently, to put the dossier together.”

    So then, in March 2018, the FBI called the dossier “reliable,” without qualification? Really? It’s possible, but seems unlikely when even the president’s most ardent critics had already conceded its weaknesses.

    My bet is that this is much like Devin Nunes implying that Comey called the dossier “salacious and unverified,” without qualification. In fact, Comey was referring only to “some personally sensitive aspects of the information assembled during the assessment.”

    That the dossier is an indivisible entity serves the it’s-all-a-hoax narrative. But the dossier is clearly a mix of truth and “salacious and unverified” trash. Paul Manafort had indeed received off-the-book payments from Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych. The Trump campaign did indeed have a plan to lift Russian sanctions, should they win the presidency. Donald Trump certainly did not let anyone pee on him.


  4. Alfred E. Newman says:

    Yet 11 days prior to the election of 2016 James Comey told the public ( which both the DOJ and FBI are not supposed to mention on going investigations) which swung the election(sort of as DJT did receive less votes). The only real coup attempt is Mitch McConnell and DJT threatening our democracy through the condolence of violence, and unfair play.

    The fact that this site pays credence to Sen. Ron Johnson, the most unintellectual member of a unintellectual senate majority says a lot.


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