Why is BLM silent about the girl shot to death at age 11?

The ‘Don’t talk to cops’ people aren’t talking.

No peace, no justice for Anisa Maria Scott.

They pulled the plug at 11:11 a.m. today 08-13-2020 on an 11-year-old girl shot in the head in one of those car-to-car shootouts becoming all too common in Madison WI. The plug that kept her alive, barely. Church bells all over town should toll.

It could be said Anisa Maria Scott was in the wrong place at the wrong time but that is more trivial than “thoughts and prayers.” The bitter truth is the little girl was with the wrong person in the wrong car. A person said to be known to the family which means, inescapably, the family itself bears some responsibility. Harsh? Not as harsh as putting the girl into harm’s way.

“I believe in my heart that the person who delivered the bullet that shot Anisa had not intended to cause her death,” says one of the saner of Madison’s alders, Barbara Harrington-McKinney.

Of course not, Alder! The shooter intended to cause the adult driver’s death. It could be tit for tat in the shootings that began with the whacking of Maurice Bowman in another moving gun battle 07-25-2020 and escalated to the assault at Garner Park 08-04-2020. Or some fresh new feud over drugs, territory, or some trivial word of disrespect. (“Alders bash police while BLM shoots each other.”)

Anisa Marie Scott, middle

The dogs that are not barking

Mayor Satya and Police Chief Wahl and the grieving family have spoken out. So have alders like Harrington-McKinney and Sheri Carter, both of whom are Black (and therefore have more credibility, supposedly).

Notice who has remained conspicuously (and uncharacteristically) silent? Brandi Grayson. M Adams. The Party for Socialism & Liberation. Bianca Gomez. Freedom Inc. Amelia Royko Maurer. Sabrina Madison. The Grievin’ Grandma. Progressive Dane. Greg Gelembiuk. Brenda Konkel. The Community Response Team. Ali Muldrow and Ananda Mirilli.

All the police bashers. The Cops Out of School crowd. The Derail the Jail crew. All the Defund, Re-imagine, Reform, Regulate, Monitor and Second-Guess the Cops. All the excuse-makers for broken windows and busted statues UW Professor Walter C. Stern (who teaches ‘blame whitey’ at the School of Education). All the Marxist theorists that police are nothing more than modern-day slave catchers.

Free the 350 bail fund

On their site: “This is the webpage for the Free the 350 Bail Fund, which aims to directly undermine modern day slavery disguised as the so-called justice system. Please donate if you can and together we can FREE THEM ALL!”

The ones, like Freedom Inc. and Allies for Black Lives who counsel the terminally Woke to stonewall the police. Or the “Free the 350” that raises money from the gullible guilties to bail out of jail serial offenders. Or the mob that F-bombs at midnight the homes of the district attorney, sheriff, and school board president. No mention of Anisa Maria Scott. (Support her fundraiser.)

Do the nut jobs who blockaded the Madison Police south precinct station have any remorse today? When will we hear from Madison’s Democrat(ic) state legislative delegation? Reps. Shelia Stubbs, Melissa Sargent, Lisa Subeck? Still can’t come up with a way to blame the mayhem on Donald Trump?

When will District Attorney Ismael Ozanne crack down on crime? When will Juvenile Court Judge Everett Mitchell quit recycling gang bangers?

Urban Triage Don't talk to cops

Don’t talk to cops?

Alders like Rebecca Kemble (Progressive Dane) refuse to help the mom & pop businesses on State Street boarded up in Madison’s kristallnacht because they are not Black enough. Or like Tag Evers (Progressive Dane) and Mayor Satya (Progressive Dane) who demanded the immediate release of Devonere A. Johnson (alias Yeshua Musa), the “peaceful protestor” wielding a bullhorn and a baseball bat.

“Just give us some free food and beer and we can end this now. You don’t want 600 people to come here and destroy your business and burn it down. The cops are on our side. You notice that when you call them, nothing happens to us.” he would tell shopkeepers as he shook them down for beer and money in the name of BLM. (Recounted here.)

Barbara McKinney

Ald. H-McKinney

Ald. Harrington-McKinney is not among the police bashers, proving that the bullhorn bullies don’t speak for the Black community but merely use it to further their political aims.

Anisa was shot not by the racist actions of some police, but by the reckless act of shooting into a car she was a passenger in. But these actions of reckless and senseless shootings must stop. This violence must stop. We must demonstrate that Black Lives Matters to Black people.”

Blaska’s Bottom LineBut this coming Thursday 08-20-2020 the Madison Common Council’s Executive Committee will send a powerful signal that Cops are the problem. Alders will create a police overseer with subpoena power answerable to a congerie of cop-bashers populated by Freedom Inc. and requiring at least one member with an arrest record. Maybe the guy who shot Anisa?

Could it be that BLM does not represent the black community?


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33 Responses to Why is BLM silent about the girl shot to death at age 11?

  1. dad29 says:

    Even the girly-man Mayor of Wauwatosa has issued a Strongly Worded Letter warning the usual suspects that demonstrations must be peaceful and NOT on private property, or arrests will follow immediately.

    Maybe that demonstration at HIS home gave him a clue, even though the attempted murder of one of his cops did not.


  2. Sheppy says:

    This is so sad for that little girls family and friends, we’ve all heard it before that a parent should never have to bury one of their kids and it’s true. That being said, what kind of parent let’s their 11 year old ride in the car, with a known to the family person, that is likely a gangbanger? What are the odds that this allegedly targeted shooting was a retaliation to the Garner Park celebration of life shooting a week or so ago?


  3. jimydandy says:

    Can’t wait for the shoot out sure to occur at the celebration of life ceremony for this poor girl. Why hasn’t the targeted “driver” beez identified yet?


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