Boaters ply the Big Muddy for Trump

Trump + flotilla = a ‘Trumptilla’

Don’t call me Lucky. Call me Lucky, Lucky, Lucky, Lucky.
(As the late great Lyman Anderson insisted.)

Did we ever luck out! Brother Bill, Sister Jane, Squire Blaska and the Lovely Lisa joined our long-lost cousin from Iowa, Lynn and her husband Kurt Stock, in Dubuque, Iowa, Saturday 09-05-2020. So, good company, that’s Luck #1.

Luck #2 — And great weather! High skies and 80 degrees for a two-hour cruise aboard the double-decker American Lady on the mighty Mississippi ($45 per passenger and no Gilligans). That’s good fortune #3. Hearty midwestern meal of roast beef, fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, side of kernel corn aboard ship. And a wet bar up front stocked with a locally produced Lock & Dam #11 beer in the crisp pilsner style.

This group came out from Rockford ILL (with Bro Bill observing at left). That’s the American Lady cruise ship in background. 

Dubuque is the San Francisco of the Midwest, spectacular homes perched on high bluffs overlooking the river. A quaint downtown. History dating to 1785 during Spanish ownership. After the cruise, we took the Fenelon funicular (aka Fourth St. Elevator) 296 feet up the bluff and 189 feet above Fourth Street below. Atop the bluff are Queen Anne style mansions with wrap-around porches. Down below is the historic district populated with classic 19th Century red brick buildings housing quaint shops and bistros, the gold cupola atop the beaux arts courthouse, and an 1856 shot tower.

Happy happenstance #4The unexpected bonus of the day was to run smack dab into a Trump for President flotilla. Every type of boat save for kayaks, sailboats, and rowboats departed the marina on Hamm Island and congregated downstream at Lock and Dam #11 well south of the city. Onlookers cheered from the shoreline along the way. Pontoons, sea-worthy yachts, jet skis, deck boats, cabin cruisers, speed boats, and houseboats — some almost McMansion-sized. All bearing Blue Trump flags and the red white & blue. A couple carried yellow-haired Trump impersonators. 

Passengers on board the American Lady (built in La Crosse!) gave thumbs up (except for one recalcitrant sister). So we saw a little political history on the first day of this Labor Day weekend when, American tradition has it, the Presidential campaigns begin in earnest (and in Dubuque).

We were told 62 boats had registered but Brother Bill and the head groundskeeper at the Werkes counted well over 100 boats in the water for Trump in the waters at the confluence of Iowa, Wisconsin and Illinois.

On other waters Saturday

Dubuque, as it happened, was not the only “Trumptilla.” Another well to the north convened at Prescott WI where the St. Croix River meets the Mississippi. It numbered “hundreds” of boats, according to this account.

In the Florida panhandle, Choctawhatchee Bay “was packed with hundreds of boaters Saturday eager to show their support for President Donald Trump.”

On the Jersey shore “It was anchors aweigh Saturday as thousands of boaters took to sea in support of law enforcement and President Trump. An estimated 2,000 watercraft joined “The Trump Law and Order Parade” as it set off from Toms River under a bright blue sky, most of them decked out in patriotic flags and banners — and bagpipers in some cases.”

The Fake News Media delighted in reporting that several Trump boats sank on Lake Travis near Austin TX among “dozens” of boats.

Blaska’s Bottom LineAnyone know if a Trump regatta transpired on Lake Mendota while we were out of town? Monona? Waubesa?

Paddle boards for Pence on Wingra?

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3 Responses to Boaters ply the Big Muddy for Trump

  1. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    “Dubuque is the San Francisco of the Midwest”

    A Back-Handed Compliment if there ever was one.

    Perhaps WITHOUT the stratospheric housing/Cost-Of-Living, the staggering homeless/income disparity problem, $#!t-caked streets-n-sidewalks, & the Do_As_I_Say_Not_As_I_Hair DoSanFranNan…?

    The Gotch

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  2. georgessson says:

    Can’t post the photo but here it is on Twitter….. Nancy’s big problem…

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  3. Liberty says:

    Love these pictures and story. Love the energy emerging from the silent majority across the country.

    People see through media’s lies. We’re not as stupid as thought.

    “Anyone know if a Trump regatta transpired on Lake Mendota while we were out of town? Monona? Waubesa?”

    Haven’t heard of anything.


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