Recall Satya effort falls short

We’re stuck with her

The recall Mayor Satya effort had until today, September 6, to accumulate 36,000 signatures. Did not do it. This statement from Jon Rygiewicz, the progenitor of Recall Satya 2020:

It fell short, which was expected. It was a great effort. We fought hard. The cards were severely stacked against us. She is not out of hot water yet. But the city council in the spring elections need our attention first. We started something great. We can walk away from this with our heads held high. We will live to fight another day. This movement perfected the lost art of accountability of local officials.

Thanks for all your help with everything. The fox of a Mayor won the battle but not the war. We are taking our city back, one step at a time.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Is Madison Mayor Satya Rhodes Conway chastened or emboldened. Depends on the numbers, which we don’t have yet.

Does it get better from here, or worse?

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  1. georgessson says:

    While I applaud the effort made, it was bush-league from the get-go. When more posts relative to BBQ gatherings vs. sign-up locations started happening, I gave up hope. I directed several folks to sign but they gave up in disgust, no one there. I suggested that he post DAILY, and re-post HOURLY to keep the sign-up locales at the top of the page -never happened. Too bad, he had the interest but not the follow-thru.


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