The party of rioters is electing Trump

The Left is going to elect Donald Trump
because they don’t know when to quit.

The near-fatal ambush of two police officers in the overwhelmingly Black neighborhood of Compton in Los Angeles is the predictable result of the ritualistic cop bashing practiced by the political Left and sanctioned by their Amen corner in the Resistance media. Don’t expect any NFL millionaire to tape the names of these police officers to their helmets. In the curious alchemy of progressivism, racism is the problem, Black kids killing each other in Chicago, St. Louis and Milwaukee is the result, bashing cops is the solution.

Madison WI is soliciting criminals and drug abusers to second-guess, at their leisure, the split-second decisions of police officers facing drug-crazed criminals on the street at night. Progressive Dane — with the active connivance of The Capital Times — is trying to discredit the mild-mannered alder most supportive of Madison police.  

Which brings us to U.S. Sen. Edward Markey, D-Mass — a favorite of Comrade John Nichols, congressman Mark Pocan and the A.O.C. Squad. Markey called Monday 09-14-2020 for police to be disarmed. “Ban tear gas and rubber bullets,” he tweeted.

Police retreat, criminals advance

“Far more shocking than the rioters themselves has been the associated spectacle of police and political authorities across America standing down in the face of night after night of criminal behavior directed at the lives and livelihoods of innocent, law-abiding citizens.” So writes William McGurn after purchasing his first firearm, making the Wall Street Journal columnist one among 5 million first-time gun purchasers this year. Of the newly armed, McGurn writes:

Many don’t fit the stereotype: African-Americans account for the largest percentage jump in gun ownership, while women are 40% of first-time buyers. These new buyers join an even larger demographic: the 43% of American households that already have a gun.

The record gun sales for 2020 may have implications for swing states in November as well. In Pennsylvania alone … there are 276,648 first-time gun owners this year.* To put this in perspective, in 2016 Donald Trump won Pennsylvania by 44,292 votes.

Police peace

Let’s see this billboard in Madison!

BLM chants “no justice, no peace.” But experience in cities across America proves what the Werkes has been saying all summer: No peace, no justice.

Homicides in New York City spiked by almost 50% in August amid budget cutbacks, compared with the same month in 2019. The homicide rate in Atlanta is up nearly 150% since the protests following the May 25 killing of George Floyd in police custody in Minneapolis. In Madison 176 shots fired through August 31 compared with 99 a year ago.

Six billboards declaring “No Police, No Peace” have gone up, two each in New York City, Dallas, and Atlanta, thanks to Heritage Action for America. (One in Atlanta stares at CNN headquarters! Delicious!) (More here.)

Ol’ Sparky

The Werkes boldly predicts!

The gray lab coats squirted Ol’ Sparky, the Werkes’ Eisenhower-era mainframe computer, with enough WD-40 to bathe an elephant and asked the clattering contraption to forecast Dane County’s 2020 vote for Trump.

Four years ago, 71,275 (or 23%) voted Trump. Ol’ Sparky predicts 86,276 this November — a 15,001 increase in a swing state that gave the Orange Gargoyle the Presidency by only 22,748 votes. As for first-time gun buyers in Wisconsin, the Nat’l Shooting Sports Federation estimates there are  135,133 first-time gun owners in Wisconsin this year.

⇒ Those boarded-up windows in Downtown Madison? They’re Trump for President billboards!

Blaska’s Bottom Line: McGurn and those other 5 million will need their guns on Wednesday, November 4. Or whenever this thing is settled. The Left is angry and they always live the motto “by whatever means necessary.”

Are YOU prepared?

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23 Responses to The party of rioters is electing Trump

  1. Diane says:

    I think you are accurate in that assessment. People are terrified of the rioting. The democrats are not paying attention.

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    • Gary Kriewald says:

      Just the way they haven’t paid attention to the white working class for the last 40 years while they spoon-feed the toxic sludge of identity politics to the country, many of whom, inexplicably ask, like poor little Olvier, for more. It’s beyond pathetic to watch the senile, washed-up old blowhard who’s now their standard-bearer (what standard? you may ask) trying desperately to portray himself as just another blue-collar Joe from Scranton, the guy who after nearly a half-century in national politics managed to achieve the coveted position of Obama’s court jester.

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      • Serendipity says:

        Gary, when you referred to a “senile, washed-up old blowhard” I thought you were describing The Donald. The anonymity of the keyboard makes people bold and…um… creative.


        • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

          C’mon man…are you a junkie…if you’re not Ridin’ With Biden (Biggest Imbecile democrats Ever Nominated), you’re not really black!

          Perhaps removing your Weapons-Grade-Thickened-Industrial-Strength-Hardened reality filtering, ideological goggles might clear things up?

          Anywho, The Gotch, who may not be alone on this, had no doubt whatsoever that Gary was referring to DementiaJoe.

          Were this a kinder, gentler world, Corn Pop Perv would be getting fed Cream of Wheat (sans RAYcist label!) from a distance (the safe side of Laughing Academy cell bars) with a long handled wooden spoon rather than being VIRTUALLY paraded around like an Organ Grinder’s chimp.

          ‘Course, so long as you’re O.K. with him…

          The Gotch

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        • georgessson says:

          Sarah-n-dipity, Apparently the obvious eludes ya. I applaud that yer BOLD & CREATIVE in posting yer non-comprehensive inane thoughts, though. Keep ’em comin’ !


        • Gary Kriewald says:

          As for senile, Trump took a test (devised by real honest-to-god scientists) that proved he isn’t. Biden refused. How can you be washed-up if you’re the POTUS? Finally, blowhards come in many different varieties; Trump at least manages to be a blowhard with style–sometimes even with cleverness. Biden is just the garden-variety type.


  2. Batman says:

    “In the curious alchemy of progressivism, racism is the problem, Black kids killing each other in Chicago, St. Louis and Milwaukee is the result, bashing cops is the solution.”

    First it was marching/chanting, then smashing windows, looting, burning cars, buildings, and destroying statues, then came attacking innocent people in the street with deadly force, and now it is open season on the police with a wink and a nod from the MSM and an awful lot of proglibocrats many of whom reside in Madison and some in positions of power.

    All those BLM signs sprinkled throughout Madison are disgusting because the movement is based upon lies and foments hate, violence, and Marxism.

    Wisconsin must have more high powered scoped hunting rifles than any other state, the owners of which know how to use them.
    Time to organizes and mount a counter offensive beginning with disseminating Blue Lives Matter signs with the mindset to defend oneself and property when the inevitable violence is visited upon those who place them. There will by martyrs.

    If someone has a better solution I’d like to hear it.

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    • Amos Roe says:

      “Time to organizes and mount a counter offensive beginning with disseminating Blue Lives Matter signs with the mindset to defend oneself and property when the inevitable violence is visited upon those who place them. There will by martyrs……If someone has a better solution I’d like to hear it.” – Batman

      I think this is unnecessarily choosing between A and B, while leaving out the rest of the alphabet. How about following Blaska’s example? He is a law-abiding citizen who is using what remains of our free-speech rights to help build what he believes will lead to a better world. Granted, his fearlessness, personal integrity, economic independence and the good ole 2nd Amendment all make it easier in trying to exercise his remaining Constitutional rights. But the thing about him is that I just don’t see that he’s ready to put on a bullet proof vest and hide behind a scoped rifle. Isn’t he out there fighting the way he is to avoid exactly this kind of nihilistic scenario? In these days of unapologetic mob intimidation in Madison, actively promoted by amazingly irresponsible media outlets like the Cap Times, he’s not throwing in the towel and retreating into an understandable but usually fear/anger-based “either A or B.”

      Batman, you say “Blue Lives Matter.” Whatever happened to “All Lives Matter?” Seriously. Do you really think that what happened to George Floyd was in any way justified, or that the cops involved should not be prosecuted? And yes, I understand that none of those Minneapolis cops had anything to do with Madison cops, other than both belonging to a police union which, name any US city you please, routinely goes to the mat defending bad cops. I also understand that those Minneapolis cops do not represent all cops in that city.

      Blaska put his name on the ballot last year and ran for the Madison School Board. He understood that MMSD is undoubtedly the prime source in Madison for all this wholly avoidable chaos, hate, violence and racist ideology. Although not an educator per se, he also had the intelligence and decency to understand that real school choice options is a reform which could lead to real solutions in this regard. He takes the huge amount of time required to become truly informed, and then he speaks up in his inimitable style.

      Whatever your politics, I think any decent and open-minded Madisonian should be very grateful that we have this man swimming, almost by himself, in a huge lake of taxpayer-financed apparatchiks.

