It ain’t over until the fat lady is shot dead

Two more people shot in East side car chase

If it’s Friday in Madison it must mean more mayhem

Two men were shot this afternoon shortly after p.m. 08-21-2020 near the intersection of Oak St. and Commercial Ave. The victims have been conveyed to a hospital. One victim’s injuries are said to be life-threatening. Both were in an SUV that was being chased by a dark-colored sedan. At least one person from the sedan fired at the victims. The sedan was witnessed speeding from the area. It has not been located.

After shots were fired, the vehicle the injured men were driving crashed into a home in the 2800 block of Commercial Ave. The house was badly damaged.

The beat(down) goes on

Woman standing outside her home, 1400 block of Theresa Terrace, after 10:30 last night (08-20-2020). White SUV slams on brakes; three teenagers 16-17 years old pile out of the car. One of them holds a handgun to the woman’s head, takes her cell phone; they drive out. Guy with the handgun was wearing a camouflage Nike jacket, light-colored skinny jeans and a paper medical mask. At least he is hygienically conscientious. Police don’t give race any more.

Remember that homeowner in Cross Plains who fired at two car thieves in the wee hours of Wednesday morning (08-19-2020)? Suspects in custody today. Kaiwan Harvey, 17, of Marshall, and Ka’Toine Richardson, 18, of Fitchburg. (More here.)

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Maybe if the mayor and city council banned tear gas and appointed a police oversight board the shootings would stop? Nah.


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4 Responses to It ain’t over until the fat lady is shot dead

  1. Mark 78 says:

    I fear the worst is yet to come. When Chicago implodes into lawlessness, millions of people will flee where their personal experiences lead them. Those with family in the south will flee south. Those with friends in the suburbs will take refuge there. Many will trek the day journey north to Wisconsin and settle in.

    The family of the violent will go to family. The friends in business will move closer to each other. Cousins will seek out cousins and sisters will seek out sisters. Rumors will become beliefs and perceptions will drive decisions. Madison is easy on criminals.


  2. pANTIFArts says:

    DEAD LIBERALS !!! (good, I got your attention) I know “the woke” read this blog, and this is for them, the rest of you -chill. Restorative Justice and ALL the rest of your (supposedly) well meaning overhaul of the criminal justice system is a dismal failure. IT’S OFFICIAL Read a paper, Watch local news,(turn off msnbc). This will come as a shock to your entitled, virtue oozing minds, but you are all “Soft Racists”. For some reason you insist on viewing the Black Race as something to be cared for, managed and tended to. Your estimates of their ability to obey laws, succeed in school, and be productive Madison citizens, are disgracefully low. Your ideas murdered an 11 year old, you went to a park, said “Stop The Violence”, released a balloon, and Monday morning started planning how to help her murderers. The lawlessness doesn’t bother you, because you really don’t care,- not really. “Those People” killing each other doesn’t impact YOUR life. “Those People” aren’t shooting up YOUR neighborhood. –DEAD LIBERALS !!! (get back here !) The bad news is that inevitably the violence WILL come to your street, your home, and you. When it comes time to bury your friend, your spouse, or (God forbid) your child, will you plan your speech?, decide balloon colors?, what will you be doing Monday morning? YOU are destroying the Black Community. Their culture has already been trashed and replaced with “plantation” mentality thanks to you. What have 60 years of your “help” given them? HINT in this FUN FACT—- Who’s your favorite Black 60’s revolutionary? Huey Newton? Bobby Seale? Stokely Carmichael? Malcolm X? Bobby Rush? Angela Davis? (I could just go on and on, but) –Guess What !! – ALL FROM TWO PARENT HOMES !!! that’s right Mom, Dad and all the benefits that go with having them. (Gee, maybe someday they’ll find a way to thank you)

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    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

      The Gotch’s favorite Black 60’s revolutionary?

      Soul Bruthuh # 1/Godfather of Soul/Hardest Workin’ Man In Show Business…James Brown!

      The Gotch


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