Identify these bastards

 Additional $5,000 reward for info in Madison fire-bombing 

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives is offering an additional reward of up to $5,000 for information leading to the identification of more people in relation to the recent fire-bombing at a downtown Madison government building late last month. 

ATF and its local and state partners believe more individuals, whose images are contained in this release, either participated in or have information related to the June 24 fire-bombing at the City County Building, located at 211 South Carrol Street. 

BATF wanted

Dane County Sheriff David J. Mahoney: “This criminal act put hundreds of adults and children at significant risk of death or injury. We need the public’s help in identifying those responsible for this thoughtless act.” 

“The actions of criminals in this case endangered lives and destroyed property,” said Chief Victor Wahl of the Madison Police Department. “This behavior will not be tolerated by the Madison community, and I urge anyone with information about the identities of these persons of interest to step forward, so that those responsible can be held accountable.” 

Anyone with information on the identity and/or whereabouts of these individuals is asked to contact the Madison Area Crime Stoppers at (608) 266-6014 or online at

Over at Brandi Grayson’s Urban Triage:

Quote from Liam Manjon regarding the BATF photographs:
Remember this group and everything else of Facebook is most likely being viewed by the cops. Mentioning that before you chime in with “I know that person” or any other incriminating messages. Don’t talk to cops! Exercise you[r] fifth amendment rights for the good of the entire movement. They are upset that folks are showing that Black Lives Matter and they don’t want them to, by participating in their process or posting incriminating messages on social media we help them destroy the movement. Stay strong y’all!

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14 Responses to Identify these bastards

  1. Joe Hanneman says:

    These photos are pretty clear. Let’s hope tips lead to quick arrests of these terrorists.

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  2. Ian says:

    The scumbags are probably back in Seattle where they came from. No offense to scum bags.


    • David Blaska says:

      No, Madison EXPORTS scumbags to places like Seattle.


      • White Hills says:

        I think they’re a network. It’s known that during the early stages of the riots in Minneapolis, some of the apprehended perps ended up being from all over the country. Professional provocateurs. What happened there wasn’t a fully local and organic phenomenon that spread. That means centralized organization. The non-profit/NGO industrial complex is real.


  3. Kevin S Wymore says:

    They’re young and gifted, all right.


  4. Alan Potkin says:

    The Urban Triage posting on the racist outrage suffered by Matt Smiley when some honky cracker mofo —straight out of the casting calls for those movies about the Emmett Till lynching (1955) and the Chaney (((Goodman))) (((Schwerner))) lynchings (1964), who musta been kept in a tank of liquid nitrogen all those years— whacked on the poor guy, heavy on the N-word… so sure he had his honor to uphold, being so outrageously dissed by the honky mofo. But it absolutely validates Urban’s totally right-on claim that “Wisconsin is the most segregated, racist state in the USA!” YT bastards! Shame shame shame! I imagine that Mr. Smiley musta immediately called the cops and filed a proper police report, and somehow the cops tracked down the cracker MoFo almost instantly. And as it was only the deplorable’s word against the victim’s, so the cops figured it was a not-to-be missed opportunity to whack even further on that uppity manager-in-training at Goodwill, who’s being framed now for a felony. Fortunately, Triage and his team put out a GoFundMe for the innocent brutalized victim, and it looks like the righteous contributions have already reached about $twenty thou! The honky mofo didn’t look a typical MadTown fraternity bro, did he? Or was he wearing an Aloha shirt? Luckily for Mr. Smiley the MoFo was evidently clean outta lighter fluid; and anyway, he had already tossed his Zippo into poor Althea Bernstein’s car!


  5. Sheppy says:

    They stopped traffic on Gorham that evening at about 6:30 pm, I got caught in that while on my route for work. The puke in the center picture was one that was helping stopping traffic. He had that chain around his chest and was right in front of my van. The whole thing was highly organized and orchestrated, no doubt Brandi and M Adams know who it is.


  6. Mary says:

    You’d think with facial recognition technology, they’d have some leads?


  7. Captain Chaos says:

    #3 is Ebony Anderson Carter. You can tell by her athletic figure.


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