Madison alder proposes reparations

But who will pay for the broken windows?

The City of Madison would pay reparations for past racial sins if an alder’s proposal — in the very early stages — gains traction.

“The reality is Madison is the capital city of the most racist state in the nation,” Ald. Tag Evers writes in a blog to his Vilas/Monroe Street constituency.

“It’s time to make amends … If our emphasis is merely on repairing the damage caused by the riots as opposed to the reasons behind the riots, we will have failed. I am working with fellow alders on a resolution to commit our City to a reparations policy.

Ald Tag Evers

Ald. Tag Evers

Ald. Evers (Progressive Dane) did not specify any dollar amount or specify whether reparations would be limited to people with slave ancestry or be based on skin color, alone. Evers said Evanston Illinois is preparing to finance reparations using tax revenue from the sales of recreational cannabis, which has not been legalized in Wisconsin. Reparations, in that city’s words, would combat “historical racism and discrimination.”

Evers cited the Movement for Black Lives (M4BL) which, in addition to reparations, wants free college, retroactive forgiveness of student loans, guaranteed minimum livable income “for all Black people.”

The M4BL website declares We are anti-capitalist. Prisons, police and all other institutions that inflict violence on Black people must be abolished.”

No first aid kits?

Ald. Max Prestigiacomo (Progressive Dane) is introducing legislation to prohibit police uses of tear gas, mace, pepper mace, pepper gas “or projectile devices as crowd control measures.”

The alder, who represents a UW campus district, would also prohibit Madison police from obtaining surplus military equipment, which his proposed ordinance specifies as including “night vision equipment, rifles, flashlights, respirator masks and first aid kits.”

Blaska’s Bottom Line: At some point, the Dane County Democrat(ic) party will take a stand against Progressive Dane or wear their tire tracks.

Can Madison get any more Progressive?


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  1. Amy says:

    What scares the daylight out of me is that people are taking him seriously. If he truly thinks that Wisconsin is the most racist state in the country, I would like to invite him to a few other states, and then, ask him why on earth does he want to live here? Full disclosure, I met him many years ago when I was bartending and he was a barfly. Perhaps a few of his brain cells were warped back then.

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  2. Mary says:

    Tag Evers loves to talk about race at every intersection, yet he’s alder of one of the whitest neighborhoods in the city. I rarely see a black or Hispanic person when I’m visiting the Monroe Dudgeon area. The neighborhood is comprised of virtue signalling limousine liberals who talk a good game. The man is ridiculous, as is the mayor and most of the council.

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    • Sheppy says:

      The only black people in that neighborhood are visiting on football Saturday.

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      • Mary says:

        Must be, because I RARELY see black people in that neighborhood. Just pretentious European Americans with their virtue signalling swag. Which is odd for a neighborhood of liberals who claim to cherish diversity and inclusion as much as they do.

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    • AdamC says:

      That neighborhood is made up of limousine liberals indeed. Almost all white progressives who wouldn’t put up with anarchists looting and burning their beloved neighborhood for 2 seconds.

      Imagine that extortionist Johnson yelling at their house with a bullhorn and pounding on their door for free meals. These are the same people who went to war over a private high school that’s been there for 140 years trying to have girls soccer games on the athletic field there. Would they tolerate BLM anarchists with baseball hats marching up their sidewalks and pounding on their windows demanding cash reparations??? HAHAHA

      They would all be calling 911 screaming for help.

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  3. Batman says:

    Hard to tell if Tag is virtue signaling to keep his property safe from an early morning fire bombing or if he genuinely believes that reparations will do anything more than forestall more demands for special treatment by those unable or unwilling to self-regulate and put in the necessary work to succeed in life.

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    • Mary says:

      Hard to say. Some Dems clearly just play the part, but with others, I’m not sure if it’s an act or if they really believe what they’re pushing.


