CNN analysts unleash personal attacks on Nicholas Sandmann 


We have previously discussed the case of former Covington Catholic High School student Nick Sandmann who was repeatedly and falsely called a racist in an encounter with a Native American activist in front of the Lincoln Memorial. Various media organizations have apologized or settled cases with Sandmann for their unfair coverage, including CNN.

However, when Sandmann spoke at the Republic National Convention, CNN’s political analyst Joe Lockhart again attacked him personally after he criticized how the media got the story wrong.  CNN’s Jeff Yang also attacked the teenager and even suggested that his speech proved that he was not innocent.  …

What happened to Sandmann was a disgrace for the media and he had every right to speak publicly about his treatment by the [news] media.

Sandmann is a pro-life kid who wanted to demonstrate against abortion.  He sought to play a meaningful role in his political system, which is what we all have encouraged.  Indeed, CNN has aired many such calls for young people to have their voices heard. He was in Washington as part of the annual “March for Life.” This is one of those voices.

Sandmann spoke about his horrific experience in being labeled the aggressor in the confrontation when all he did was stand there as an activist pounded a drum in his face. Sandmann said this morning in an interview that he only learned at 3 am in the morning on the bus home that he was being labeled a racist who attacked or harassed this activist.


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6 Responses to CNN analysts unleash personal attacks on Nicholas Sandmann 

  1. Carmine G. says:

    I hope he takes CNN back to court and scores more money from them.

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  2. Good Dog,Happy Man says:

    Found this @ConservativeMomma: I dig her, dawg.

    “The Left are the bullies. We all know this as we sit quietly watching Democrat Cities being torn apart by “peaceful” protestors. While we witness physical harm come to those who wear a MAGA hat. While we hear vile threats hurled at those who say “all lives matter.” While we are called hateful words because we respect our flag. We all see it.
    Last night I watched Nick Sandmann give his side of the story. Tears swelled up in my eyes because I saw my son in him.
    A good kid.
    A kid of faith.
    A kid attending the March for Life.
    A kid.
    Just a kid.
    Sandmann was painted as a hateful racist by the media and Democrats across our nation. I had family and “friends,” spouting hateful words about this kid on their social media sites.
    It literally breaks my heart at how this kid’s world was turned upside down because of a hat. A hat worn by ALL races, ethnicities and religions. A hat that symbolizes Freedom and the desire to KEEP Freedom, because over the course of the years we have seen our freedoms eroding.
    God Bless Nick Sandmann, we need more like this young man.
    More who will not be bullied.
    Who believe in America, and the Freedom she still clings to.”

    God bless Nick Sandmann, and all Conservatives who will not be bullied.

    Full Disclosure: I sported my own red MAGA hat,… the one my other gave me last Christmas, … down in Chicago, … I got nothing but compliments and thumbs up.
    Don’t let the thugbuggerist bullies get you down.

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    • georgessson says:

      Good catch -Great quote. Once again, CNN comes off as a mean-spirited, spiteful bully. Which is what they and Joe Lockheart are in spades.

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  3. Lars says:

    Well said Dog Man.
    The laws need to change, to allow slander to more easily apply to so called journalists.
    We don’t want to over burden or curtail Free speech, but as a protected class, journalists need to be held to higher standards.
    They need to pay damages personally not by big corp.
    They would be more circumspect if they paid for their scurrilous coverage out of their own pockets.

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  4. EDDY says:

    Why would CNN go after one of their own HIGHEST paid employees??


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