Madison: Your business will wear progressive plywood and like it!

City won’t defend you and won’t reimburse you

Day 53 of the smashing and burning of downtown Portland by urban terrorists and the progressives who run America’s chaotic cities are criticizing … the President for protecting federal assets. 

(Chicago mayor Lauri Lightfoot is also telling Trump to stay out of her city, which is one big crime scene — 414 homicides so far compared to 275 at this point last year. She can handle it.) 

If self-assured Progressives in Madison WI ask one question it is “how do they do it in Portland?” so deep is their envy of the slightly larger city in Oregon.

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Time to board up city government

It’s also been 53 days since 75 retail shops and restaurants were smashed and looted on Madison’s State Street. (You don’t really think that is a coincidence!) A de facto Capitol Hill Occupied Protest zone like the original in Seattle, another progressive fiefdom. Boarded up windows? The murals claiming racial victimhood? Indictments of institutional white perfidy? Get used to them. They’re not coming down any time soon.

The soup nazis on the Common Council Tuesday night declared “No recovery money for you, boarded-up businesses.” Why? You’re too white.

After first proposing $500,000 for business recovery,  $250,000 was carved out for Black business “equity” development. Not enough “equity” harrumphed Ald. Rebecca Kemble (Progressive Dane) and too much for the Downtown, which she called “the whitest neighborhood in the city.”

“This is quite literally institutional racism,” Kemble said of the focus on Downtown businesses. [Speak for yourself, Kemble.]

Ald. Max Prestigiacomo (Progressive Dane) said a vote for the recovery program would be valuing “property over human lives.” [The distressed retailers aren’t alive?]

“You guys are burying us,” cried the Syrian immigrant who is trying to make a living running an ethnic restaurant on State Street, according to the account in the Wisconsin State Journal.

⇒ Of the 20 alders, only these 6 voted to help businesses that the City failed to protect. They are: Alds. Paul Skidmore, Michael Tierney, Mike Verveer, Samba Baldeh, Sheri Carter, and Barbara Harrington-McKinney. Irony? The last three are Black.


Your money and service are no good

Military service veterans dug into their own pockets to restore the  Veterans Museum at the corner of State and Mifflin Streets, also defaced by BLM/Antifa/socialists with “inflammatory graffiti,” according to a Marine veteran who organized the raising of $20,000 for the clean-up.

But the Wisconsin Veterans Museum Foundation Board voted 6-3 against it. Veteran Affairs Secretary Mary Kolar, a Tony Evers appointee and former Dane County supervisor, won’t talk to the veterans who want to repair the damage, the WI State Journal reports.

Now the building’s private-sector owner won’t support an independent clean-up for fear that removing the mural and graffiti would invite retaliation and more damage.

For Extra Credit: The Federalist unpacks the separation of powers issue in Portland, Oregon.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: When will Zach Brandon and the Chamber of Commerce speak out? Will former Mayor Dave Cieslewicz summon the nerve to end the intimidation? Recall Mayor Satya Rhodes Conway!

Is it time to board over City Government?

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22 Responses to Madison: Your business will wear progressive plywood and like it!

  1. elizdelphi says:

    Bring paint or the biggest jumbo size Sharpies and put your own message on the plywood. They will start to take it down if you put non-progressive messages.

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    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

      By Non-Progressive Messages, do you mean:
      *deferred gratification
      *hard work
      *personal responsibility
      *being law-abiding
      *emphasis on education
      *equal opportunity
      *rejecting that the world owes you a living

      The Gotch

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      • elizdelphi says:

        I phrased it that you should put your own message because whatever your own message is, I am tired of State Street being a place for solely one point of view. Write something that cannot be construed as bigotry, and that cannot be altered with the easy addition or alteration of a few letters. If you write something that is contrary to the Freedom Inc/Urban Triage message AND is a something most reasonable people would agree with you get BONUS POINTS. I didn’t say this rhetorically, I said this to encourage people to actually go out there and make use of the plywood as a public message space, if that is what the city is considering it as. I would like to know which murals were actually commissioned by the city and which weren’t, and whether the ones commissioned by the city (for money) have a protected status and may not be defaced. But there are murals with antisocial messages attacking police etc which surely the public can and should respond to and it’s not for the city to say that supporting the police is not protected free speech.

