Madison West high school racially segregates anti-racism studies

Racial segregation feels so safe

RightWisconsin reports:

A high school in Madison is asking students to segregate themselves by race when joining online political discussions sponsored by the school.

Madison West High School announced in an email to parents and students that, as “part of our collective work towards being an anti-racist school community,”  the school was creating “virtual discussion spaces” for staff and students to talk together about “the pain our community is feeling at this present moment and make concrete plans in moving forward together.”

However, the “anti-racist school” is segregating the discussion by race, as if the high school administration never heard of Brown v Board of Education.

“We will conduct this work in affinity groups to maximize the level of emotional safety and security to do this work properly.”

Please join the Zoom space where you most closely identify:

  • White students: Friday, July 10, from 1-2 PM.
  • Students of color: every Friday (beginning 7/3), from 1-2 PM

What do YOU think is the real lesson being taught at West?


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  1. Bill says:

    So the administrators and the school board of Madison School District think that in order to stop racism you promote segregation?



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