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Freedom Inc. and Urban Triage tell people to clam up about fire bombing of Madison city hall

“Nobody talks, everybody walks.” Two of the supposedly non-violent Black Lives Matter protest groups are encouraging social justice warriors to clam up, play dumb, and stonewall law enforcement authorities. That makes them accessories after the fact. Freedom Fighters Legal Support … Continue reading

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What About Immigrant Syrian Businessman On State Street?

Originally posted on CAFFEINATED POLITICS:
Many residents of Madison have been watching and following the actions of our city leaders during the pandemic that left many people unemployed and businesses disrupted. That was soon followed by riots and looting that…

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Social justice created America’s murder capital 

If you wondered why the McCloskeys defended their homes with firearms Over the past four years, violent crime in St. Louis has skyrocketed, rivaling record-high levels spanning from the 1970s through the 1990s. In 2019, the city recorded 3,044 burglaries, … Continue reading

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Madison: Your business will wear progressive plywood and like it!

City won’t defend you and won’t reimburse you Day 53 of the smashing and burning of downtown Portland by urban terrorists and the progressives who run America’s chaotic cities are criticizing … the President for protecting federal assets.  (Chicago mayor Lauri Lightfoot is … Continue reading

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