‘Black lives don’t matter to Democrats’

‘Democrats think Black people are stupid’

Defund the police? Are you crazy?

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24 Responses to ‘Black lives don’t matter to Democrats’

  1. Bill says:

    I love this woman and every other person just like her. Candace Owens comes to mind while watching Kim. Strong, articulate, rugged individuals with very good heads on their shoulders. People you want to look up to and emulate. We need more people like them. We as Conservatives set the example of only judging people by two standards and those are:

    Competence and Character.

    Meanwhile the left will always judge people based on the color of their skin and their social and economic standard.

    Some of the finest people, white or black, I have ever met were people who had a well worn Bible close by the kitchen table which they read out of all the time. Many of them were not rich nor were they well educated. But they were some of the finest people I have ever met. They would give you the shirt off their back if needed.

    God knows we desperately need more people like Kim to turn this country, which I very much love, around and to turn it away from the “hive mentality” march toward a marxist state which will inevitably reduce all of us, black or white, rich or poor, young or old, male or female, to serfs.

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  2. madisonexpat says:

    Marvelous Karmic Dilemma……. Dems can’t overlook Wisconsin this time. How about Senator Tammy giving her party a personal tour of the new State Street art,
    Call it “Coming to A City Near You……. If We Win”.

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    • Gary Kriewald says:

      I fully expect Madison to fund (with $$ taken from law enforcement) a museum dedicated to the third-rate “art” now defacing State Street. It’s the Madison way: celebrate descruction, ugliness and hate as long as it stems from the correct end of the political spectrum.

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  3. Iam Pistoff says:

    Gads!…how I would wish Ms Klacik lived here; I would pull the lever for her in a heartbeat.

    As pushback to “Ravenoaks” [“Ravin’mad”???], OPINIONS are NOT Riot, Destruction, Looting, Graffiti, Beatings, Firebombing, Insurrection! As to your self-labeling as “ignorant or a miscreant”… IGNORANCE is Remediable; steadfast adherence to said state would suggest dogged repudiation of critical thinking. “Miscreant” could be synonymous, P.C.-speak for INEDUCABLE i.e. congenital birth defect [or, in common parlance, “well & truly laundered” shy!te-for-brains].


    • Ravenoaks says:

      Read your post again. Your response is an example of exactly what I am talking about. I did not “self-label” anyone. Any opinion that differs from yours in the slightest is what is being labeled. “Sticks and Stones…………………………………..You are like a bully in the playground,


      • Liberty says:

        Ravenoaks, you come here attacking US, we counter to what we see as unfair characterizations by you, and WE’RE the bullies?

        I can’t even put out a Donald Trump yard sign on my own property unless I want to risk having my home vandalized. Can’t go downtown. Can’t travel because almost every city I want to visit has been destroyed by terrorists.

        Our Democratic representatives aren’t doing a thing to put an end to the insanity, instead more concerned about taking down statues and appeasing criminals.

        And WE’RE the problem?

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  4. richard lesiak says:

    I agree 100%


  5. pANTIFArts says:

    Well, this is coming from a racist, homophobic, misogynist. (None of which I am, but have been “lumped” as such by the Left, with whom you obviously identify ) You came here, so find some points of agreement, or present cogent arguments for your positions. I believe the current model of Liberalism has the potential to make all of our dreams come true. And by “dreams” I DO mean nightmares. Change my mind !

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  6. pANTIFArts says:

    Yesterday, during a rant against Liberal policies toward minorities, I said, “Your (Liberals’) estimates of their (minorities) ability to obey laws, succeed in school, and be productive Madison citizens, are disgracefully low.” That refers specifically to school age Black children. K through 12, after that, the die is pretty well cast, and many are just resigned to “the heap”. It is the rare individual, indeed, who strives to exceed expectations. Want proof? The next time you have to leave your teenager alone overnight, leave them a note saying: “Mow the lawn, or don’t (we don’t care). Clean the garage, if you want. Try to do some of your homework, if you can. There is food in the fridge, and that video game you wanted – it’s by the TV. Be back late tomorrow”. You know what the results will be. Either have expectations, or don’t bother with a note. Every statistic showing students who can’t read will also reveal a percentage that CAN. Every chart showing the percentage who break the law, shows the percentage who DON’T. All things are POSSIBLE for these children. The path of “low expectations” is all downhill.

