What About Immigrant Syrian Businessman On State Street?

Not a conservative by any means — a gay man living on the Isthmus — yet, with braceable courage to say what needs to be said.


Many residents of Madison have been watching and following the actions of our city leaders during the pandemic that left many people unemployed and businesses disrupted. That was soon followed by riots and looting that destroyed portions of the downtown.  There have been many concerns and questions about the way some rioting was allowed to continue and then what to do to assist those who had destruction to their State Street operations.

It appeared that some city coffers would make available funds so to help these businesses to reopen, staff up, open their doors, all in an effort to get cash registers humming and tax revenue flowing.  That is a good thing, right?

But then came a dilemma during consideration of $250,000 at this week’s city council meeting that made for this sentence in the Wisconsin State Journal.

While there are business owners of color on State Street, none of…

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5 Responses to What About Immigrant Syrian Businessman On State Street?

  1. “This is quite literally institutional racism,” Kemble said of the focus on Downtown businesses.

    While there are business owners of color on State Street, none of them are Black, Jason Ilstrup, president of Downtown Madison, Inc., acknowledged.

    Well they finally came right out and said it. Those people are the wrong color, plain and simple. And Kemble seems to think that paying restitution money to the people who suffered damages is racism because it is not going to people of the RIGHT color. I think the conversion formula is that a person of color is only 2/3 of a black person.

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  2. Ian says:

    It’s simple… Mr. Maktabi is just not privileged with enough epidermal melanin to satisfy the city council racists & bigots.

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  3. georgessson says:

    I remember over the last DECADES, that State Street and the Square businesses had an “All for one, and One for all” attitude, led by Susan Schmitz. In 2017, “During her time heading the business advocacy group, Schmitz has seen the Capitol Square transform from a nighttime ghost town to a lively scene, (&) the rebuilding of State Street… ” And the City Council supported that ethic. She’d be a scapegrace now-days, and un-Woke. State street has become rather unpalatable as a local destination. When the plywood is removed, likely folding iron security gates will be the rule, not the exception. What short-sighted knucklehaids on this city council.

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  4. madisonexpat says:

    Note to Madison city council,
    What you hate you become.


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