  4. georgeorwell says:

    What do I think? If they pass this ridiculous proposal, identify as black. There is nothing they can do but give you money. They have to, because in today’s fairy-land of make believe is “science,” they have to believe you. Go full Rachel Dolezal. Go full Shawn King. Declare your blackness as you now truly believe you are, according to “science.” Then, demand your reparations.

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  5. Ian says:

    What the f**k is wrong with these people? Did they come down from the sky like, “The Invasion of the Body Snatchers”?


    • madisonexpat says:

      No but Tag et al were not raised in Madison. Like the racialist grifters from Chicago these fools chose to come and stay in the “most racist city in the most racist state in America”. They then tear down our monuments, demand our money and in general want lovely Madison to reflect the chaos and self loathing in their own hearts.

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      • Alan Potkin says:

        You’ll recollect that Mayor Satya electorally trounced bigly the previous incumbent Soglin —a “shanda fur die Yidden”, as my Zede Max might have said— who was a notable early adopter of the now totally outta-control incoclasm of our moral, political, and artistic betters, when then-Mayor Soglin peeled off the bronze plaque in the Mad Town municipal cemetary memorializing the mass graves of Confederate POWs killed by cholera and dumped there following the appalling mis-management of the Madison POW prison… which so embarassed the Union military command, it was peremptorily shut down and relocated to Illinois.


      • Mary says:

        Well said, Madisonexpat. That’s the word I was looking for to describe him. Grifter. I agree that deep down, many of them hate themselves. Armchair psychology: I think some are deeply disturbed, limelight seeking sociopaths and grifters. Others just have an extremely poor sense of self worth. They were probably bullied terribly in school (which is sad) and / or had uncaring parents (also sad) and never recovered from that trauma. Instead they are subconsciously acting out their deep-seated rage by taking on “justice” issues and belittling the rest of us. They are misfits whose identity is wrapped up in pleasing the radical fringe element. Bottom line: I think many of them could benefit from psychological, spiritual and possibly psychiatric help.


  6. pANTIFArts says:

    ” I was listening to a conversation between two female (r)anti(ng)-racist educators on Instagram”, -he begins his blog. Is that possible? (never mind) As the Alder of the most racist district of the most racist capitol of the most racist state of this racist country, His Excellency should consider a few things . First, milk this scheme as much as you can NOW,so later when it fails , you still get all of your PROG-POINTS. Second, reparations for Blacks will need to wait, the line forms at the rear. ( The good news is they are ahead of the “alphabet people”) Ho-Chunk, Pottawatomie, Sauk, Fox, (any of these sound familiar?), Lakota, Dakota, Kickapoo (some of whom live in Mexico now- my sources say US Dollars are BUENO ) all have prior claims. (crusty, used blankets, and liquor “first taste FREE” don’t cut it). All spent time in the Madison area – more time than most of the people you advocate for. Third , “how we gonna do this”?. Do they have to have been slaves? Descendants of slaves? If descended from both slave-holder and slave do they just pay themselves? Do only White/European descendants pay this? Will you create an institute to take measurements assessing our ARYAN RATING? How do we determine the intersectionality of the payees? Do we classify them as Mullato, Quadroon, Octoroon, etc.? THAT’S sure to bring people together! OR, do we just go with that good old DEMOCRAT “ONE DROP RULE”!!! It’s worked “just fine” for your party for the last 200 years, it’s know as “hypodescent” The only thing that could be worse than Racism – would be Fascist Racism.

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  7. Ed says:

    Turn Dudegon School into a community center/low income housing to diverse the neighborhood and suede white guilt. That would be a helluva conversation in that neighborhood.

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  8. Robski says:

    I’d be ok with his soft, fruity constituents paying some reparations. They have the money to pay up. It’d be a measuring stick to see how tolerant these characters really are. Better yet, I say Tag Evers needs to resign as an alder and surrender all of his assets/worldly possessions and donate it all to the cause. After all, he is an old white guy who is part of the racist, patriarchy that is oppressing POC! Now that would be actual virtue signaling in action. Evers probably doesn’t have the courage to actually take action though. If anything, the sane and rational taxpayers deserve reparations for a diminished quality of life in this fading liberal stronghold.


