A comment about comments at the Werkes

Management of the Werkes agrees!

A commenter named Diane posted this:

This is why I haven’t joined in on “comment” sections very often in the past. All too often, it ends up with a couple of guys quibbling over semantics, or spelling, or twisting each other’s “meaning”, etc. They just end up going back and forth dissing each other — entirely missing the point of what the host commentator was trying to say, and wasting everyone else’s time with their juvenile bickering.

Orkin ManA couple of years ago I was reading some cookbook reviews on Amazon, and a British guy shared some very mild critiques of the cookbook. Sure enough, almost immediately, someone started taking potshots at the guy because he was British, and the next thing I knew, others were piling on, insulting the Brits. And these were supposed to be COOKBOOK reviews! I truly mean no disrespect to anyone here, but can’t we Americans do better than this? I am getting so tired of this “all angry, all the time” level of readers’ commentary, and long for the civil, reasonably intelligent discourse that used to be possible in this country.

I am new to the Blaska website and even though I am an independent voter, I find much in Dave’s posts — especially regarding the situation in Madison — with which I agree. I don’t consider myself better than anyone else. 

I enjoy a good, spirited “back and forth” as much as the next person, but if all I find on this site is the same kind of low-level bickering I find all too often on the internet, I’m probably not welcome here and should move on.

If you think I’m misinterpreting the situation, please feel free to say so — just don’t insult my German-Scottish ancestry or call me names.

Blaska’s Final Word: What she said.

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17 Responses to A comment about comments at the Werkes

  1. sahmpaw says:

    Totally agree with her, but you just have to learn to ignore them and contribute your thoughts in the best way that you can. It is a waste of time to read the bickering. Don’t these guys work?! LOL I also agree that your reporting, Dave, is A++.

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  2. Markus says:

    Amen. (shoot, now I will be attacked for being Catholic)


    • patrickmoloughlin says:

      I grant you absolution. No, I’m not a priest, but I’m really good friends with one.

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    • elizdelphi says:

      “they’re the worst!!” (according to a BLM protester whom I told I was Catholic, when I had said something about God and they asked my religion) I don’t actually know what he meant by it, but he truly did not like me. I had criticized State Street being smashed, and other destructive and violent acts that these individuals had no problem with.

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  3. Amos Roe says:

    Totally agree, and maybe the commentators she is referring to hopefully come to understand that
    it’s only David’s belief in free speech, so essential these days, which is why their tiresome and juvenile posts show up every day to accompany this indispensable blog. Thank you, David, for everything you are doing to help Madison. I think this blog is far and away the most important source of real information and sane thinking in regards to Madison’s current and wholly unnecessary troubles that I know of. And yes, your tolerance of the accompanying immature and egotistical hangers-on, once again says a lot for your own maturity and respect for free speech.
    Keep up the great work!


  4. Dejohnaise says:

    Thank you.


  5. Mark Porter says:

    Hear, hear! I’ve pretty much stopped reading the comments because they invariably degenerate into a kindergarten playground conversation. I don’t mind people who disagree, but what’s typical now is childish, personal attacks on the people rather than a heated, hopefully reasoned discussion of the issue. No one has a monopoly on truth and the solution to many of our issues is likely somewhere in the middle, not on either fringe or side. I hope we can find that again and try to find the greater good.


  6. If you all think the commentary here is bad try a site like Jonathan Turley’s blog, there are trolls roaming free insulting everyone and there’s absolutely no moderation. That’s not a rationalization it’s a fact. The reason I bring it up is that Dave actually does a decent job of balancing moderation vs allowing some freedom of speech with the boundaries he chooses to put in place. I appreciate Dave’s candor with commenters when it happens to get a bit out of hand and he brings in the pest control guy to clean it up.

    Participate and speak your mind but please understand that not everyone will politely agree to disagree. Just have a little thick skin and walk away from a particular conversation if it’s more than you want to deal with knowing that you’ve stated what you wanted to state and remember that they can’t reach through the screen. Heck I’ve used the phrase “we’re done in this thread” far more times than I’d like to on a variety of sites, some respect my ending of the conversation and some ignore it an babble on like immature fools trying to suck me back in, I just ignore them.

    Anyway; welcome to the fold.

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  7. patrickmoloughlin says:

    Diane, we have our trolls here too, but the vast majority of commentators here are passionate, but decent.

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  8. pANTIFArts says:

    It wasn’t ME, it was the “Bad Kids”

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    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

      DANG yer eyes; now The Gotch’ll have to come up with something else…

      The Gotch

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    • Good Dog,Happy Man says:

      I choose to comment on Blaska’s Das Werkes about das werkes, not about other commntators. C’mon Karen, your vrtue-signaling slip is showing.


  9. georgessson says:

    Diane: A. Likely you checked on a day when the “Troll” needed a slap-down. Most days, he doesn’t say a word, B/C he knows he cannot contribute to a meaningful discussion. B. The folks that “agreed” with your comment hardly ever/never post here, they seem to just lurk. Yep, we’re all passionate BUT truthful. I suggest ya monitor this site for a tad more time B4 you judge -no “bickering” goes on of any importance, nor does this site resemble kindergarten in any way. That’s my suggestion if you want your posts to be valid here.


  10. Amy says:

    Sometimes I read comments just to know who I am dealing with in community. I am usually appalled, but they inspire me to soldier on in debunking, raising awareness, and educating the malinformed.


  11. Roy says:

    Thanks Diane for your comment about backing away from this blog. I have for quite some time followed this blog and find Mr. Blaska’s topic selections timely, accurate
    refreshing and informative. I’ve made only two comments during this blog experience and after the my last comment got blasted out of the water by fingers that took over for their brain cells. I quit commenting.
    I’m 72 years old , born and raised in Madison, West High graduate, Marine Corps Vietnam Combat Vet. (Not a REMF) UW Madison BA. MPA. 28 years retired law enforcement. I had the rare experience of my major Sociology Professor stating numerous times “My job is too teach you HOW to think not WHAT to think. I set a goal for myself many years ago to try and learn something new and different every single day. This Blog on some days really meets that goal! Name calling and emotional melt downs are counter productive. I shouldn’t be complaining! I feel like the luckiest man in the world to still be alive and still living in Madison, Wi. I do yearn for those good old days on Loruth terrace when Life was a lot simpler and a helluva lot safer!!
    Thanks for this Blog Mr. Blaska!!

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