        By the way “DEFUND POLICE” is a poor message for a street mural because it takes 2 seconds to add a letter “e” inside the “U”. TRY IT whenever you see this message.

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    • Gary Kriewald says:

      More likely they’ll spend whatever is necessary to erase the “non-progressive” messages and preserve the BLM crap.

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  2. Sheppy says:

    What is lost in the whole paint the plywood and messaging thing is that the plywood doesn’t belong there in the first place. I haven’t heard anyone asking when this will end, the plywood comes down and businesses can rebuild/reopen. The SJW’s and common council won’t be happy until every business open there is owned by some sort of disadvantaged entity. State Street (and Madison) will not recover from this anytime soon. Property over human life? Tough for a person to live with no income and the city can’t live without taxes being paid.

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    • Madison1218 says:

      I couldn’t agree more. It always bothers me when ‘property crime’ is dismissed as not important compared with crimes against people. If you damage someone’s business (for example), that property crime does direct and often permanent damage to the PEOPLE who own it. Think about it. Would you rather get punched in the face or have your livelihood/life’s work taken away? Which does more damage?

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      • Gary Kriewald says:

        Haven’t you heard? Owning property is racist.

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        • Madison1218 says:

          To your point. I was listening to some of the testimony from last night and one of the registrants actually said that ‘Madison should help people, not business owners’. So it’s official, business owners are not people. I guess that means I don’t have to pay my taxes if I’m not a person……….

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  3. justme says:

    Someone should remind the Veteran’s Museum Foundation Board that the STATE OF WISCONSIN is funding many of the groups who are behind the graffiti on their building!!! Time to pull that funding! Maybe a few pics to them of the defaced American flags on Gloria Reyes’ lawn will do the trick!

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  4. Liberty says:

    There was a discussion in Blaska’s other post about whether or not we’re at war. I would say we are. We’re battling for the very heart and soul of this country.

    The enemy is not formidable, people. Look at how they think and act. I see them as a group of misfits and outcasts whose identities are wrapped up in their hatred for this country and approval from other group members. The only things they really got going for them is their loudness, showmanship and fear tactics.

    We are better than they are and we outnumber them. What we really need are strong leaders with unflinching courage who are willing to stand tall in battle. People like Zach Brandon, Mayor Dave, etc. are not true leaders. You expect silence from the Democrat party but it’s unfortunate when Republican leaders remain silent even for our veterans.

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  5. Mr. Forward says:

    I headed on down to State Street to buy plywood, got just enough for what’s going to be a very colorful ice fishing shanty. One side says “Defund the Polish” which should trigger a few tip-ups this winter.

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  6. How is it racist to award money to these businesses? Did they ask to be looted? I could see denying the fund because the city is broke, but to deny because the businesses are too white? That just doesn’t seem to make much sense to me. We need a strong downtown.

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  7. A Party of One says:

    Put this on the plywood:
    Black Lives Matter to Planned Parenthood
    13% of the population
    38% of the abortions
    Let’s Make Them Benjamins!

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    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

      Why Black Lives Don’t Matter To “Black Lives Matter”

      ​Civil Rights Attorney Leo Terrell will also be voting Republican for the 1st time in his LIFE!


      The Gotch

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      • Liberty says:

        Yes, there are many, many more like Mr. Terrell. Black support for Trump is definitely growing. God bless Mr. Terrell and Blexit!

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    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

      SHAME ON YOU for castigating Planned Parenthood, with 79 % of their surgical abortion facilities within walking distance of minority/black/hispanic/latino neighborhoods.

      They’re Women’s Health Care providers…

      The Gotch

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  8. Badger Betty says:

    I used to love Madison, the city. You can’t pay me to go there now. You can bet I’m not the only one spending my money elsewhere.

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  9. georgessson says:

    I remember over the last DECADES, that State Street and the Square businesses had an “All for one, and One for all” attitude, led by Susan Schmitz. In 2017, “During her time heading the business advocacy group, Schmitz has seen the Capitol Square transform from a nighttime ghost town to a lively scene, (&) the rebuilding of State Street… ” And the City Council supported that ethic. She’d be a scapegrace now-days, and un-Woke. State street has become rather unpalatable as a local destination. When the plywood is removed, likely folding iron security gates will be the rule, not the exception. What short-sighted knucklehaids on this city council.


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