  9. WashCoRepub says:

    I’m wondering if there might be some entrepreneurial potential in the development of an instant measuring device for “Blackness.” Similar to hardware store paint sample scanners, it could be held up to the individual like a contactless thermometer, and would then report a ‘percentage of black’ nearly instantaneously. There might have to be a ‘Late-career Michael Jackson correction coefficient,’ but I’m confident that science can solve this in time.


  10. Alan Potkin says:

    Here in full is my recent correspondence to Alderman Evers, whose superb personal wokeness clearly surpasses even the heroic level of the politicos in Seattle with their new Maosit-inspired initiative to re-program the whytpeeps in and out of the Emerald City’s gubmint.)

    Stop emailing me.

    Tag Evers
    (608) 424-2580

    Subscribe to my blog at
    From: alan potkin
    Sent: Wednesday, July 8, 2020 10:55 PM
    To: Evers, Tag
    Subject: Floyd’s alleged murder, re-sent

    Caution: This email was sent from an external source. Avoid unknown links and attachments.

    Further to my last note, Aderman Evers, kindly see…


    ref: “The protests and unrest in the aftermath of George Floyd’s murder connect to a legacy of rage dating back to 1619.”

    Aderman Tag Evers should more correctly use “alleged murder” of George Floyd… considering that Mr. Floyd had 5x the potential lethal dose of Fentanyl in his bloodstream.

    Alan Potkin, Ph. D.
    Team Leader, Digital Conservation Facility Laos
    Adjunct Professor, Center for Southeast Asian Studies/Center for Burma Studies
    Northern Illinois University,
    DeKalb IL 60115 USA


  11. georgessson says:

    APOLOGIZING IN ADVANCE (Ad hominem) -GUY LOOKS LIKE A DORK…. That said, Dorks do as Dorks must. I see that nearby, here-to-fore untouched Lincoln Street, by Edgewood High School, was violated (GASP!) by those pesky folks who were once confined to stealing keys, purses & cars in the suburbs. Karma?


  12. Bill says:

    At the end of the article it was said that “Ald. Max Prestigiacomo (Progressive Dane) is introducing legislation to prohibit police uses of tear gas, mace, pepper mace, pepper gas “or projectile devices as crowd control measures.” I have also heard that this would apply to any police department or governmental agency coming into support the City of Madison Police Department. May I ask the following questions:
    1. If the alders think that the police should not use these measures to control a riot, then would they consider it police brutality for the police to use their batons?
    2. If you are a member of another police agency just how willing would you be to put your life and health on the line when all you could use is physical restraint against rioters who might be throwing bricks and rocks at you or assaulting you with mace, pepper spray or bike locks on a chain?
    3. If you are in a position of command of another outside police agency who has been called in to assist the City of Madison Police Department in a riot, would you be willing to risk the lives and health of your officers when you could not use measures to keep the rioters from having direct contact with your officers?

    I believe this proposed legislation will effectively neuter the City of Madison Police Department in any riot situation. I also believe that this proposed legislation will leave the already emasculated City of Madison Police Department on their own as I do not see any other Police Agencies coming to their aid in light of our alders willingness to throw our Police Officers under the bus.

    I am old enough to remember the 68 riots in Chicago. Mayor Richard J. Daley was reported to have said the following to the Police Commissioner at the time: “I said to him very emphatically and very definitely that an order be issued by him immediately to shoot to kill any arsonist or anyone with a Molotov cocktail in his hand, because they’re potential murderers, and to shoot to maim or cripple anyone looting.”

    I remember the scenes on the nightly news of the police beating the snot out of the rioters. And Mayor Daley was no right winger by any stretch of the imagination.


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