Dane County Republicans go big!

Erecting 14 billboards in Madison metro area.

How does it go? Fool me once … Have Democrats spent down their remaining credibility? After “if you like your health plan you can keep it?” After the Russian collusion hoax? After declaring “mostly peaceful protests” on camera while cities burn in the background? After blaming police for the spike in violent crime in American cities from Kenosha to Seattle and back again?

Perhaps the biggest canard is that Donald Trump — and by implication, all Republicans — are somehow racist. You think U.S. Sen. Tim Scott, R-SC, is a racist? Candace Owens? Jason Riley? Dr. Ben Carson? Robert Woodson? 

BLM riots are destroying minority businesses and unleashing crime in the resultant chaos. Young Black men are slaughtering each other in Madison, Milwaukee, and Chicago at record pace.  

So the Republican party of Dane County — yes, there is one! — is erecting 14 billboards across Madison and its surroundings to remind voters … That, for instance, if it had been up to Democrats, the Civil Rights Act of 1964 would have gone down to defeat.

“Literally, black lives have mattered to Republicans for over 160 years and we continue the fight today,” says county GOP chairman Scott Grabins.

Democrat leadership in our larger cities in America, including Madison, has failed to solve the problems that have been the focus of attention the last several months. Government programs they champion have held minorities down, created huge educational disparities, and destroyed traditional families. The previous Presidential administration, despite its historic nature, only further fanned the flames of division over eight years leaving America more divided than ever. More here.

Even in the belly of the beast

Running for political office in our beautiful Orchard Ridge neighborhood here on Madison’s southwest side, the head groundskeeper could never get a yard sign at a prime corner lot. The homeowners were too liberal, the candidate too conservative. Imagine our surprise when the Werkes’ surveillance apparatus this week espied a big bold yard sign in that very yard, at the intersection of two streets, declaring their support for Donald Trump! COURAGE!

Dane County regularly supplies more Republican votes than any other county short of Waukesha and much-more populous Milwaukee counties. The Werkes predicts 15,001 more Trump votes this November 3 than the 71,275 four years ago.  

Blaska’s Bottom LineMadison’s progressive liberal, boarded-up dysfunction and that of Gov. Tony Evers (unemployment insurance claims, Kenosha, anyone?) are electing Donald Trump. Along with the national party’s infatuation with Marxism.

Do YOU have courage?


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10 Responses to Dane County Republicans go big!

  1. Gary Kriewald says:

    I think the billboards are a swell idea, but I’ve been trying unsuccessfully to get ahold of some Trump 2020 yard signs and bumper stickers for a couple of weeks; every time I call Dane County Republican headquarters, I get a recording telling me to leave a message and they’ll get back, which they never do. Speakiing of yard signs, a neighbor a couple of blocks from me has turned his large lawn into a virtual Trump shrine with signs of all sizes, enormous homemade banners, etc. I keep expecting it to be vandalized or for the city to demand its removal, but it’s been there for several weeks now, surrounded by houses sporting BLM signs (when will they become obligatory in Madison?), like a beacon in a sea of darkness.


    • Liberty says:

      Wow, good for him! I’m shocked it hasn’t been vandalized yet. Wouldn’t be surprised if the city demanded its removal, equating it to a “racist” symbol.

      After all, the Left THINKS they can control people lives, but that only happens in their socialist-communist wet dreams.

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    • mrssbakk says:

      Gary, I can get you signs. Can you find me on FB and message me where you live?


  2. dad29 says:

    On the other hand, Biden signs in western Waukesha County are disappearing from yards. We don’t approve, but…………kids will be kids, or something.

    Now we’ll ask for your sagacity-side. You’ve estimated the (R) vote in Dane County. What’s your estimate of the (D) vote–and what’s the comparo to 2016?

    One suspects that the enthusiasm for Biden is seriously lacking.

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    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

      “One suspects that the enthusiasm for Biden is seriously lacking.”

      DementiaJoe’s ads sure are carpet-bombing Madison T.V.

      The Gotch

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  3. pANTIFArts says:

    Just going by yard signs, how’s “For Sale” doing in the polls?

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  4. Liberty says:

    Wow, great show of courage! I’m sure the freaks of Madison will vandalize it, though.

    Been talking with neighbors who plan to vote for Trump but won’t put yard signs out for fear of retribution.

    That fear is justified. We have unhinged walking among us and a police command staff who instructs its officers to stand down.

    I can tell you that enthusiasm for Trump is huge, even though that enthusiasm is not being publicly displayed.

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  5. Liberty says:

    There are A LOT of people like your neighbor.

    And I think your prediction has legs.

    “Imagine our surprise when the Werkes’ surveillance apparatus this week espied a big bold yard sign in that very yard, at the intersection of two streets, declaring their support for Donald Trump! COURAGE!

    … The Werkes predicts 15,001 more Trump votes this November 3 than the 71,275 four years ago.”


  6. CaucaseyAnn says:

    Honestly, if blacks actually cared about the truth, maybe billboards would change one vote, but after decades of trying to reason with them, I can tell you that this language is futile. It’s a blindspot in the republican party and it needs to be buried for good.


  7. Good Dog,Happy Man says:

    The Grand Old Party ought to rent Tommy Bartlett’s billboards along I90/94/39 for a month.


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