Madison police budget in for a world of hurt

Safe neighborhoods will feel the pain.

Give the Madison Police Department a wet rag to chew on. We won’t know until Tuesday 10-06-2020 when Mayor Satya Rhodes Conway proposes next year’s operating budget but it sounds like she will take a hack saw to MPD.

Satya (Progressive Dane) says she will “reimagine public safety,” which is Leftie lingo for defunding the police. 

The Werkes surmises MPD will get pared well beyond the average 5% the mayor seeks across the board in order to close a projected $20 million to $25 million shortfall due to the pandemic. The betting line in our on-line poll of 15% is looking better every day. Of MPD’s budget, 88% is personnel on a force of 480 sworn officers and another 116 civilian employees — well, you do the math. We see something like 60 police and 15 civilians.

Accused murderer Khari Sanford, Mayor Rhodes-Conway, and activist Katy Farren

In a manifesto issued Thursday (10-01-2020) the mayor says she will offload an unspecified amount of the police budget to public health, community development, and transportation.” Satya ran for office last year on a grandiose scheme for rapid bus transit.

Like progressives everywhere, Satya confuses with correlation with causation. Satya:

“Community groups [Freedom Inc.? Party for Socialism & Liberation?] made the case that our schools are over-policed and the data shows disparate results. This summer, in a big win for the advocates who had been working on this for so long, the school board worked with the City to cancel the contract for officers in schools as they work to envision a new way of providing safety in the school system.

Which means they have no idea what to do but hope to come up with something. The mayor says she has asked the police union to take a pay cut; they are refusing. Satya continues:

“My focus will be on building the City’s support for violence prevention and alternative response models, which will take calls and responsibilities off MPD. This fall we are partnering with the County to investigate a models of responding to behavioral health crises with social services instead of law enforcement.”

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Yes, crime is a public health problem. Crime was very bad for the health of Anthony Chung, Anisa Scott, Dr. Potter and Mr. Carre.

Tell what you really think.

Downtown Madison is all in

At its most recent meeting, the Capitol Neighborhoods Executive Council discussed and, in a nearly unanimous vote, adopted a resolution which calls on Madison Mayor Rhodes-Conway and the Madison Common Council to examine the Madison Police Department budget and identify possible ways resources devoted to MPD may be reprioritized away from the department and to desperately needed social services.

Capitol Neighborhoods includes Bassett, Miffland, James Madison, First Settlement and Mansion Hill neighborhoods — all on the isthmus.  

Have YOU called your alders?

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10 Responses to Madison police budget in for a world of hurt

  1. Gg Mo says:

    We are now at 11 homicides in Madison so far this year. and numerous “attempted homicides”. So 4 homicides for the entire year 2019, and 11 homicides as of Sept 30th 2020. What brand of IDIOCY is our Mayor and those others “serving” the city of Madison !!


  2. Gg Mo says:

    With 3 months to go, how many more homicides will it take to wake them from their delusional, narcissisitic self-worship of their own FAKE “virtue” ? ! We are dealing with Sociopaths !


  3. justme says:

    I’ve contacted my alder (Tag) ad nauseum. He only hears what falls in line with his thinking. MPD is in for a rude awakening next week since they don’t seem to believe ANY cuts are coming.


    • Paula F says:

      Thank you for trying!

      If more citizens held that attitude, I can almost guarantee things would improve,


  4. madisonexpat says:

    Continue to scare parents into NOT sending their kids to MMSD run schools.
    Continue to expose shop owners to looters and arsonists.
    Let it be known that the Square is not safe after 4:30.
    Next time a miscreant dies in police custody understand that the zombies are coming out and no one can stop them.
    How Progressive.

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  5. Paula F says:

    Last year, rank and file still had Chief Koval, who stood by his officers, pushed back (caught hell for it in the process) and absorbed the hate on their behalf. They also had our grassroots group, though small in size, was able to push back and even get some important things accomplished.

    Aside from Blaska’s & Vicki’s voices, the cops are now virtually alone. And MIA are the people who SHOULD be fighting for the cops.

    Make no mistake: The blue line is eroding, and we are ALL less safe as a result. This was a crisis in 2016 and prior. It’s way past that now.—-paula-fitzsimmons/article_c30a370c-15d1-5467-aa25-b2462464b30e.html

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  6. Alfred E. Newman says:

    If the Madison Professional Police Officers Association is not standing by and representing their members why don’t the members quit?


    • Paula F says:


      It’s complicated and nuanced, and not something I feel comfortable discussing in a public forum.


  7. sleeperd says:

    The most basic compact between citizen and government is the collection of property taxes in return for police and fire protection…..
    The first business trashed… or the first citizen injured… after a defunding of police protection should immediately file suit against the mayor and the city of Madison for breach of contract. The suit should include an injunction against all further property tax collections until the matter is fully litigated.


  8. Bill says:

    Does the mayor, and I use the word mayor with a great deal of derision, know that she is just sending more and more Madisonians to either the nearest gun dealer or to another community where it is safer? Where the kind of crime we now have in Madison is NOT TOLERATED! Places where when someone shoots into the home of a good citizen, the person doing the shooting gets shot!

    When you look at how things are, especially with Covid, if you are currently “working from home”, why in blazes would you want to stay in what has become a progressive “Shit Hole” brought to you by the Dane County and City of Madison progressives?

    Time to pack up and move out of this La, La land. The only other option being to arm up, ammo up and when they come to drag you out of your house or car or accost you on the street, kill as many of them as you can before they kill you.

    This is the “New Normal” the City of Madison communists have brought us.

    And for those of you who think that our way of life, our system of justice, our form of government needs to be changed to one run by communists, then please by all means renounce your citizenship to the United States of America and we’ll start up a “Go fund me” account for you and fly you to the communist “Shit Hole” of your choice, North Korea comes to mind, to live out the rest of your life embraced in the “glow” of the totalitarian state you find yourself living in.

    As the joke goes: What did socialists use before candles? Electricity!

    Sign up Comrades, sign up! We will send you there to the promised land of milk and honey that you so desire! Free of charge as long as you renounce your citizenship in the United States and agree to NEVER EVER Come Back!


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