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Portland protests: Democrats tacitly endorse riots 

Madison WI’s doppelganger Portland mayor Ted Wheeler presides over a city that has become a watchword over the years for left-wing thuggery unchecked by municipal authorities. Now he has roused himself to state of high dudgeon — over federal officers … Continue reading

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You WILL be doxxed if you disagree with the BLM mural 

… and fired from your job. Two young black women are painting a Black Lives Matter mural on a boarded-up window on E. Wilson Street Sunday afternoon. White man driving an SUV stops to complain that the mural is, itself, … Continue reading

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Why won’t Dave Cieslewicz sign the recall petition?

Courage, man! Dave Cieslewicz (pronounced exactly as spelled) has all the vowels (and more than enough consonants) but cannot seem to solve the puzzle. To date, Dave is the only Madison personage with liberal bona fides who has called out … Continue reading

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