Mayor Satya, call 911!

While you defund and second-guess the police


Madison Police Chief Vic Wahl:

Over the last week, an extraordinary level of gun violence has taken place in Madison. While we are still compiling data and reviewing reports, a preliminary review for the last week shows:

•   2 fatal shootings
•   15 shots-fired incidents
•   8 residences struck by gunfire
•   7 vehicles struck by gunfire
•   148 shell casings recovered

Seven of the eight residences struck by gunfire were occupied – by both adults and children – at the time of the shooting. Evidence indicates both handguns and rifles were used in these incidents. Some involved subjects in moving vehicles shooting at each other on public streets. We are very fortunate more people – unintended targets, who were just living their lives – were not injured or killed.

⇒ For perspective, in 2019 MPD responded to 144 shots fired incidents, all year. Every month but one in 2019 saw 15 or fewer shots fired incidents, and MPD recovered 473 shell casings (in all of 2019). So, this last week – and the holiday weekend in particular – reflects a significant increase in gun violence in our community. Many cities across the U.S. are seeing similar spikes.

Gun violence is unacceptable and should not be tolerated in our community. I urge all stakeholders – community leaders, clergy, elected officials, nonprofit organizations – to speak out…denounce this rise in gun violence and work in partnership with MPD to find meaningful and collaborative strategies that will lead to a more peaceful city.

We’ll start the clock now. Who will be the first community leader to speak out? The mayor? Ald. Tag Evers? Capital Times? Progressive Dane? 

If you have information, contact Crimestoppers 608/266-6014 or online at

Blaska’s Bottom LinePerhaps Freedom Inc. or Free the 360 will keep you safe.

Why isn’t Mayor Satya making this plea?

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10 Responses to Mayor Satya, call 911!

  1. Normwegian says:

    Mayor Frump is in hiding, I think.

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    • pANTIFArts says:

      Perhaps she is trying to bail out Khari and Huncho ($1 million each) for more photo ops. One thing though, K-DOG gonna need a place to stay – ’cause sumpthin happen to the last people who put him up.

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      • AdamC says:

        She could fundraise for them by selling autographed photos of her posing with one of the accused. That’s a photo she should never live down.

        As for the other accused individual… let’s just say I never realized there was any market for Shirley- from-What’s-Happening Tribute Artists.


  2. patrickmoloughlin says:

    That’s a lot of gunshots in a short amount of time. I’m thinking it’s the Bugaloo Bois. Why haven’t you tracked them down yet Satya? Why do you let White Supremacists run amok in this city?

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  3. Mike Schroeder says:

    The best way to reduce firearm and related violations STOP–ID–QUESTION–FRISK

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  4. Kevin S Wymore says:

    Or Brandi Grayson might step forward and show us how anti police public safety initiatives will quell the gunfire.


  5. Sprocket says:

    “Gun violence”, what a great euphemism.

    What Chief Whal’s statement really says is this, “Pretty please, black community, stop shooting up the city. If we arrest you, I’ll have to listen to the city council make screeching noises about racism in policing for hours on end and you’ll probably smash a bunch of things and set stuff on fire. So, I’m going to signal that law enforcement isn’t really going to do anything and hope none of you morons smoke a toddler before I can get out of here.”

    Everything we’ve seen over the past months indicates Madison is moving to the Chicago model; a city government and law enforcement captured by leftist criminal advocates. This will establish a permanent criminal class in Madison, allowing criminals to repeatedly prey on community with minimal consequence. This being perpetuated by taxpayer money funneled to organizations like Freedom Inc.


  6. Batman says:

    Acting Chief Wahl, Satya, and Gov. Evers decided to watch as Madison burned/looted, people seriously hurt, monuments toppled, Capital defaced, roads painted, traffic stopped, etc., and now Wahl has the nerve to complain about the uptick in gun violence being “unacceptable.”

    According to Satya, Wahl is the one who decided to stand down because she didn’t want to “micromanage” the MPD. So far, Wahl has not even declared definitively who decided what NOT to do those two fateful nights that set the stage for a summer of violent bullies running amok.
    Hey Chief; what did you expect would happen when one allows America hating racist anarchist savages to torment and terrorize Madison?

    Wahl should schedule a press conference and state exactly what occurred between him and Satya when this all began and then resign so that just maybe someone willing to execute their duty to uphold/enforce the law can replace him. He simply lacks the stones to stand up to Satya or the mob. Maybe deep down he is a milquetoast lefty saturated in immobilizing white guilt.

    It isn’t rocket science how to effectively deal with bullies, except for the fearful that is.
    People throughout the entire country need just one or two examples of how to stand up to the bully mob to begin doing the same.

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  7. georgessson says:

    Whilst the Mayor reigns as the dimple-faced motorboating maven of Madison, (just kiddin’, she likely doesn’t even own a canoe), she DOES appear to be in hiding. Mayhaps she’s merely waitin’ for that big presser when Yeshua and his pals are freed from their injustice. That would count fer more support -Not w/ Freedom Blinks, but w/ white woke SJW’s….


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