The Postal Service’s good election advice – WSJ

News broke Friday that the U.S. Postal Service has warned dozens of states, via letters from USPS General Counsel Thomas Marshall, that their deadlines “for requesting and casting mail-in ballots are incongruous with the Postal Service’s delivery standards.”

On cue, Democrats and the press portrayed this as evidence of Trumpian sabotage and voter suppression.In reality, it’s closer to the opposite: an attempt by the USPS to forestall state election failure. The letters were planned before the new Postmaster General, Louis DeJoy, took the reins on June 15. Mr. Marshall sent nearly identical advice to election officials in a May letter posted at Strange public conspiracy.

Source: The Postal Service’s Good Election Advice – WSJ

Canvass Notes

City of Madison Board of Canvassers

08-14-2020 the Board of Canvassers met to review the results of the Election and count Provisional Ballots. Unfortunately, as of the Canvass, 268 voters’ ballots arrived by mail after Election Day, so they will not be opened or counted. [Another] 144 ballots arrived at the polls, but had to be rejected, mostly because they were missing either a voter or witness signature.


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  1. richard lesiak says:

    Read Jon Tester’s comments on drop boxes being removed and WHERE they are trying to do it. The good senator did raise hell and got it stopped. But; why would you take away drop boxes from in front of senior living housing, low income neighborhoods, etc. anyway? The letter giving him the locations is on line.


    • richard lesiak wrote, “why would you take away drop boxes from in front of senior living housing”

      Maybe because it’s because they aren’t being used. People drop their mail in an outgoing mail drop slot inside like at the place my Mom lives at.

      In our town we went from two mail drop boxes in our town to one sometime during the Obama administration and that was not due to preplanning for voter suppression in 2020 it’s because they one box was for in town mail and the other was for out of town mail and now they only have one box. All mail in Wisconsin goes to the Milwaukee sorting facility and then goes out from there, even if the mail is going to your next door neighbor. What used to take one day to get “next door” now can take between three to ten days if it gets there at all, mail is being lost or misdelivered so often over the last ten years that I’ve had to go paperless for almost all my bills.

      Let’s face it; before Amazon and other shippers started using the USPS as their cheapest end point delivery handler the levels of mail going through the USPS has been going down rapidly. Along with the overall reduction in general mail the quality of service from the USPS has been steadily going down. With the rapid access to the internet now, we don’t get nearly the junk mail we used to, we don’t write letters, we don’t get bills, we don’t pay by mail, we don’t get magazines or catalogs, etc, about the only thing we send in the mail now is birthday cards and about the only thing we receive is when we order something online. Why should mail drop boxes continue to be left in areas where they haven’t been used, it takes time for the employees to stop at every mail drop box every day to get out of their vehicle, open the drop box to notice that there is nothing in the box and they do this over and over again – it’s terribly inefficient and a huge waste of money. Those boxes are designed to hold hundreds if not thousands of pieces of mail and they are mostly empty now. How the USPS does business needs to be reevaluated, it’s slow and inefficient and they spend too much money on things that are likely unneeded – like some of the drop boxes.

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      • richard lesiak says:

        Who is this collective “we” you speak of? What happens to “all of our mail going to Milw” when the sorting machines are gone? General Russell Honore was mad as hell when his meds didn’t arrive, he was out and had to go to Walgreens for extra pills to hold him over. There’s three things you never mess with, mom, baseball and the postal service.


        • richard lesiak wrote, “Who is this collective “we” you speak of?”

          If you can’t tell the self evident “we” I wrote is referring to a generalized “we” that are or are not doing the things I listed then you’re a special kind of stupid that I can’t fix.

          As for sorting machines, they are not gone. Also, as old as you are you should remember that human beings used to sort the mail and we had a LOT less errors back then.

          richard lesiak wrote, “There’s three things you never mess with, mom, baseball and the postal service.”

          If that’s true who is the evil person that got sorting machines to replace the human beings? Your logic is a COMPLETE FAILURE!

          Good day Richard Noggin.

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        • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

          “Your logic is a COMPLETE FAILURE!

          There can be no COMPLETE FAILURE of logic where nonesuch exists…

          Seems the REALLY STOOPID have latched onto the real REAL USPS hoax because of their COMPLETE FAILURE to read with comprehension, or beyond an MSLSD/NYT/CNN/WaPo et al, headline.

          Cannon fodder!!!!

          The Gotch

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        • richard lesiak says:

          Machines do a faster better job Stevie. We all know that. With less errors too. Your logic would say that the stock market should be run with paper and pencils like in the 1920’s. We all know how well that worked. Then trump pulls a donor out of his butt with no experience to run the entire system. All the people in America don’t live in the elite bubble that you do. Bring your list of “we don’ts to some of the people I know in rural Wisconsin. They will tell you a different story.


  2. Pasco says:

    I wouldn’t worry about the drop box issue. My mom was temporarily in a nursing and was being coached on in who to vote for. She was sharp as a tack and told the ballet harvester to move on. The person was asked to leave by staff. One person one vote one ID. That person would have had no problem getting her stash in the mail.


  3. sentient7 says:

    Defeat Dimocrats by , as Malcolm said, “…any means necessary.”
    If Dim’s win, it will mark the beginning of a new totalitarianism, a blend of Stalinism, Fidelismo, and Boss “Obama.”

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  4. kingofcarney says:

    And Trump is also responsible for all the pay phones disappearing as well…

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  5. georgessson says:

    Yepper, Richard AKA Dick as usual is on a big roll ! Or perhaps a large cake… He got nearly everything wrong, unusual even for him. I worked fer the USPS for about 4 months 45 years ago. Hadda get out, no way can anyone with a mind and a body stand still so long w/out accomplishing a damn thing. I believe they were 1st unionized in the late 1800’s and as collective bargaining became the norm, wages went up, productivity went down. That’s been goin’ on fer decades. It’s one of the largest and strongest unions in the USA; the USPS employs 470K well-paid folks.


  6. Good Dog,Happy Man says:

    More than just a tin foil-hatted conspiracy theory, it a cunning stunt by the Dems.

    Jeez Louise, Dems might just have to go to the polls and show their ID in order to vote.

    Oh, the humanity!

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    • Or the gop voters too. Let’s make all those old repubs hike down and stand in line.


      • georgessson says:

        AKA Dick, As GDHM said, “… a cunning stunt by the Dems. Actually, in 2016, the Dems had a stunning whatsis running fer office. S’pose yer still hopin’ Harris drops out and endorses Hilary…


  7. jimydandy says:

    Don’t ever send anything to the Detroit area. For some reason it goes into a big,black hole. Must be one f’d up PO they gots there.


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