Two women arrested in assault on state senator face job actions, too

By Jonathan Turley

We previously discussed the attack on a Wisconsin state senator who simply tried take pictures of rioters destroying statues and causing property damage in Madison on June 23rd. …

Samantha Hamer’s profile on the district’s official homepage (here) states that she assists “students and families who are struggling with social-emotional needs, behavioral issues, or environmental issues in the family, school and/or community.” According to reports, Hamer works as a licensed social worker for the Mount Horeb School District in suburban Madison and O’Reilly is a licensed physical therapist in Madison with a Doctorate in Physical Therapy program from Marquette University.

Hamer has been put on administrative leave by the Mount Horeb School System.  This is a violent crime and thus the move was predictable.

Source: Two Women Arrested In Assault On State Senator During Madison Protests – JONATHAN TURLEY

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9 Responses to Two women arrested in assault on state senator face job actions, too

  1. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    Play stupid games…win stupid prizes!

    The Gotch has said it before and will say it again; these two deserve nothing less than getting summarily CANCELLED: Lefty Style!

    Righty needs to untie their hands from behind their back: Until there are Real World consequences (READ: LIMITED Sugar T!T Restorative Justice!), Lefty will continue their assault on an ordered, law-abiding society!

    The Gotch

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  2. Dejohnaise says:

    Hammer worked for a school district where undoubtedly hundreds recognized her in the picture and O’Reilly worked as a PT alongside her mother at a fancy body shop downtown. NOBODY reported them after weeks of the pictures being released and then they turned themselves in? What’s wrong with people?

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    • Larsen E. Whipsnade says:

      Dejohnaise, my friend, just let me say that in trying to circulate a petition to recall Madison the mayor in my neighborhood this week, I’ve come to realize that I’m like Abraham trying to find a good man in Sodom.

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  3. sentient7 says:

    In the mood of Christian charity, I suggest 10 days in the Public Stocks.
    Then, fine them to pay for the repair of the Heg and Forward statues. Hit their checkbooks; attach their assets. Revoke their licenses.

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  4. Liberty says:

    Administrative leave? That’s more than conservatives get for doing a lot less. Conservatives lose their jobs simply for stating an opinion.

    Haven’t seen a lot of local coverage on this story. Why even bother watching or reading the news if they won’t cover important stories. The local TV channels are all fluff.

    “Hamer has been put on administrative leave by the Mount Horeb School System. This is a violent crime and thus the move was predictable”


  5. Robski says:

    I contacted the Superintendent out in Mt. Horeb. I told him that Hamer shouldn’t be working with any of his students in any capacity. I expressed a desire to see that Hamer is given her walking papers. Salerno replied with the same statement that he went public with. The rules of engagement have changed, you have to fight these sjws by their cancel culture methods that they employ. In other words, you beat them at their own game. Hamers Twitter is pretty hilarious, a lot of false advertising claiming she’s “ mostly harmless” and a “pan dimensional whistle blower” whatever the hell that is? She also cares deeply about multi-gendered peeps. I tell ya these sjws are all the same. Looks like the whistle got blown on her instead.

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  6. Gary Kriewald says:

    I didn’t realize you could get a doctorate in physical therapy–unless it’s the kind you get on-line.


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