Pull up the drawbridges, knave!

The sack of Chicago …
and Portland, Seattle and Madison WI

University of Chicago professor Charles Lipson in Politico:

After looters struck downtown Chicago on Sunday night, officials literally raised the bridges to prevent rioting hordes from roaming so easily. They also blocked road access and stopped public transit. So, we have come to this: a major American city is replicating the strategy of medieval castles: flood the moats and raise the drawbridges. All that is missing are crenelated battlements and Welsh longbowmen.

<… After more than 70 nights of rioting, Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler’s strategy seems to be, “If you insist on doing this, we might write a strong letter.” He has stopped short of repeating what Monty Python’s French knight told invaders at his castle, “Go away or I will taunt you a second time.” Mayor Wheeler hasn’t taunted them a first time.

Wheeler has plenty of company among Democratic mayors and governors. Months after George Floyd’s death and the rioting and looting that followed, stores remain boarded up, criminals unpunished. Nothing says, “We protest racial injustice” like burning down the corner grocery or smashing windows to grab boxes of expensive Nikes. …

Visigoths and Saracens

Seattle just passed a new budget cutting up to 100 officers, slashing salaries for department leaders, and dismantling the special team that removes homeless encampments, one of the city’s worst problems. Seattle’s police chief, Carmen Best, responded by announcing her retirement.

Urban politicians … openly support the Black Lives Matter organization and speak about “reimagining policing.” … prosecutors in Chicago, like those in many big cities, think the justice system is racist and the jails wrongly filled with minorities. … St. Louis [D.A.] Kimberly Gardner … did nothing about the mob that broke into a gated community, putting frightened homeowners on edge.

Broken Windows policing” … worked well for several decades. Under New York mayors Rudy Giuliani and Michael Bloomberg, it restored order to what had been a dangerous city. The basic idea is that it makes sense to prosecute small violations, not because isolated vandalism is so awful but because prosecuting it will prevent larger crimes. It worked. Potential criminals got the message: we will catch you, and you will face serious consequences.

Last Word to Professor Lipson: If we punish small violations, just imagine how we treat bigger ones!

How would YOU defend Madison?

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8 Responses to Pull up the drawbridges, knave!

  1. Gary Kriewald says:

    “All that is missing are crenelated battlements …” Even those are there–take a look at the top of the Chicago Tribune tower and the old water tower on Michigan Ave. Part of the problem is that liberal mayors prostrated themselves before the BLM thugs so early and so robustly that to turn on them now would reveal them (the mayors) for the dithering idots they are, and if there’s one thing they value above all else, it’s their image.

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  2. madisonexpat says:

    I would make certain that the Racial Industrial Complex of BLM/Urban Triage/Freedom Inc. etc. never got another dime that was not donated by an individual. See how long they stick around to Mau Mau masochistic Lefties in Mad Town.

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    • Fritzderkat says:

      Should anyone complain about your use of “Mau Mau” in this context, ah blehm Tom Wolfe. Readers not familiar may be excused.

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      • richard lesiak says:

        The people of Kenya didn’t like the term. They used “freedom fighter” or “freedom army.”


        • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

          “The people of Kenya didn’t like the term.”

          The Gotch would like a native Kenyan to confirm that; perhaps Hopey Changey…?

          The Gotch


  3. georgessson says:

    Remarkable, said no-one, that in Dane County most thugs of any race consistently get arrested for scoff-law offenses in the early part of their careers. Those are dealt with small fines or dismissals of charges. As Desi said to Lucy, “Wha’ Hoppen’d ?” It’s not even broken windows anymore, it’s stolen cars, home burglaries, phone’s snatched outta hands until they progress to domestic violence, substantial battery, resisting arrest and Oh, So sadly -shooting at each other in moving vehicles….


  4. Bill says:

    I think that it is correct to say that most thugs in Dane County get little more than a slap on the wrist when they get caught after committing minor offenses. These slaps on the wrist leave said thugs with the impression that there is little in the way of consequence to their illegal actions. I also think that it can be seen that this is common in many communities around the country.

    I think this is a leading cause of the deaths of people like Anisa Scott. But what do our fearless leaders do about this? According to Channel 3000,Governor Evers talks about the need for more legislation on gun safety while Mayor Satya-Rhodes Conway talks about the need for crisis response teams to respond to those who are having mental health issues as well as dealing with what she perceives as the reasons why violence happens. These issues would include a lack of affordable housing, a lack of health care and inequality in Madison. https://www.channel3000.com/unacceptable-wisconsins-governor-madison-mayor-want-to-see-change-after-11-year-old-girl-killed/

    These responses of our elected officials leave one with the following questions:
    1. What effect of gun safety legislation have in stopping a thug from shooting someone?
    2. What effect will crisis response teams have on someone leaning out of a car and shooting at a person in another car?
    3. Will a crisis response team stop that kind of violence?
    4. How will we stop violence with more affordable housing?
    5. How will we stop violence with more access to health care?
    6. How does the perception of inequality promote violence in Madison?
    7. Give us examples of how a combination of gun safety legislation, crisis response teams, more affordable housing, more access to health care and more equality has helped stop gun violence in ANY other communities in the United States. And I want hard data, numbers, not just anecdotal evidence that these measures will work.

    Mayor, Governor, would you care to respond?


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