Madison’s War on Police is only heating up

Must keep repeating:
The Policy Werkes is mostly peaceful.
The Policy Werkes is mostly peaceful.
The Policy Werkes is mostly peaceful.

It is no accidental co-inky dink that Progressive Dane co-chair Brenda Konkel is coordinating the campaign to smear Ald. Paul Skidmore, the Common Council’s most dependable defender of our police. And that Madison WI’s Defund the Police campaign runs through her committee.

Chairman Konkel’s City of Madison Public Safety Review Committee expects to get the bandwagon rolling to Defund the Police in its on-line committee hearing 6 p.m. Thursday 09-24-2020. Tell Brenda what you think of Defunding Police here, for what it’s worth.

Hers is not a standing committee of the Common Council but will help set the stage for the mayor’s introduction on October 6 of the city operating budget. Freedom Inc. is one of the agencies that is almost guaranteed a seat on the Police Civilian Oversight Board. BLM affiliates are lined up and ready to pounce. Here was Monday’s training program:

Fck 12

Nothing says social justice like the F-bomb! (“12” is social justice warrior code  for police)

An on-line petition to defund police has garnered 5,148 signatures so far. Signer Dan Vogel writes “ACAB [All Cops Are Bad].” Lest you think that the “mostly peaceful” demonstrations are not rehearsed:

rehearsed demonstrations

This is your Freedom Inc. tax dollars at work

Coming soon to a neighborhood near you!

Big march scheduled Saturday 10-10-2020 at 10 am beginning at the Capitol on the State St. side, which organizers call “The Battlefield.” Figures to cover a lot of Madison because organizers pledge to walk 26.2 miles across the city to “Defund MPD and protect the integrity and power of the new Civilian Oversight Board and Independent Police Monitor as necessary steps to increased community control of police.” And, of course, “justice for Tony.”

Sorry, could not get the march route.

UPDATE: It’s starting. Tom Barrett wants to cut 120 police officers from murder-plagued Milwaukee. (Read & Weep.)

By how much do YOU think Mayor Satya will defund police?

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  1. Almostarepublican says:

    Public Safety Review Committee Invites Public Input on Police Department Budget.


  2. Ed says:

    Don’t count on either Madison paper to be this insightful….if they do it will be past the tipping point.


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