Madison Police vote No Confidence in Mayor Satya

Police union had endorsed her!

What follows is the verbatim statement from the Madison police union:

An overwhelming majority of the membership of the Madison Professional Police Officers’ Association (MPPOA) has approved a declaration of no confidence in the leadership of Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway.This was a resolute vote, with over 95% of the Association’s voting membership returning a vote of “no confidence.”

The MPPOA did not make this decision easily or in haste. Instead, our vote of no confidence is the culmination of many months of frustration in the absence of effective leadership from the Mayor. On March 25, 2019 we proudly announced our endorsement of Satya Rhodes-Conway for Mayor after she committed herself to developing a strong partnership with our labor organization.


MPPOA No ConfidenceAfter several meetings and ongoing communication with the then mayoral candidate, it was our belief that Satya Rhodes Conway could bring people together and lead Madison into the future. We hoped to work in concert with Mayor Rhodes-Conway to reduce disparities in our community and prioritize the safety of Madison’s residents and visitors. At that time, the Mayor stated, “A safe city is the underpinning of a place where everyone has the chance to pursue opportunity and thrive.”

Satya Rhodes Conway lied to police

It has become clear that Mayor Rhodes-Conway misled us when she was running for office. Collectively, we are uncertain of her ability to move us forward for the betterment of our police department and our city. During her mayoral candidacy Rhodes-Conway stated that she looked forward to cooperation with our membership; working together when we faced challenges and celebrating our accomplishments as our employer.

Throughout the Mayor’s tenure, she has demonstrated an unfamiliarity with her police department. She has been quick to point out, sometimes inaccurately, where we fall short, while the successes achieved daily by members of our organization go unrecognized.

This unhealthy portrayal of the Madison Police Department perpetuates an “us versus them” dichotomy in our community. It is particularly dangerous at a time when city agencies and entities should be working collaboratively to address an increase in burglaries, car thefts, weapons offenses (including shots being fired daily all over the city) and, sadly, attempted and completed homicides too often claiming the lives of young Madisonians. 

We would never ask the Mayor to ignore our inadequacies. In fact, we call for a leader who is committed to rolling up her sleeves, diving in, and working with us on systematic improvements rather than separating herself from us and further dividing our community.

Mayor talked of police furloughs, not safety

Mayoral candidate Rhodes-Conway expressed a commitment to worker’s rights and collective bargaining. We looked forward to an ongoing dialogue between our labor organization, the Mayor’s office, and interested community stakeholders. Instead we must pursue the Mayor for communication opportunities. Those discussions devolve into her desires for potential furloughs, the re-opening of settled contracts, and other budgetary matters at the expense of collaborating on strategies to ensure a safe Madison for everyone.

Because of these issues, the MPPOA issued an open letter to the Mayor and asked for a conference to discuss moving forward. During this meeting, we asked Mayor RhodesConway to facilitate and foster opportunities for our organization to meet with community groups and members who are open to constructive dialogue toward social justice and positive change. Rather than stepping up to this leadership responsibility, the Mayor told us she “struggles” with that role and asked us, instead, to use our own voice, effectively declining our request for community engagement. Only after this conference did the MPPOA Board decide to conduct a vote of no confidence. 

Mayor and Khari

Accused murderer Khari Sanford, police enemy Mayor Rhodes-Conway, and activist Katy Farren

The Madison Professional Police Officers’ Association remains dedicated to the safety and well-being of everyone who lives, works in, and visits Madison. We recognize that we can enhance our already high quality of service through continuous improvement efforts. We are a national leader in law enforcement and we are motivated to work together with community stakeholders who are open to honest, constructive, and collaborative conversations that lead to systemic improvements for the betterment of everyone in the Madison community.

Mayor Rhodes-Conway did offer us one piece of sound advice: We will do a better job of using our voices to highlight the work our members do day in and out as law enforcement professionals, advocates, and allies. We will foster a better relationship between police and public, with the hope of knowing one another better. We will not stand for false narratives that only serve to divide us. We are here to serve Madison, and we will continue to do so to the best of our abilities.

Mayor Satya doubles down in response.

⇒ Blaska Policy Werkes predicted the vote of No Confidence.

NOW will you support Recall?

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17 Responses to Madison Police vote No Confidence in Mayor Satya

  1. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    That surely leaves little to the imagination…GOOD!!

    The Gotch was pleased to see at least one RECALL SATYA sign on Loruth Terrace!

    The Gotch

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  2. Pasco says:

    Remember all the police department in Dane County only arrest and charge an individual. Only the court’s can administer justice. While restorative justice is a noble idea it is being abused her in Dane County. Justice should be applied equally across the board!

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  3. Balboa says:

    Hmm. What took so long? They wrote, “We will not stand for false narratives that only serve to divide us.” What about true narratives that exist in society?

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  4. OnwardandUpward007 says:

    Excellent vote on the part of the MPPOA!!

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  5. sahmpaw says:

    It’s about time! They should have done it months ago.

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  6. Here’s the response I received regarding my concern over gun violence. It basically says nothing.

    “Thank you for contacting me with your concerns regarding gun violence in our community. I share your concerns and am discussing this issue regularly with Acting Chief Vic Wahl as he and his officers continue to investigate these incredibly dangerous crimes.

    Here in Madison, and nationwide, gun violence is resulting in far too many lives lost. The specter of gun violence threatens our quality of life, and jeopardizes our safety and the well-being of the public. We need to find ways to keep firearms out of the hands of those who should not possess them – individuals suffering from mental illness and those convicted of serious violent crimes, including domestic violence. I support background checks as a first step. As you know though, our current State and Federal legislators are not supportive of that first step.

    We also need to work together to help stem the poverty and hopelessness which often draw young people to gun violence in the first place. This too is a very complicated issue, an issue which we need to tackle with the help of many partners including family support organizations, our school districts, social service agencies and many more.

    Thank you again for contacting me.

    Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway


  7. Larsen E. Whipsnade says:

    When Khari tells you to kneel to BLM, don’t do it.


  8. georgessson says:

    Perfect ! And perfect timing…


  9. Bob Dorn says:

    Unfortunately, if Satya is successfully recalled, who will replace her? I think Hizzoner is very happy he is in retirement.

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    • Gary Kriewald says:

      Most likely she would be replaced by another far-left clone, probably a POC, wedded to the same disastrous policies but because of the color of his/her skin, beyond criticism. What’s to be gained?


    • jimydandy says:

      I’m sure they have many like minded comrades that will step in. “Who is the new boss, same as the old Boss”. The Who


    • Bob Dorn wrote, “…if Satya is successfully recalled, who will replace her?”

      Do you not know how a recall works?

      If Satya is successfully recalled it will force another mayoral election in Madison where Satya will likely be the extremist progressive candidate against someone who is either a moderate Liberal or a Conservative. It’s also at least “possible” that one of the lunatic fringe group leaders like M. Adams from Freedom Inc. or Brandi Grayson from Urban Triage will try to get their name on the ballot and force a primary election.

      If Satya does get recalled, it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if she just walked away without running again, it’s real clear that she can’t personally handle it when her or her policies are rejected.

      If Soglin ran again, even though he’s become more moderate as he’s aged and he’s not liked by everyone, I think he’d win in a record landslide.

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  10. Liberty says:

    Who the heck are the 5%? Wow.


  11. Balboa says:

    Exactly, the leaders of this recall election, need to have a candidate ready now. This is campaign is so loosely put together. it is doomed for failure for sure.


  12. Dale Grimm says:

    Yes, I definitely support our police and support recall of the mayor.


  13. Scott F says:

    The lines being drawn get brighter by the day.


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