Did Cardinal Dolan actually pray at the RNC?

Two can play at this Cancel Culture game

For over a decade, CNN’s website has served as the home page on Old Sparky, the Werkes’ Eisenhower-era mainframe computer. That has got to change. Even the unlettered field hands are fed up with the Clinton News Network’s bias.

Here is the crapola they’ve got up this Tuesday (08-25-2020) morning after Day One of the virtual Republican National Convention.

  • “Trump and his allies rewrite history during Night 1 of RNC
  • FACT CHECK: RNC started off with a parade of dishonesty
  • How to watch the RNC tonight
  • Analysis: Trump’s coalition is narrowing
  • The RNC looked like a bad parody of ‘SNL’
  • Kimberly Guilfoyle gets loud
  • Nikki Haley’s ‘American dream’
  • Trump is everything the right says it hates
  • Cardinal Dolan made mistake by praying at RNC
  • Trump’s sister’s staggering verdict

The one semi-positive story was Nikki Haley, except that it concluded by saying Indian-Americans would go with Kamala. Worse than the New York Times, CNN is all Covid-19, all systemic racism, all Trump hate — all the time. Is it really a story when Don Lemon smirks? Or Anderson Cooper can’t believe what he’s hearing?

“Cardinal Dolan made a mistake by praying at the RNC”?!!! At least Republicans don’t boo God! So CNN puts up a former priest who kvetches “Cardinal Dolan … gives every appearance of another hierarchical hit job on Biden’s pro-choice views — something that too many bishops and priests call out as the only Catholic issue that ever matters.”

We’ve highlighted before the New York Times’ round-table of commentators who score debates and political conventions. About last night, their Matt Labash allowed“To their credit, at least nobody at the Republican convention was shy about invoking the G-word.” We thank the Times’ Bret Stephens (formerly of the Wall Street Journal but still a Never Trumper) for this:

Like it or not, the first night of the Republican convention made an effective case that Donald Trump was an energetic and surprisingly empathetic president; that Joe Biden was a career politician who accomplished nothing over 47 years; and that Democrats have more sympathy for rioters and cancel-culture warriors than they do for law-abiding citizens and freethinkers. Liberals may think this is all lies and slander, but they dismiss it at their political peril.

Blaska’s Bottom LineThe gray lab coats are looking for an alternative to CNN as our home page. Looking for a comprehensive on-line news source that isn’t so skewed, blued, and tattooed.

Any suggestions?

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11 Responses to Did Cardinal Dolan actually pray at the RNC?

  1. Good Dog,Happy Man says:

    For the finest of #FakeNews, I always tune in to CNN.
    They’re fine as frog hair.

    I was uplifted, edified and enlightened watching the RNC convention on C-Span.
    It stood in stark contrast to the DNC’s #OrangeManBad hatefest last week.

    Wait, you thought that last week’s four-night pornographic, proglobotic, pre-taped, pre-digested performance art was the Democrat convention? Oh hell no. The Democrat Convention was streaming live from Kenosha, last night. It was a100% honest, undeniable showcase of both policy and outcome in real time of what is in store if Biden wins in November.

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  2. CNN?? Oy gevalt!

    The Gotch has msn.com, but is considering switching to a more RELIABLY TRUTHFUL site…

    The Gotch

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  3. CNN?? Oy gevalt!!

    The Gotch has been usung msn.com, but is considering a more RELIABLY TRUTHFUL site….

    The Gotch


  4. Liberty says:

    The first night of the RNC convention was inspiring and made me feel darned proud to be an American. Of course CNN won’t like it.

    Obvious question: Why not Fox?

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  5. sentient7 says:

    Dailycaller; dailywire; zerohedge, but the most reliable for independent views is the http://www.financialpost.com from Canada. Financial Post has great independent thinkers….FP Comment section provides diversity. Also, a must read of the Canadian whose deft and honest thought process most closely mirrors that of Lord Blaska: Rex Murphy
    [ https://nationalpost.com/author/rmurphynp ]

    https://nationalpost.com/opinion/rex-murphy-police-officers-deserve-our-gratitude and his much despised analysis on Canadian wascism, https://nationalpost.com/opinion/rex-murphy-canada-is-not-a-racist-country-despite-what-the-liberals-say


  6. elizdelphi says:

    He prayed, in a way aimed not to divide those who might be hesitant to pray with him. Makes a shift from the horizontal dimension of addressing a diverse TV audience ABOUT the necessity of prayer, to addressing God: “we ask Your hand, Almighty Father, upon this convention and the nominees of both parties, and His wisdom upon an electorate so eager to perform its duty of faithful citizenship.”

    Democrats don’t have to deal with the issue that even Cardinal Cupich (who, anyway, was once voted the United States’ most unpopular bishop in an internet poll) would probably rather not give a benediction for them. They can pose as being too cool for bishops, and too cool for manly men in general: they have a plainclothes religious sister (whom I’ve met and protested) and an LGBTQSJ (Jesuit).

    The Trumps are New Yorkers and seem to clearly enough consider Dolan their bishop. During Covid Trump made known he was watching Cardinal Dolan’s livestream Mass. Melania Trump is one of the people in public life who gives the most traditionally Catholic and devout vibes and she’s obviously going to speak and sometimes has had religious things to say. I have little idea what is her objective relationship to living the Catholic Faith. since as far as anyone knows publicly her putative marriage to Trump appears irregular (not valid), but again, Dolan is their bishop and if there is any possibility of it being regularized that most likely has already happened discreetly. I know through having heard from the lips of our previous bishop that there was a daily Mass in the White House itself, I believe in the West Wing, for the staff… this was NOT widely known, he knew it from other bishops who told him that a the USCCB meeting, and he commented how unprecedented it is. It really says a lot more about some staff being genuinely devout Catholics. Again, I heard this from our bishop directly and he heard it from other bishops, so if it’s gossip it’s at least of a very high caliber. I would love to know if that continues to this day.

    By the way, I told you I met the religious sister who spoke at the DNC, Sr Simone Campbell, I can tell you she is definitely not a daily Mass type Catholic, the Nuns on the Bus thing she was the leader of made no attempt to arrange for daily Mass (they had no priest traveling with them and it would have been truly, I even want to say gruesomely awkward for that gang to show up and be recognized by of the normally conservative daily Mass crowd at random parishes). I’m sure she tries to go to Mass on Sunday but I thought she was relatively more enthusiastically into the Center for American Progress than the Catholic Church. One of the 2 encounters I had with her was actually an appearance she made at a place in Middleton where some former Catholic sisters have a post-Catholic sect with a priestless Sunday “eucharist”. Lots and lots and lots of rainbow ribbons there.


  7. dad29 says:

    Now that Kenosha is also in the burn-pile with Madison (and Wauwatosa is on the edge), tell me again how “suburban housewives” are going to vote for the Party of Insurrection, Arson, & Riot. Go ahead, tell me. I can wait.


  8. elizdelphi says:

    comment deleted, did I break a rule I did not intuit? Just being myself.


    • elizdelphi says:

      Maybe it’s that I pointed out the marriage issue (Trump was already married, so previous unions would need to be found null to be free to marry Melania)? Not trying to malign them, it’s not a secret whatsoever that Trump was married (we would say, putatively married, a neutral canon law terminology for what seems to be a marriage) before, like I said I think it’s a live possibility that Dolan was able to help them and that could be part of why they are on such positive terms.


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