Tear gas the traffic disrupters

Shutting down rush hour traffic
is not a peaceful protest

Like rust, Progressive Dane never sleeps. Brenda Konkel’s Public Safety Review Committee reveals that Madison police expended $18,000 worth of tear gas during Madison’s smash and grab riots of May 30 through June 1. 

This is when Progressive Dane poses as fiscal conservatives. Banning tear gas will save money!

Chairman Brenda cares not a fig for the cost of the window smashing and looting. Just one minority State Street merchant, the owner of the Dubai Mediterranean Restaurant & Bar, told the news media his business, alone, sustained $39,000 in damages. 

Brenda’s committee meets at 5 this evening 09-16-2020 on-line. (Listen only, details here.) On the agenda is Ald. (Mad) Max Prestigiacomo’s proposal to ban the use of non-lethal weapons such as tear gas, mace, and rubber bullets. Which leaves, what? Glock .40 caliber semi-automatics?

Should be noted, Brenda’s committee is purely advisory but since the mayor and almost half the council are dues-paying Progressive Dane, her committee matters.

Speaking of cops, the Police & Fire Commission is holding listening sessions to get “input” on the next police chief. (Vicki reports Gloria Reyes is an applicant.) The on-line sessions are scheduled to begin 5 p.m. Thursday 09-17-2020 and 5:30 p.m. Tuesday 09-22-2020. (Details here on linking to the on-line meeting.)

In defense of property rights.a must read. 

To imply that a person has no right to defend their property is to imply that they have no right to self-preservation. … The premise that the force utilized to protect property should be proportional to the threat against the property [results in the conundrum that] if you cannot repel a threat without using more force than necessary, then your right to that property is surrendered. … To argue that you have no right to protect the property of another would imply that you would be acting outside your rights if you prevented a kidnapping in process.

Notice how these ‘peaceful protestors’ carry fully equipped backpacks? Tuesday evening on University Avenue.

Downtown workers trying to leave Madison’s isthmus for the day Tuesday 09-15-2020 were held up once again by protestors blocking traffic. Remember when parades needed a permit? We understand civil disobedience but doesn’t that entail some kind of penalty? Is the equation that as long as you’re not the Proud Boys you get a free pass?

The crazies are still trying to free Black “political prisoners” like Marquon Clark (alias Sire GQ), the alleged fire bomber and statue puller, and BLM shakedown artist Devonere A. Johnson — the “mostly peaceful protestor” with a bullhorn and a baseball bat. (“Venmo me the money.”)

Speaking for the indentured servants at Stately Blaska Manor, we want a police chief who doesn’t kneel except in church.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Brenda Konkel and her allies on the Progressive Dane Council are only working the other side of the street from the “mostly peaceful” protesters. We’d like to know what is their end game. Portland? Baltimore? Chicago?

BTW: we were only kidding about tear gassing traffic disrupters. Water cannons would work just as well.

What do YOU think of snow plows in September?

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