These people are professionals

Tuesday’s riot ‘not spontaneous’

From the publication Madison365, an ally of the BLM/Antifa/Insurrection, comes confirmation what most of us suspected.

This is a revolution plywood

By Rena Yehuda Newman – Jun 25, 2020 described as “is a recent History graduate of UW-Madison.”

On Tuesday night [06-24-2020] in Madison, marchers took to the streets to protest the arrest of local organizer Yeshua Musa, who was violently, illegally detained by police for using a megaphone in public. The crowd gathered in front of the courthouse, chanting and demanding Yeshua’s release.

This protest was not spontaneous but rather the organized, continued effort of Black Lives Matter actions planned nationwide. 

In the name of safety, both for the protesters themselves and for the communities they’re fighting for, the organizers asked that no video or photographs were taken at the event, as police often use these post-protest images to identify and make arrests. It seems State Senator Tim Carpenter attempted to take a video and (perhaps unknowingly) put protesters’ lives at risk.

Though the organizers were clear with protesters that the action should be completely non-violent, Carpenter was unfortunately attacked after continuing to film against the protesters’ will.  … As the night went on, two statues fell.

“As the night went on, two statues fell.” !!! Apparently of their own accord. Perhaps Miss Forward and Col. Hans Christian Heg continued to stand against the protesters’ will. 

Blaska’s Bottom LineIndeed, police will tell you that the tactics of the rioters are very sophisticated in attempting to break their protective phalanx with skirmishes intended to lure one of more police out of formation to arrest them, thereby opening a hole for the mob to pour through.

What do YOU think?

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4 Responses to These people are professionals

  1. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    “It seems State Senator Tim Carpenter attempted to take a video and (perhaps unknowingly) PUT PROTESTERS’ LIVES AT RISK.” (bolds/caps/italics mine)

    Is this a f*cking Onion submission?

    Do these people even have rudimentary synaptic connectivity?

    They best leave the capitalistic economy stand, if for no other reason than the tax revenue it generates; how else will they and the staggeringly more imbecilic next generation be tended?


    The Gotch

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  2. Mary says:

    Damn straight it was organized. Go further, and you’ll see that there is billionaire money behind all of this chaos occurring at the national level.

    This degradation is coming to a city, suburb, or rural area near you. They hit Salt Lake City, the heart of Mormon country. None of us are safe. So no, it’s not just a Madison or progressive city problem.

    This happened because people with good sense were too busy / scared / bothered to speak up when they had a chance.


    • Mary wrote, “This happened because people with good sense were too busy / scared / bothered to speak up when they had a chance.”

      I wrote the following a year ago.

      “When you have one stupid person ranting in public it’s easy for the public to shrug it off and explain it away to others as “it’s just a wacko”, but what happens when that wacko’s rantings become mainstream and there are hordes of stupid people publicly parroting the same irrational emotionally driven nonsense, shutting down public meetings, blocking roadways, wrecking businesses, destroying property and making the public feel unsafe to use their fundamental right to free speech and speak their mind.”

      Apathy Fertilizes A Breeding Ground For Stupidity

      I have post after post on my blog directly related to the irrational things we are seeing and hearing from social justice warriors in our society.


  3. Dexter says:

    Do anything you want with this. Chop it up. Edit. Use as a comment. It’s yours. I do not need/want attribution.
    I’m sending it to as a Word document so the embedded links work.
    Statue destruction was announced two days earlier at Cooper’s Tavern.

    Mason Meurhoff has been writing articles about the protestors and their tactics in Madison.
    A recent alum of the UW School of Journalism and the Nelson Institute, his pieces are not straight journalism and are more like propaganda in support of the militants.
    (Meurhoff: ”In this article I am not arguing for or against protester’s demands. Full disclosure, I do think the statues should go.”)

    In a June 23 article; “Alize Carter Protesters: City must remove Abraham Lincoln statue, other racist monuments within one week,” Muerhoff wrote about the activities, demands and intentions of instigators prior to the mayhem, destruction, fire-bombing and assaults that were to occur later that night.

    Muerhoff recounts the protestors’ June 21 (Sunday afternoon) response to the 2:30 am incident at University and Frances where Alize (Zay) Carter got hit by a pickup while allegedly Twerking in the Road while Black.

    After marching around downtown, the protestors ended up outside Cooper’s Tavern where a patron
    refused to follow their demands to say “black lives matter” and “protesters made speeches over the megaphones …“ (What’s the fixation on Cooper’s?)

    Meurhoff continues:
    “… protestors made a civil demand to the City of Madison, and the University of Wisconsin Madison. If by Sunday, June 28, the statues of Abraham Lincoln atop Bascom Hill and the “Forward” statue on the Capitol steps still stand, they said, then they will be removed by the people.”

    Muerhoff posted a video which shows featherweight cage fighter Rodney Alexander crowing about taking down Abe Lincoln and statues around the Capitol square. At 0:30, alleged extortionist Devonere Johnson appears on the left side waving his bat.

    About Lincoln, Alexander says:
    “You got a week to take that statue down. You know why? Because if you don’t take it down, it’s coming down. If you don’t take it down, you better pay somebody to defend it, so we can take him and that statue down.”

    (while waving toward the Capitol square) “If there’s anything here, if there’s any monuments in this city that you know about that represent the systematic oppression that we’ve been through, that represent times of slavery and they want to put it up because it’s a symbol of our history, you better take it down. Because as soon as I hear about it, it’s comin’ down.”

    “We bringin’ the action. And we start with Abraham Lincoln.”

    Today Old Abe sits comfortably where he’s been for 111 years. While Satya and the City Council enable the criminals, Becky Blank and the UW police scare them away without lifting a finger.


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