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Former mayor Cieslewicz: city leaders hamstring police; ignore fire-bombing

Former mayor Dave Cieslewicz can’t believe Satya and the Progressive Dane city council either. Excerpted from his post on Isthmus: Just as I hope that Leo Burt is one day brought to justice, I hope the same for those who … Continue reading

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Trump will go to Kenosha!

Liberal heads, they are exploding! will he wade ashore like MacArthur at Luzon? Dwight D. Eisenhower, the victorious general of the war against fascism, vowed during the Presidential campaign of 1952 that he would go to Korea — which was … Continue reading

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Madison Ald. Tag Evers sees hobgoblins on the Right

Joe McCarthy, redux That little kid in the movie saw dead people. Madison Ald. Tag Evers sees armed Trump supporters in Downtown Madison.  Like Paul Revere with a master’s degree in grievance studies and Soviet agitprop, the alder from the … Continue reading

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Another riot fatality, this time in Portland

Why are progressives surprised when violence breaks out in the middle of a riot? The New York Times is headlining its story this way: “One  person dead in Portland after clashes between Trump supporters and protesters.” (Not “Trump supporters v. Biden … Continue reading

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Take a knee for Officer Dorn, killed by BLM rioters

Some Black lives matter Blaska Policy Werkes recommends that the smashers and grabbers boarding up Madison with plywood be sentenced to watch the widow of retired police officer David Dorn a Black man) talk about his shooting death during the riots … Continue reading

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Did Kyle Rittenhouse shoot in self-defense?

From National Review: [Daily Caller reporter Richard] McGinnis saw a male (Joseph] Rosenbaum) initially try to engage the defendant. … there were other people very quickly … moving towards the defendant. … the defendant [Rittenhouse] was trying to evade these … Continue reading

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