BLM protests D.A.; ignores 2 black men with gunshot wounds

We can’t (hardly) breathe no more!

Channel 3000 is reporting that one of the two victims has died following a shooting that took place on Madison’s west side Saturday night 07-25-2020.

The beleaguered Madison police responded to Schroeder Road at Chapel Hill Road around 9:30 p.m. to a report of two gunshot victims. Officers arrived on scene at approximately 9:40 pm and located the two victims and immediately rendured aid while making the scene safe for EMS to come to the scene. Officers applied a tourniquet to one of the victims prior to EMS arrival.

Bullet holes

Officers spoke to witnesses and located a scene of the shooting and found multiple shell casings. The Violent Crimes Unit has responded and is speaking to witnesses and victims.

The ‘We Stand With Madison Police’ Facebook site writes: “Knowing how well this man was connected in the criminal gang world, I’d be shocked if there isn’t significant retaliatory violence. Madison is going to get bloodier, and the police are the only ones out there trying to stop it.

Schroeder Rd shooting‘We Stand With Madison Police’ reports:

“We had a huge group [show up at the hospital]. I’ve never seen such a large gathering of gangsters in one place. … and you know what? We really didn’t have any problems with them. Far fewer problems than we’ve had with the people in any single protest.
No one was yelling at us, heckling us, or threatening us. No one assaulted us or threw stuff at us. No one destroyed property. The protests are constant threats, vulgarities, and insults directed at officers they don’t even know. Last night’s group was all African-Americans, many with long criminal records — drugs, guns, violence. A lot of people we’ve chased, fought and arrested. And we had no issues with them. One protest we catch more abuse than an entire night of close interaction with the ‘who’s who’ of Madison gangsters.”

“On a side note, no one from BLM showed up to support the family at the hospital, of course, but officers were there trying to help and console the family as they could.”



Defend black lives

Earlier this year in Madison

Earlier Saturday: Madison’s social justice warriors descended on the home of Dane County District Attorney Ishmael Ozanne, blocking the roadway with some 30 vehicles. Ozanne is a soft-on-crime Democrat in the mold of the revolutionaries in San Francisco and Philadelphia.

Last Word goes to: We Stand With Madison Police: “Black men are being shot by each other constantly in our city, and the groups yelling “black lives matter” the loudest are bailing out the shooters and telling the victims not to cooperate with the police. Apparently some black lives matter more than others, depending on who is pulling the trigger.

Who is pulling YOUR trigger?

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18 Responses to BLM protests D.A.; ignores 2 black men with gunshot wounds

  1. jimydandy says:

    What do these broken white women of this bowel movement have into the cause? It seems like 3/4’s of the mob are made up of them. 1/4 soy boys and some pepper thrown in.


  2. AdamC says:

    WHAT is going on with the more than 1 month old “case” with that 18 year old female? Remember, Madison? Supposedly in late June she was doused with lighter fluid while at a stoplight at State & Gorham (well-lit with multiple cameras no doubt) when she said 4 “typical Wisconsin frat boys” called her a name and set her on fire. In an interesting development according to her story she drove to a relative’s home and only decided to seek medical attention hours later while waiting nearly a day to report this fantastical story to authorities.

    Next day it was all over the news with everyone rushing to express outrage. Soon the FBI got involved with the investigation.

    Since then? Silence. Even the screaming agitators are as silent as church mice. One would think they, and the aging white liberal West-siders, would be conducting daily marches on the Beltline to call attention to this injustice.

    Or was it all a hoax? That could explain the deafening silence in Madison which seems to want to forget it ever was mentioned.

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    • elizdelphi says:

      Yes, the police concluded that what she reported was not how she got her burns and they probably don’t know how she got burned. They are not going to announce that. I also definitely noticed the lack of outrage from the protesters about the supposed racist attack (that they know wasn’t real). There was more concern from that Jewish group that doubled the reward money.

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      • Sheppy says:

        They are still running the radio advertising about the alleged crime and offering reward money, I heard it several times yesterday so I don’t think the police have reached a conclusion.


        • patrickmoloughlin says:

          Just CYA. Everybody with half a brain knows this was a hoax. Their problem now is how to protect this young lady from any consequences whatsoever. Just like Jessie Smollett, it will all be explained away as unprovable in court and she will be allowed to live the lie forever. It may become as mythological as Tony Robinson’s death.


  3. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    Some terminally gutless SJW named Doug Cvetkovich posted this as a Block Party being held at Ozanne’s address.

    Dougie might be getting a surprise in the very near future!

    The Gotch


    • Larsen E. Whipsnade says:

      The link says it’s been deleted, Gotch. What did it say?


      • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

        Just pulled it up, and it’s lighting up the usually staid neighborsnextdoor.

        Cvetkovich is a certifiable D*CK!
        Cowardly and counter productive behavior. I wasn’t home last night, but a neighbor called me about this, and I found this circular tucked into my door today. My understanding from the neighbor that witnessed this fiasco was that it was entirely a crowd of white folks.
        This is some cowardly and counter productive shitty behavior. This man *is* my neighbor, he *is* also the Dane County DA. He is the father of two young daughters, a home owner, has been the coach of a neighborhood soccer my son played on, and any number of other things. He is a good man in a job that guarantees that no matter what he does he will piss someone off.
        I don’t agree with all of his decisions as DA, and I support Black Lives Matter. But this is the man’s home where his children live. Do not bring this shit to the man’s house and terrorize his family. Go to his workplace and have the conversation there.
        This circular is anonymous. Whoever did this is willing to terrorize children, but doesn’t have the balls to identify themselves. I’d say that they should be ashamed of themselves but their behavior suggests that shame is outside of their emotional and intellectual capacity.

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        The Gotch


  4. georgessson says:

    Have they hung a white sheeted effigy of the Klan leader at Satya’s place yet? Just askin’ fer a friend….


  5. justme says:

    In the last 30 days, there has only been ONE DAY without shots fired; two of those calls resulted in homicides, both victims being black men. Why are we not hearing the Mayor comment about this since she’s all about POC? Alders? Why are there only crickets from City Hall? By all means, let’s build new roads so folks don’t hit pedestrians or have traffic accidents that kill others; never mind that shots are whizzing by on many of those roads.

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    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

      “By all means, let’s build new roads so folks don’t hit pedestrians or have traffic accidents that kill others;” (bolds mine)

      Good Gawd; don’t you realize the future is the BIKIE Laissez Faire La Lycra Trail/Lane/Path/Lane/Boulevard/Bridge system???

      The Gotch

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  6. madisonexpat says:

    I think the lady in the featured photo with a shirt that says “I can’t breathe” shold continue on the back to say. “But sure can eat”.

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  7. Kooter says:

    A bit off topic but I traveled to Iowa this weekend for a graduation party and spent my time in two small rural towns. The silent majority exists. The disdain these people had for the Black Lives Marxist movement, rioting and progressive poison was refreshing. These simple farmers and COOP employees saw through the false narratives effortlessly. Trump support was overwhelming. That, combined with the left-on-left porn of the DA protests and the Police Union’s vote of no confidence in the mayor has made for a great start to the week. I’m feeling more hopeful about November.


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