      This doesn’t have to turn into Gotham City. The general rule of thumb for this country is that if 10% of citizens become passionately involved in a cause it will ultimately end up succeeding.

      No one has all the answers, but if more people in this town would take David’s example (looking at you KC,) I think that we’d all be moving up instead of being dragged down into the kind of zero sum game we’re in right now.

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    • Serendipity says:

      Batman: Are you trying to incite armed insurrection?


    • Serendipity says:

      Batman: Are you trying to start more civil unrest?


      • Batman says:

        Yeah I guess you have a point serendipity; wouldn’t want to make the mob mad or anything because they might just start murdering people. Oh wait, that’s already happening, never mind.
        Let me guess; you approve of how Obama handled ISIS and disapprove of Trump’s strategy.

        Btw; your use of the term *insurrection* is improper and inaccurate in the context of my comment. I do not think it means what you think it means.


        • Serendipity says:

          Look up the word “insurrection”. My first impression of your post was that you might actually like to see some armed conflict. “Wisconsin must have more high-powered rifles than any other state, the owners of which know how to use them”, you said. What were you implying? BTW don’t try to second-guess my thoughts on Obama, ISIS and Trump’s “strategy”. Stay on topic.


        • richard lesiak says:

          There isn’t anyone of you here posting who has the NU%Ts to back up any of the bluster your spreading. You don’t even have the courage to use your names. Fools.


        • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

          When fools, and their attendant imbecility, aren’t challenged, life tends to get shorter.

          “Beware the easy griefs
          That fool and fuel nothing.” G. Brooks

          The Gotch


  3. Ed says:

    You’re spot on. I am voting Republican for the 1st time since 2000, because of all the riots and SJW nonsense. Plus Biden’s role with Bork 30+ years ago. The last 18 years was Libertarian. Now straight ticket GOP.

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  4. jimydandy says:

    Jobs, not mobs.

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  5. Gary Kriewald says:

    Does anyone have a problem imagining a despicable attack on cops like the one in Compton happening in Madison? Including BLM thugs blocking the emergency room entrance and chanting their desire to see cops die? As long as local officials cringe before the forces of anarchy and hate, they continue to create an atmosphere toxic enough to allow outrages like this to happen. The next “new normal


  6. AdamC says:

    Trump is likely headed for reelection…. and if so Madison is going to have riots worse than May/June.

    Hope Governor Skeletor is prepared to protect our grand Capitol from BLM arsonists and looters.

    Will the UW-Madison elite be sending weepy emails to “the community” or will they be prepared for violent riots to hit campus?


  7. Batman says:

    This is tedious but here goes: do not cherry pick just one sentence from my last paragraph to defend your misuse of the word *insurrection.* Review my last paragraph for comprehension and then look it up your self.

    I am not surprised you fail to see the similarities between ISIS and the BLM movement sweeping across America and how Obama confronted ISIS by throwing in the towel, exactly like a lot of dem run cities right now, compared to Trump successfully crushing them which is what I am alluding to. Appeasement doesn’t work with foreign or domestic terrorists.

    Are you afraid to stand up for your self while police are neutered by traitorous mayors?
    When was the last time you had a conversation with a mob constituent about the morality of their behavior? Please do so and report back for extra credit, after being discharged from the hospital of course.

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  8. dad29 says:

    The Left is angry and they always live the motto “by whatever means necessary.”

    Perhaps Serendipity would like to parse that sentence for us differently than the obvious meaning?

    It’s not likely that Batman is going to run out and look for a fight. But if one should come his way, he has the moral right to defend himself, his family, and his home using deadly force if necessary.

    And we still await Mr Blaska’s essay on the question “Whether it is correct to defend civilization with arms.” See, this is not only about your house, my house, or Blaska’s house-and-computer. It’s a larger question; and when elected officials decline to take action, well………..who else IS there?

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  9. dad29 says:

    Added for Serendipity’s edification. Found at today’s “Federalist” blog-site.

    Writing at The Atlantic, Shadi Hamid warns of “mass unrest and political violence across American cities” if Trump wins. The Democrats are embracing their inner movie villain: It votes for Biden, or it gets the riots again.

    Perhaps Mr. (?) Hamid is speaking for himself. But the Atlantic is a widely-read Lefty magazine financed by Steve Jobs’ widow. We can state that what’s written there is certainly on the mind of a number of its readers. You can guess how many if you’d like. As for me, I have ammo.


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