To our fellow ‘boot-licking rubes’

Kookie, Kookie, can I borrow your flag?

A guilty white boy named Scott Gordon runs one of Madison’s seemingly innumerable alternative-Lefty publications called “Tone Madison.”

Like Brandi Grayson and the rest of the BLM progressives, he is rallying to save Madison’s Progressive Dane mayor from being recalled from office. He writes:

“Look out for “Recall Satya” yard signs soon, in front of the houses in your neighborhoods that are already decked out with kooky American flag shit.”

“Kooky American flag S * * *” ?

This is a Revolution

These boots are made for licking …

(And one of these days these boots are going to walk all over you!)

Recall supporters are “boot-licking rubes,” says Gordon of Tone Madison, “the kind who tried to counter-protest by covering up graffiti-covered plywood with “We Support Our Madison Police” signs.”

(Normally, we would link to his Tone piece, but there’s just too many vicious ad hominem attacks.) Tone Madison allows that:

“It’s true that protestors beat up a state senator who took video of rioters during a June 24 demonstration, though there are disputed accounts about his behavior and some were concerned about police or white supremacists using video to target retaliatory actions.”

The gray lab coasts here at the Werkes have observed that criminals engaged in vandalism, beatings, and fire bombings often do not wish to be recorded for fear of such “retaliatory actions” as arrest, prosecution, conviction, and punishment.


Recall Satya

Mayor Satya Rhodes Conway has done her best to bash the police. She ordered them to stand down in the worst of the riots, apologized for recognizing their hard work in difficult circumstances, demanded the immediate release of the “peaceful” extortionist with the peaceful baseball bat and the peaceful bullhorn, celebrated the boarding up of State Street, is appointing a $200,000 police “monitor” with subpoena power, and appointed cop-hater Brenda Konkel to chair the Public Safety Review Committee.

Not enough for Madison’s hard left. Gordon in Tone Madison:

“People outside of Madison (or in Madison, but outside reality) think we have a local government overrun with radical leftists. If only! During the protests and the COVID-19 crisis, we’ve often seen better leadership from abolitionist, Black liberation, communist, anarchist, and socialist organizations …” 

That Sire Gq (the alias for Marquon Clark) is some fiery leader!

Satya is a disappointment to Madison social justice warriors because she has not defunded the police “which is the best mechanism the Mayor and Common Council have for holding police accountable.” Instead, 

Rhodes-Conway exacerbated danger, largely by declaring a curfew that gave MPD easy grounds for escalating things from a few instances of looting to riots that turned downtown into a landscape of tear gas and burning dumpsters.”

“A few instances of looting”?! Make that 75 stores on State Street alone that were bashed, looted or both. But that is how Madison’s hard-left, University of Wisconsin-educated progressives think. Criminals are not to blame for looting and kristallnacht — police are. It’s the same pretzel logic that blames Donald Trump for 60-straight days of mayhem in Portland, Oregon.

Blaska’s Last Word

How are YOUR boots tasting today?

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8 Responses to To our fellow ‘boot-licking rubes’

  1. sentient7 says:

    Isn’t there a point at which……….you have an epiphany and simply conclude, like the trends in Germany in 1936, that the fascist Antifa’s and their porkchop black nationalist allies control the future? Why fight — just leave Dane and enjoy retirement in a new location where there is greater sanity?


  2. Dave wrote, “These boots are made for licking … (And one of these days these boots are going to walk all over you!)”

    Hordes of Anti-Social “Stupid” People Stomp Civility Into Submission!

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  3. Bill says:

    After reading some of the articles in “Madison Tone” I compared how the people who wrote these articles think to how I think. I believe they see themselves as a part of a collective where the rights of the individual are subordinate to the collective. Therefore any attempt of an individual to express a thought that is not part of, or goes against what they see as the correct thought of the collective, that’s all of us, is wrong and cannot be tolerated.

    To them I must ask: When you stand before Almighty God on judgement day will you be judged as a part of a collective or will you be judged as an individual?

    I think that if you don’t believe in God and you are a part of a collective, there is no judgement of the actions of an individual. But also, as there are no individuals, there can be no consequence to those who harm individuals as long as those who are doing the harm are acting within and according to the dictates of the collective.

    Whereas, I believe everything I do in this life will be judged by God on the day I die no matter if I do it as a part of a collective or as an individual.

    I believe that is the difference between the way they think and the way I think.

    Or more simply put: Marxists don’t believe in God so they don’t believe in the rights of the individual.

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  4. jimydandy says:

    Didn’t the CEO of Chick Fil A shoe shine da boots of the BLM movement? I\ll beez going to da Popeye\s for my chicken sammich cravings from now on.


  5. Robski says:

    I’d say the Tone Madison “journalist” is a jackboot wearing, goose stepping guilty slice of Wonder Bread. What a douche canoe, what a hack writer with a scary and warped view of world history. Judging by his filled out appearance, it doesn’t look like he’s missed too many meals. His kind wouldn’t crawl in a collective labor camp. This guy is who Jello Biafra is singing about in “Holiday in Cambodia” In a living, breathing literal sense. It would be a shame if he got doxxed or if the angry joke mob ever turned on him lol! As for Satya, she does need to be recalled. I cant sign but have several angry family members who can, nothing rube about them. I’m more worried about the yokels who keep leaving their garage doors open. As for Althea, I ponder why she decided to take a longer way (through town) from Monona to Middleton if she didn’t go to the riots/arson downtown that fateful night she was attacked? It would have been easier to just jump on the Beltline or take a chill and leisure drive to 113/Westport Rd. and access Middleton from NE side. Maybe she just wanted to drive next to the riots? These darn wacky kids and their dangerous fun, they’re rascals and their naughty i tell you. Lawyering up and going mum looks pretty ominous for old girl too. Saying “f(@k white people” on the I-Gram doesn’t look too good either. It is great when the social media works against the sjws. It does work for both sides, just like the liquor does!

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  6. White Hills says:

    I thought Tone M was a hipster music blog.

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