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  7. georgessson says:

    Ravin’-Oaks, You have to realize the sludge that readers of this site hafta wade thru on a daily, nay, hourly basis in Madison. Pardon us if you get swept into the same garbage container, but looting, setting fires to buildings while occupied and kickin’ the Bejappers out of a State politician do tend to be irritating. Especially when coupled with sanctimonious tirades disguised as “news” that are shoved in our faces. The mayor, City Council, courts system and County Board border upon criminality in their stances towards felons, be they adult or juvenile. Please don’t be a Richard -ONE is plenty enuff… Just make your statements without the rancor. Otherwise, of course you’ll get pushback. BTW, when ya mention/complain about “lumping”, ask yourself, “Am I projecting here?”

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  8. Liberty says:

    Ravenoaks, a few thoughts and questions:

    My experience is that diversity of thought is not well tolerated within the Dem party (a party that has been hijacked by radicals). But by all means, please feel free to convince us otherwise.

    Hint: Starting a post off with the “left, left, left . . .God almighty” sounds like you’re trying to shame us, which is something that we as conservatives & libertarians already experience on a regular basis, especially here in Madison. It’s why we feel safe to express ourselves on places like Blaska’s blog. Who are you to tell us how we should think?

    This is a CONSERVATIVE blog, so it stands to reason that the people commenting here will be of a CONSERVATIVE bent. If you go to a LIBERAL blog, you will likely see people being critical of Donald Trump and calling out things they don’t like about Republicans. Are you good with that but not this?

    We are expressing our frustrations at things like lawlessness and identity politics, corruption (ie using FISA court for political gain wile it goes largely un-reported by the left’s media partners) that the left is, in our view, tolerating and/or embracing.

    If you believe the Dems are law and order, please explain why almost every city in chaos is Democratic-led. Don’t think I’ve heard one Democrat call out the thuggery.

    Who said we are right on every issue or that we’ll prevail in the next election? Seems like you’re doing some projecting.

    Can YOU find good things to say about Donald Trump supporters? Or do YOU lump all of us together?


  9. Batman says:


    How lucky he is that we conservative independents here still find the time honored civilized tradition of words as a satisfactory means of rebuttal.

    And that’s a wrap!

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    • Liberty says:

      My thoughts, exactly. When we speak up we have to worry about cancel culture, doxxing or worse. Ravenoaks doesn’t have to worry about that when he comes here.

      Sadly, I think this contrast may be lost on him/her.

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      • Batman says:

        Well, perhaps we be a tad harsh on the poor misguided chap because if he is participating on this blogsite he isn’t likely to be out with his compadres burning, looting, vandalizing, assaulting, and generally terrorizing the good hard working citizens of Madison, you know, the ones who entirely finance this broken-hearted town.

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  10. Iam Pistoff says:

    Seems Ravenoaks missed the point[s] entirely…words mean things, but only if one actually knows and understands them. Borrowing shamelessly from an earlier Blaska post-title of 8/22/2020 & [yours] “…[“bully in the playground”] probed and found mush”. Marx’s definition of “useful idiots” survives.

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  11. Mark 78 says:

    Very nice William Faulkner style of writing.

    9 one word “quotes”.
    2 Ellipses.
    1 use of the less common term unloyal for the more accepted disloyal.
    1 Web Address (county.without) I guess.
    1 Period at the end of a sentence.

    Is your point that individuals should be treated as individuals rather than generic members of a social group where social justice applies to every member of the set?

    If so I agree. Social justice is injustice because it eliminates individual innocence.


  12. madisonexpat says:

    1968 baby.


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