Cops need to proactively police their communities or crime will explode

Confining police to major crimes is only reactive,
when proactivity reduces crim

A criminal justice professor in the New York Post:

Many advocates of “defunding the police contend that too many police encounters with civilians concern trivial matters. Defunding proponents worry that poor decisions by officers can escalate tensions and lead to unnecessary uses of force. They argue that the police mandate should be more narrowly focused on responding to “serious” crimes …

American policing has tried this idea before, and the results were disastrous for communities and police agencies alike. If history is any guide, confining police focus to serious crimes will do little to manage those offenses — and the strategy may further damage the relationship between police and citizens. …

Despite their focus on serious crime, the police largely failed to control it: rates of crime and violence soared from the 1960s through the 1980s. The focus on serious offenses placed police in a reactive mode, contributing to the decline in safety. It’s extraordinarily rare for police on routine patrol to come upon felonies in progress; cops rely heavily on citizens to report serious crimes. … … research over the past 40 years has demonstrated that reactive policing is mostly ineffective at preventing crime and violence. …

Countering the narrative advanced by many defunding advocates, most people — of all races and ethnicities — want to see more police in their neighborhoods, not fewer. In fact, residents of poor urban communities affected by crime and disorder are often the strongest supporters of community policing. …

Police are called on to address many difficult societal problems that don’t fall under the umbrella of “serious crime,” including loud music, graffiti, littering, public alcohol and drug use, and loitering associated with street-level drug dealing and prostitution. Directing officers to ignore these “minor” violations divorces the police from mutually desirable connections with the citizenry, reduces responsiveness to neighborhood complaints and concerns, and takes away vital tools for understanding the community and managing public safety.

Source: Cops need to proactively police their communities — or crime will explode

Homicide spike hits most large U.S. cities

Homicides …are up because violent criminals have been emboldened by the sidelining of police, courts, schools, churches and an array of other social institutions by the reckoning with police and the pandemic. — Wall Street Journal 08-03-2020.

New York City has already had more shootings in 2020 than in the whole of 2019. (Read & weep.)


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8 Responses to Cops need to proactively police their communities or crime will explode

  1. Good Dog,Happy Man says:

    It used to be known as “the broken window theory”, i.e., if there’s something wrong, you fix it right away before bad outcomes become normalized.

    That’s hard to do down on Allied Dr.. No amount of good community policing will ever keep a grocery store there when Lefty judges like Everett Mitchell refuses to prosecute shoplifting crimes.

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  2. Gary Kriewald says:

    If memory serves. it was discovered that after being subjected to a costly review by some outfit in Berkeley (where else?), the MPD was found to be a model force. But they’re treated by local officials and the BLM thugs as if they’re the incarnation of Bull Connor’s racist stormtroopers. It’s kind of like a model student being punished for the misdoings of the class bully–just a normal day in lefties’ bizarro-world.

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  3. georgessson says:

    You bet, defund the police and have mere untrained CITIZENS address “minor infractions”… A myriad of reliable articles & government stats show that domestic abuse calls have THE highest potential for police deaths. The pattern of repeated abuse makes domestic violence calls particularly dangerous. And traffic stops? Worse yet… That traffic stop may be for a trivial matter, but drugs, guns and money are important to that thug that gets pulled over. Worth a car chase and worth a deadly shootout.

    I believe that Progs never read the local news, much less review the horrid crime stats in cities like L.A. or Chicago or NYC -BTW, bastions of liberal voters. If they did, they’d never support civilians embracing traffic and domestic violations. If they DID read the news, they’d realize the obvious: Blacks are arrested disproportionately B/C they commit the most crimes (Same w/ the local “SRO” study in Madison denouncing all those minority scalawags getting picked on).

    Ignorance appears to be bliss, in the SJW realm. MOF, almost orgasmic for many…


  4. Bill says:

    Get a hand gun. Semi-auto, perhaps a 9 mm Glock 19. Something you can carry concealed. Personally I like a 40 caliber as it has more stopping power than a 9 mm. Become very proficient in using it. Know the laws. Find an attorney in advance so when you need one, you have one on hand. The Madison mayor, the city council, the district attorney, the State of Wisconsin attorney general and the governor don’t give a S_____t about you. They have abandoned their oaths of office and will let you die before doing anything to keep you safe. Read the article, see these video’s linked below about the crime in Minneapolis.

    What is happening in Minneapolis today is going to happen here in Madison as our government will all but eliminate or eliminate all together our Police Department.



  5. Bill says:

    Actually the mayor, the council and the district attorney will think it more important to make people wear a mask than they will stopping the bad guys from committing crimes. It will be far more important to them to train the Karens of the world to unite and stop innocent people from having a cup of coffee with their burrito.

    For a laugh watch this:


    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

      Saw that; highfreakin’larious!

      The guy (IMO VERY restrained!) that got coffee thrown on him pasted her Beta Male beau; listening to him whimpering to 911?


      The Gotch


  6. patrickmoloughlin says:

    Too many dots for Satya to connect. She can’t possibly see the connection between her cop bashing and the rampant crime wave.


  7. Balboa says:

    So will police be able to be 1st responders still, for heart attacks and drug overdoses or do we send in social workers and grief counselors after it is too late. When seconds count an awesome Social Worker paper pusher is just a day away.


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