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Mayor Satya commissions ‘art’ depicting police as a pig

Mayor Satya’s campaign poster? UPDATED: George Silverwood, retired Madison police officer, writes: Dear Mayor: I have attached a picture of one of the murals that is on the  Henry Street side of the Madison Museum of Contemporary  Art. It is … Continue reading

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Yeshua Musa is Madison’s hero, not John Lewis (RIP)

White men sure have a lot of opinions The chief groundskeeper of Blaska Policy Werkes blames his parents. Neither one endowed their son with sufficient melanin to speak with any authority on the Race Wars progressives have inflicted upon Madison WI … Continue reading

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The ‘Systemic Racism’ canard

Racial disparity does not equal racism Excerpted from: “The Systemic Racism Canard’s Consequences” | National Review “Racial disparity” has subtly morphed into “racism” and “discrimination.” The process has accelerated in the months following the killing of George Floyd. Black and Hispanic … Continue reading

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Madison sets new record for most shots-fired incidents in single month, Chief Wahl says

For the second month in a row Madison has set a new record for the most shots-fired incidents in a single month, according to Acting Police Chief Vic Wahl. Source: Madison sets new record for most shots-fired incidents in single … Continue reading

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Who will be next to flip on Satya?

Have you noticed? One of the two women arrested for the beatdown of State Sen. Tim Carpenter was (we use the past tense advisedly) … a social worker. Mayor Satya is taking in-coming from both directions, which bodes well for the effort … Continue reading

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Two women arrested in assault on state senator face job actions, too

By Jonathan Turley We previously discussed the attack on a Wisconsin state senator who simply tried take pictures of rioters destroying statues and causing property damage in Madison on June 23rd. … Samantha Hamer’s profile on the district’s official homepage (here) … Continue reading

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